No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3201 – 3205

Chapter 3201
Both individuals fell silent after saying their piece. They had their opinions.

The situation was far too strange and absurd for them, so they had a lot of thoughts in mind that they had no answer to. They did not know what they would even talk about, either.

After the two of them were silent for a few minutes, they heard a gust of wind.

When the two of them looked up at the same time, they saw Souza, with a noticeable frown on his face, quickly heading toward them.

When he saw the two of them on the ground, his expression hardened. The moment he landed, he looked at Chris and Edward in alarm.

When Chris and Edward saw that it was Souza, the two of them exchanged glances, and they could see the complicated emotions in each other’s eyes.

Nonetheless, they remained silent.

Souza had no intention of greeting them. After all, the two men before him were incredibly strong. If he did not use some tricks, he would not be able to defeat either of them in single combat.

He turned and walked over to the two bodies on the ground. After observing them for a while, his expression darkened.

He took a deep breath and turned to look at Chris. “Did you do this..?”

“I can’t believe you know a technique that can eat the soul. I guess David died at your hand too, right?”

Chris furrowed his brow as he shot a look at Souza. He looked like he wanted to split Souza apart to look at his insides.

Souza had goosebumps when faced with such a look. He subconsciously took a step back before he turned to look at Edward.

He was shocked to notice that even Edward was looking at him with the same expression. It was as if he had a massive secret.

Souza gulped, “What’s this look for?”

Chris snorted, raising an eyebrow. “Are you trying to tell Edward that I killed these two people and David?”

Souza’s lips twitched, feeling like the situation was a little strange. However, he could not tell what was so strange about it. He stared back and answered, “I was just guessing. You‘re the strongest here. The few that died all succumbed to the same technique, so I guessed that it’s you. Of course, you can deny it too. I have no way of making you acknowledge it.”

In the end, Souza did not dare to face Chris head on. He knew very well how strong Chris was.

When Chris heard all of that, he let out a laugh and had a strange glint in his eyes.

“Looks really can be deceiving. How did I not see it before? I can’t believe you’re such a schemer. You probably said all of that so you can work with Chris against me, right?”

Souza’s lips twitched as he averted his gaze guiltily. He did plan on working with Chris. After all, among the three of them, Chris was the strongest, Edward was the second, and he was the weakest.

He would naturally need to choose the weaker one to work with so he had the best chance of winning in the end.

When Souza averted his gaze guiltily, Chris let out a laugh. It was just that his laughter did not reach his eyes, and there was even anger in his expression.

“Very well! I’ve seen a lot today. I can’t believe your acting skills are so good. However, you’re overconfident. You think everyone else is stupid!”

Chapter 3202
Souza got more and more confused, feeling like there was something off about how Chris and Edward were looking at him.

It was hard to blame Souza for not understanding the situation. After all, he knew where he stood.

His skills were no threat to both men. Heck, they did not need to treat him with any sense of alarm. Yet, Souza felt like he could feel a touch of alertness in Chris and Edward‘s eyes, which somewhat baffled him.

Why was Chris cautious of him?

What was there to be cautious of?

He was the one who had to be careful about Chris, yet both men eyed him as though he posed an ominous threat. It caused Souza a great deal of confusion.

He took a step back as he looked at Chris and Edward in alarm.

Chris said lightly, “Do you think your petty tricks can fool us? You want to work with Edward to kill me before you kill Edward yourself, making you the victor!”

Souza frowned as his breathing quickened. He could not help but say, “What are you talking about? You speak as if I’m particularly strong…”

After hearing that, Chris let out a laugh of frustration.

He coldly laughed as he said, “Cut the crap, why don’t you. I’ve seen through you, there’s no point in acting anymore!”

Souza was more and more confused.

He said with a puzzled expression, “What kind of act am I putting up? I don’t understand what you’re both saying!”

Souza truly did not understand what they were saying, and the two of them had very strange expressions. He felt his heart beating quickly, feeling like he could not figure out the situation at all.

When the warriors at the viewing area heard their conversation, there were a lot of discussions.

“If I was Souza, I wouldn’t understand what they’re saying either. After all, he’s probably thinking that Chris and Edward are acting way too strangely…”

“They’re clearly so strong, but they’re acting so cautious around him. They’re even speaking with a hint of warning and alarm. It’d be so confusing!”

“I’m beginning to feel some pity for Souza. He’s probably very afraid right now because he can already feel that Chris might attack him. However, he can’t figure out Chris’ actions.”

A disciple from the Frenzied Blade Clan said, “I pity Souza. He doesn’t know what’s happening at all. If he knew, he’d definitely cry out that he was framed. If he really did have the skills, Souza would’ve let everyone know, considering how he is. Would he have hidden his powers?”

A warrior from White Marsh Continent said, “If I was Chris, that’d be my conclusion, too. I would’ve thought that Souza was the dark horse. After all, after eliminating everyone else, Souza and Jackie are the only ones left”

“Without looking at Jackie’s actions through the massive scroll, I would never have guessed that Jackie is this strong. Furthermore, Chris hates Jackie so much. He’s naturally proud, so even ifhe found some clues, there‘s no way he’d admit to how strong Jackie is!”

“You’re right. He had access to look at everything, so we know that Jackie is the secret master! Chris and the others only saw the corpses and don’t know anything else. On top of that, they had a fixed opinion of Jackie, so they automatically eliminated Jackie from their consideration and were left with Souza!”

“That’s right. No matter what Souza says, Chris and Edward would think that he’s lying. The more confused Souza acts, the more the two of them will believe their judgment!”

Chapter 3203
A disciple of the Purple Cloud Pavilion frowned and said, “Jackie’s been hiding for so long, not showing himself. Is he scared?”

The moment he said that, multiple sardonic glares were aimed his way.

The disciple’s lips twitched, knowing that what he said was not convincing at all. They were just words spoken out of envy and jealousy.

That person’s lips twitched and continued, “I just think that he doesn‘t need to hide and watch the show if he’s so strong!”

The moment he said that, someone pointed at the massive scroll and said, “Jackie has come out!”

The moment that was said, that disciple from the Purple Cloud Pavilion stiffened. His face heated up a bit, feeling like he had just greatly embarrassed himself. His words had been disproven in just a few moments.

In the isolated space, Jackie was slowly walking past a big tree to where Chris, Edward, and Souza were with a calm and nonchalant expression, as if he was not on a battlefield at all. He looked like he was just walking around and relaxing as he took in the scenery!

When he saw Jackie, Chris’ mouth twitched as the anger in his heart suddenly flared. Edward, on the other hand, raised an eyebrow as a curious glint flashed in his eyes.

Chris narrowed his eyes and sneered, “You’re still alive?”

At that moment, Chris was conflicted. He had hoped that Jackie would still be alive so he could deal with Jackie, but he also felt like Jackie was a piece of trash that should have been killed long ago. He could not believe that Jackie was still alive!

At that moment, other than Trevor who was not dead, there were only four others that could stand.

Jackie actually survived it all!

Jackie snorted, “If you’re still alive, then how could I die? I knew you’d be here, so I came out.”

The moment that was said, no one except Trevor could understand the other meaning to his words. However, all of the warriors in the viewing area immediately understood what Jackie meant.

A disciple from the Nimbus Alliance lamented, “They don’t understand what Jackie is saying. He has left too deep of an impression on everyone before this. Even after what he said, Chris and Edward still didn’t think that much about it!”

A warrior next to him chimed in, “That’s right. There’s something wrong with what Jackie said, and as long as they think about it, they would’ve noticed. Jackie said that he knew they’d be here, meaning that he was already there much earlier.”

“Other than that mysterious person who had hidden himself, who else could Jackie be? Jackie even said that he came out because of that, proving that he had been hiding there and had never left! It’s sad that neither of them managed to figure it out!”

The lips of that disciple from the Nimbus Alliance trembled.

“If only Edward managed to understand. He would at least have been able to be on alert against Jackie. He might not have that high of a chance going against Jackie alone, but if he worked with Chris or even if the three of them attacked together, Jackie would be no match for them! That’s the only way they stood a chance!”

“All of you can see it, but Chris and Edward can’t in the isolated space. The two of them are already too stuck on their opinions on Jackie, feeling like whatever he does is just crazy! They think that there’s something wrong with his head!”

Chapter 3204
A warrior from Hestia teased, “So impressions can kill. They stubbornly cling on to some of the preconceived notions, thinking that warriors from the Hestia Continent are all weak. They deserve to die!”

The moment he said that, he got angry gazes from disciples of the Purple Cloud Pavilion and the Nimbus Alliance.

One of the disciples from the Purple Cloud Pavilion shouted, “Stop being snarky! It’s just that Jackie was too good at acting, so he ended up confusing Chris!”

Hearing that, a warrior from the Hestia Continent immediately shouted back, “Acting? Since when did he pretend to be anything else? Has Jackie ever said that he was weak? Did he ever say that he couldn’t beat the others? Did he talk about his status as an alchemist?

“It’s clearly been others who were painting an image of Jackie, so how could you blame Jackie? They’re the ones who had trouble seeing clearly, but all of you are trying to say that others are acting. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be laughed at?!”

The disciple from the Purple Cloud Pavilion’s face reddened in anger. He gritted his teeth as he looked at the warrior from Hestia. Even though the warriors from Hestia numbered less than the two other worlds, arguments were not something that could be won with numbers.

The warriors from Hestia had logic by their side. In the first place, Jackie never attempted to hide. Secondly, Jackie was strong enough that they were able to fire back at anything that was said.

At that moment, the warriors from Hestia realized that they finally had a standing. Before this, they kept on being mocked until their faces were red, but they never dared to talk back.

At last, they finally found a way to regain their dignity. Even the warriors who were not very talkative would add a word or two.

The viewing area suddenly turned into Hestia Continent’s home field. The warriors from the other two continents were forced to look on as the warriors from Hestia did what they wanted.

In the isolated space, Chris was already red in anger. It was not because of anything Jackie said, but because of his calm and casual behavior. The more Jackie acted like that, the angrier Chris got. The anger in his heart was about to override any rationality he had.

“Don‘t be so pleased with yourself, Jackie!” he scoffed. “Once I deal with him, you’re next. You’re smarter than some others, I’ll give you that. You cleared the mark I left on you not long after you entered the isolated space, making me lose for a while.”

Jackie let out a laugh after he heard that and confessed, “Actually, I wasn’t planning on getting rid of the mark. I was looking forward to you finding me, but someone else asked me to… To prevent any unnecessary trouble, I ended up clearing the mark.”

Chris looked at Jackie in disdain. “Bragging again, are we? Do you think we can’t see through your lies? Bragging is the only thing you’re left with right now, huh?”

“You weren’t planning on clearing the mark, you say? You were looking forward to me finding you? You’re able to say such arrogant words! Every participant is an enemy after entering the isolated space. Who’d remind you to do such a thing?”

“What would they gain from that? You were looking forward to me finding you? Did you want to die by my hand so badly? You can’t even lie properly! You’re clearly afraid of dying, but you insist on trying to defend yourself! How laughable!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, shaking his head helplessly. “I was telling the truth. It’s up to you if you want to believe it…”

The warriors at the viewing area suddenly fell silent after hearing their conversation.

Chapter 3205
After a long silence, someone said, “It looks like Jackie has been truthful all along. It’s just a pity that Chris doesn’t want to listen, and we’ve all had such a thought. We’d probably remain like Chris if we hadn’t seen him in action and think he’s just pompous!”

“I’ll have a bone to pick with anyone who says that Jackie’s putting on an act from now on. Is this called an act? He’s just telling the truth! It’s just that no one wants to listen to him!”

At that moment, Chris was stubbornly refusing to listen. He even felt like Jackie had probably hit his head too hard. Otherwise, there was no way Jackie would say things that were so hilarious.

Edward’s lips twitched, saying in exasperation, “Things have gotten this far, but you’re still so stubborn! Do you need to start banging your head against the wall before you realize how absurd everything you say is?”

“You truly have expanded my horizons. I’ve never seen someone as stubborn as you. You’re clearly afraid, and you know you’re no match for me, but you insist on putting up a front and even facing us head-on! I really don‘t understand what you’re thinking!”

At that moment, Edward did not think that there was something wrong with Jackie’s head; just that he could not figure out what Jackie was thinking.

He knew that others had left marks on him and gotten rid of them. It meant that Jackie did not want others to find him, so he had to be afraid. Yet, Jackie chose to walk out at that moment and kept on challenging Chris!

Did Jackie not know what his behavior would bring?

Was it just him stubbornly refusing to admit defeat, even though he already knew the result?

Even if he was going to be tortured, he still wanted to hold on!

Thinking about that, Edward let out a scoff as he shook his head in exasperation. He felt like Jackie was just someone who rendered him speechless.

Jackie looked up at Edward and said calmly, “You’ll find out in just a bit…”

Edward was even more speechless at that, and he started to wonder if Jackie truly was crazy.

What kind of nonsense was be saying?

Why was his tone even a little mysterious?

What was he trying to do?

He looked away and ignored Jackie. He had to first kill Souza with Chris before dealing with Jackie.

Jackie would only stop being stubborn after they let him feel true pain and death!

Chris had the same thoughts on his mind as well, so he temporarily put his attention on Souza again.

At that moment, Souza was not listening to their conversation with Jackie as well. Instead, he was thinking about how strangely Chris and Edward were acting earlier.

What did he even do?

During the start, he had been sent to a grassy, uneven-surfaced hill that helped him hide. Before participating in the slaughter gambit, he had known that others would leave marks on him, so clearing them was the first thing he did.

After that, he headed north the whole time, wary of any ambushes. He was also patiently observing his surroundings. He wanted to let others fight and swoop in to take advantage. He would either pick up what remained in the end or work with weaker opponents to kill the stronger ones first before be dealt with these temporary allies personally.

He had prepared some pills that would stimulate his potential for this slaughter gambit and had planned on using them during the last battle to raise his power. Even though it had sight effects, the side effects were irrelevant if he could win.

Yet, he never expected things to reach a stage he had never expected. Chris and Edward were acting far too strangely. His questions had gotten snide responses from Chris.

When he was deep in thought about the matter, Chris suddenly said to him, “Enough chit-chat. Let’s settle this, now!”


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