No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3206

chapter 3206
Chris pulled out his weapon. It was a golden blade that had a reddish-gold python with its mouth open engraved on it. He held the sword in his right hand as he looked at Souza coldly.

Edward pulled out his weapon as well-a pair of icy blue gloves. Those gloves were made of celestial silk and had a blue glow to them.

Both men stood in front of Souza.

Souza went wide-eyed in disbelief when they pulled out their weapons. These two were going to work together to kill him?

He had been planning on allying with Edward to kill Chris and even tried to figure out what to say to Edward. His plans were ruined!

Everyone knew the grudge between them, yet they had actually put those grudges aside to face him. It was unbelievable!

Of course, two people working together to kill an opponent was something common in slaughter gambits. After entering the isolated space, quite a few of the ten participants were planning on doing that. Still, Souza could not shake off how odd this cooperation seemed.

There were usually conditions for working together. First of all, they needed to be facing someone who was incredibly strong that they could not just defeat alone. No matter what, Souza had some self-awareness. With his skills, he was no match for either of them in single combat, so they did not need to work together to kill him.

In the first place, they were not that friendly with each other, so the fact that they were working together meant that there was something they agreed on!

Souza’s lips twitched as he spoke, “The two of you want to work together to kill me?”

Souza was internally speechless. He felt more and more confused, but neither Chris nor Edward were in the mood to explain anything to him.

It might have been Jackie’s expression from earlier that had instigated them. The two of them were completely set on dealing with the hidden expert first before they properly tortured Jackie. They wanted to show Jackie his place!

Chris was the first to rush forward. He formed many golden seals with his hands, and a golden python appeared behind him. That golden python had countless runes circling it. Its bloody mouth was wide open, looking just like the carving.

Souza immediately recognized Chris’ technique, it was the Consuming Slash, an upper earth rank technique. Even among upper earth rank techniques, it stood at its peak. It could even rival some lower ultimate god rank technique!

It was due to certain restrictions that the Consuming Slash had been designated as an upper earth rank technique, but its power could not be underestimated.

Souza felt a chill in his heart at the sight. He was going crazy!

Edward followed closely behind Chris. His icy blue gloves started to glow as runes started to dance around Edward like lively spirits. Three ice pillars appeared in front of Edward.

Souza’s jaw hung open in shock. “Ice Breaker!”

Ice Breaker, too, was an upper earth rank technique, around the same level as the Consuming Slash. It was hard to tell who was stronger from the attacks they were using!

Seeing that the two of them were really attacking him at the same time, Souza almost bit his tongue in panic. He was not even thinking about retaliating. After all, he was already no match for either of them alone, let alone facing both of them.

He turned around and ran without any hesitation and frantically used up all of his true energy, not forgetting to summon a shield to protect him. However, Souza was not as fast as Chris and Edward. They were not that far apart in the first place.

In just a few moments, the two of them caught up.

Souza only heard a breeze before two dense killing intents surged from behind him. Even though he felt that they were right behind him, he did not even dare to look back. He was worried that he would lose the courage to even run away if he did!


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