No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3196 – 3200

Chapter 3196
After Ethan died, Trevor completely exploded. He did not hold back with his words at all and constantly challenged Jackie.

Trevor ended up falling to Jackie, but the blame was put on Jackie for plotting against them!

Evan abruptly turned his head around. His reddened eyes glared at Rudy viciously.

Rudy stared back without any fear.

Evan clenched his teeth and said, “You‘d better remember this. We’ll make sure you pay for what happened today many times over. Don’t think this is the end!”

Rudy pursed his lips helplessly.

Evan decided to just resort to threats since he knew he had lost when it came to words. However, Rudy no longer felt anything when faced with that.

He looked at Evan in disdain, “True, there’s no way this matter is settled here. You want revenge on us, but we want to teach all of you a lesson too. This is just the beginning! Things will be even more entertaining in the future. Let’s just wait and see!”

After Evan heard that, his heart started to beat rapidly.

Earlier, Evan had just uttered those threats out of habit. He knew very well that, with Jackie’s skills, all Jackie needed to do was hide in the Whirling World. If he attacked whenever he had a good opportunity, the Pentagram Clan would be in a lot of trouble!

Evan looked at Rudy and could even start to see the constant trouble they would be in. He suddenly started to regret those threats he said.

Even if it had been unintentional, it still brought on a world of trouble. He averted his gaze and started to think about how he would report the matter, and how he would withstand Jackie’s revenge.

In the isolated space, Jackie’s hands formed seal after seal, stopping the power of Destroying the Void that was within their bodies.

Only, both of their souls had already been half-eaten by the time he did that. It was already impossible for them to fight back. If they could even live for another day, they could be considered incredibly lucky.

After the pain subsided, the two of them slowly regained their sanity. The one who woke up first was actually Trevor, who was more heavily injured. His eyes slowly got clearer. After that, he started to get filled with fear.

He no longer looked at Jackie with disdain and mockery. Instead, his face was filled with fear, shock, and various complicated emotions.

After a long time, Trevor finally said, “You’re… Jackie?”

He was even suspecting that the person in front of him was someone else in disguise.

When did alchemists get so strong?

Various ideas surfaced in his head, binding him tightly.

Jackie narrowed his eyes as he looked down at Trevor, “It seems like you really have been treating me like a madman…”

Jackie’s tone was calm as if he was talking about something incredibly simple.

When Trevor heard that, it sounded like a resounding thunderstrike. At that moment, all those ideas in his head disappeared.

He could not even think clearly!

Chapter 3197
He panted roughly, so angry that tears were about to fall, “You were just pretending the whole time? You’re not an alchemist? It was just an act? You told me you would give me a chance to kill you, but you were just setting a trap!”

Reality was cruel. Even at the final moment, Trevor did not want to believe it. Yet, with everything that had happened, he was forced to.

From that exchange earlier, Trevor could clearly feel how great the gap between Jackie and himself was.

Jackie’s expression had been so relaxed. It had not taken much effort to launch that attack at all, but it had shattered Trevor’s technique which Trevor was so proud of.

The technique he used seemed as weak as paper in front of Jackie. Even if it was shocking, it was still the truth.

After Jackie heard that, he smiled and said, “Do you think that I said I would give you a chance to kill me because I really want to die? That I wanted you to kill me? You always felt that I was an idiot and that I was crazy. In my eyes, you were the crazy one…”

“Who would be so free to give their lives to their opponents? If I didn’t have the confidence, why would I have participated in the slaughter gambit? Do you think I didn’t know how dangerous the slaughter gambit is?”

“Am I not supposed to know the gulf between alchemists and warriors? Since I know, why did I do all of this? It’s such a simple question, but you didn’t bother to think about it. Who do you have to blame but yourself for your current predicament?”

Trevor was so agitated that he could not breathe properly.

He started to cough violently, like someone who was about to die after suffering from a terminal disease. His eyes were completely reddened. He had been so agitated by those words that he could not figure out anything to say.

Even though he hated Jackie to the core, he had to admit that Jackie was right. Unless there was something wrong with a person’s mind, no one would want to die to their opponents.

Jackie had clearly known what would await him by offending so many people, but he did not care. Unless Jackie actually had the skills to back it up, there was no way he would have done that.

In the waiting area, Trevor was surprised by all of Jackie’s actions. He could not understand it.

Did Jackie not know what would happen if he offended Chris?

Jackie did not seem like an idiot, so he definitely knew what would happen. Since he knew, why did he do all that?

Did he have any other reasons?

Was he so arrogant that everyone else was just beneath him?

Trevor even thought that the victory Jackie had gotten before had clouded Jackie’s judgment, stopping Jackie from seeing how much weaker he was than everyone else.

Thinking about it, those thoughts were all hilarious. The actual reason should have been easy to guess, but Trevor had allowed all his preconceived notions to cloud his mind.

He felt like Jackie was just lower than him, that Jackie was a weak alchemist!

“I can’t believe things ended up like this. You said you would give me a chance to kill you, and I believed it like an idiot!”

Saying that Trevor could not help but smile bitterly. His coughing intensified as even more blood flowed from his mouth, staining his clothes.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, “You thought that someone from Hestia Continent would definitely not be able to stand up to someone from White Marsh Continent. You thought that I was definitely an alchemist because others said so! It’s all because of your ignorance, and you’re paying the price now.”

Trevor’s lips twitched, unable to say anything.

Jackie smiled coldly and said, “You told me more than once that I would pay the price. You said I would be begging for mercy. I’ve always believed in dishing out what is given. You’ll be facing exactly what you said I would!”

The moment Jackie said that, Trevor’s body suddenly stiffened.

He widened his eyes as they filled up with fear. He struggled to get up to run, but all he could do was struggle on the ground like a worm since he had lost all his limbs. He could not escape at all.

Chapter 3198
Right at that moment, a swish was heard next to Jackie.

A ray of light shot up into the air from next to him.

Jackie looked over to see Marco’s right hand slightly curved. There was still some residual energy circulating in his palm.

After that ray of light shot into the air, it did not slow down as it frantic ally flew further and further away. It was as if it was trying to break the barrier that contained the space.

After a few moments, an explosion was heard from above. A wave of energy frantically expanded outward with the explosion at the center. The energy wave looked like a signal tower, traveling far away at speeds that were hard to perceive.

Looking at the scene, Jackie was not angry at all. Instead, he even had a slight smile on his face.

Marco was panting roughly. After using his sound wave array, he looked at Jackie with alarm. Before he activated it, he had already decided to end his own life the moment Jackie made any moves.

He would have to die in the end anyway. However, he never expected that Jackie would not be surprised at all when he saw the sound wave array go up into the air slowly. Jackie did not make any moves to stop it at all and merely looked on quietly.

When the sound array exploded with a massive force that spread out energy waves in all directions, Jackie did not even blink an eye.

It was like it did not matter at all!

Marco’s lips stiffened as he looked at Jackie even more fearfully. At that moment, Jackie was like a monster that had just crawled out of hell in Marco’s eyes. No matter what he did, it exceeded any expectations. It was like Jackie was not worried about anything at all.

After feeling Marco’s gaze, Jackie looked back as well.

His lips curled up in a smile as he said plainly, “You must’ve used a sound wave array just now. It might not be able to convey any information, but it can allow people far away to accurately know your position. Are you trying to gather the remaining warriors so they’ll work together to kill me?”

A sound wave array was different from a sound array.

Actually, a sound array could transmit sound through long distances, but both sides needed to have compatible sound arrays for information to be transmitted. Furthermore, one sound array could only communicate with another person.

The sound wave array was different. It could not communicate with someone, but it could transmit a person’s position through sound waves. It was similar to a beacon.

When everyone felt the energy of the sound wave array, they would know that something had definitely happened at that position, but they would not know the details.

In truth, Jackie had actually felt Marco’s movements earlier, but he did bother stopping Marco. After all, there was nothing much Marco could do anymore, and he could change positions at any moment.

The sound waves exposing his position was something both unexpected and accepted. It suited Jackie just fine.

Marco was so scared that his entire body shook.

Jackie lowered his head slightly, “There’s no longer any reason to keep you alive, but Trevor still has to stay alive. That’s because I still have some things I want Trevor to see!”

After an hour, Chris hastily arrived at where the sound wave had exploded from. He had rushed over, going through the forest before arriving at the border between the forest and the desert.

Chris immediately saw two people on the ground. He frowned as his face darkened considerably. It was another similar situation, it was just that he did not know if it was the mysterious warrior again.

He slowly descended from the air. He did not stop his feet at all as he quickly arrived next to Trevor and Marco.

When he lowered his head, he noticed that Trevor’s eyes were still open, and his eyeballs were still moving.

Chapter 3199
Chris was surprised at the sight that Trevor was still alive.

That was completely unexpected.

Upon closer inspection, Trevor could not speak. Even though Trevor was alive, the tendons on his limbs had been severed, and even his tongue had been cut. He was practically a dead person.

He had wanted to ask a few questions when he saw that Trevor was still alive, but his hopes were dashed.

Trevor could not speak or even move. There was no way Trevor could relay any information. Chris looked over to Marco.

Looking over, he noticed that Marco had already been dead for quite a while. Upon closer inspection, he was certain that the two of them had died at the hands of the mysterious person as well.

Almost half of their souls had been consumed. The only difference was that both David and Luther had physical wounds on them.

Chris was filled with suspicion.

Who was it?

Who managed to kill so many participants in one go?

Furthermore, even David, who was quite strong, was among those who died.

Just thinking about that, Chris turned to look at Trevor who was on the verge of death.

At that moment, Trevor’ s mouth widened, wanting to say something. However, with out a tongue, there was no way he could.

He had no way to use his hands either. All he could do was widen his eyes to convey his hopelessness. At that moment, Trevor even hoped that Chris would just end him there and then so he would not need to suffer any longer.

Chris took a deep breath as he slowly stood up. He turned around and looked all over, shouting, “Who are you?! Get out here right now! Since you have the skills, why don’t you come out and fight me?!”

His voice was loud and buzzed with true energy. It sent his voice traveling great distances, but no one responded. He could not even hear the sounds of leaves being blown by the wind. It was so quiet it seemed like he was the only person in the world.

After a while, a gust of wind was heard in the distance.

He abruptly looked up to see a familiar figure frantically rushing over. As he looked closer, he noticed that it was Edward.

At that moment, Edward had a frown on his face as he looked confused. When he saw Chris, the confusion on his face suddenly disappeared as he suppressed all his emotions.

After Edward landed, he did not say a single thing to Chris. He hastily went to the two who were lying on the ground. After checking them for a moment, he slowly stood up.

At that moment, he turned to look at Chris.

He took a deep breath and a complicated glint surfaced in his eyes, “This is the fourth!”

The moment that was said, Chris slowly understood.

It seemed like he was not the only one who had found David and Luther’s bodies. Edward had been behind him and saw their corpses.

When Edward saw that Chris did not show any emotion, he knew that Chris had seen everything as well.

When they saw David’s corpse, their first reaction was to suspect each other. However, after closer inspection, they denied the thought. After all, techniques that could consume the soul were not something just everyone could learn.

They had a certain understanding of each other and knew that the other party could not know it.

There came the problem. Since it was not either of them, then who could it be?

The two of them were supposed to be absolutely incompatible enemies, but they realized that they had a skilled opponent! If they did not deal with the opponent, they might end up suffering.

Edward was the first to speak, “Who is this person? The two of us don’t have a conclusion yet. Even though I would have never thought of working together with you, we might be forced to with this current situation!”

“Only one person can survive in this place. Why don’t we deal with this guy first before we have our match?”

Chapter 3200
After Chris shot him a deep look, Chris nodded.

He held the same disgust towards Edward, but if they did not work together, the situation would only get worse. After all, they had no way of knowing who, and how strong that person was.

If they would be at a disadvantage in head on combat, then it would be disastrous. Neither of them wanted to fall to something unexpected.

Chris frowned before he said seriously, “Let’s eliminate some candidates. Blade was killed by me, then I saw Luther and David’s corpses on the way. Other than the two of us, there are five others! Including the two lying down here, there are only three people left…”

“The remaining three are Jackie, Souza, and Rich! We can eliminate Jackie, so only Souza and Rich are left!”

Saying that Chris had a look of concern on his face.

Chris already knew the other two from before, and he had an estimation of their skills. He never expected that one of them was actually a hidden expert.

Edward frowned, pointing out two fingers before he pushed one down. He said in a sunken tone, “Rich is dead. I killed him, so he can be eliminated too…”

The moment that was said, Chris was stunned.

That meant that only Souza was left. Compared to Rich, Chris knew more about Souza since Souza was from the Frenzied Blade Clan of Chaos Continent. He was a fellow disciple of David.

The two of them were both closely ranked in the clan. They constantly fought over resources, and the two of them did not have a good relationship. That was why they had participated in the slaughter gambit together. It was probably to settle their grudges.

Chris took a deep breath as his eyebrows furrowed, “If I remember correctly, David’s ranked sixth in the Frenzied Blade Clan while Souza is ranked seventh. The two of them should be about equal…”

“Half a year ago, Souza had lost just by a single move to David during the Frenzied Blade Clan’s internal tournament. However, Souza was not willing to accept that result. He deliberately spread a rumor that he did not lose David. David merely used some shameless tactics to cause Souza to fail!”

Their relationship was something that was an open secret among the chosen disciples of Chaos Continent.

Anyone who knows either of them knows of their grudges.

Edward said, “If Souza really has the skills, he would not have lost to David half a year ago. Just looking at what Souza did after that, it’s obvious that Souza is a petty person…”

“If he really could beat David and even rival the both of us, there’s no way he would be able to hide it. He’d have spread it far and wide!”

Chris nodded. Even though Chris was an arrogant person, he was still intelligent. Even though Souza was the only target of suspicion, they felt like there were too many strange things about this. It went against Souza’s personality.

Edward took a deep breath and said, “If he concealed his true skills the whole time, he definitely has other intentions, even if it doesn’t match his personality. There has to be some other reason. Could he have kept it a secret all this while to shock everyone today?”

Edward was full of confusion, feeling like he could not figure it out. He sighed as he discarded the notion for a moment. No matter what the reason was, now that they knew he was the enemy, they would just have to kill him.

As for what caused his personality to change and for him to keep the secret for so long, they would figure it out after!


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