No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3191 – 3195

Chapter 3191
With Jackie’s personality, he would definitely not let Marco off easily!

The blue-robed man had his hand against his forehead, “Marco, I’m begging you, shut up! If you keep on talking, Jackie might not even leave your corpse intact!”

The blue-robed man had always treated Marco like a brother. As he said that, the blue-robed man looked like he was about to start praying.

Even if the blue-robed man was incredibly conflicted for Marco’s sake, Marco seemed to have no intentions of stopping within the isolated space.

At that moment, Marco only seemed to have one thought in mind. He wanted to kill Jackie himself, and torture Jackie to his heart’s content!

Trevor could no longer wait. He felt like listening to their nonsense was pointless.

“Alright! I don’t want to waste any more time listening to you two! Jackie! Every additional breath I let you take just makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s time to settle our grudges!”

As Trevor said that, he formed seal after seal.

Countless seals started to merge into the Polaris Sword in his hand.

The sword started to glow in silver light. It started to glow brighter, and with a whoosh, a silver flame was formed on the sword. The flames burned more and more intensely. It had a strange glow, even distorting the air around it!

The silver flames soared higher and higher. After a few moments, it turned into a flaming beast!

The beast was the size of two fists. The moment it was born, it started to violently spit out flames around it. Its eyes glowed silver as he glared right at Jackie!

Trevor gently stared at the beast on his sword, “The technique I’m using is called the Polar Annihilation. My sword was made specifically for it. The power of stars has condensed fire into it.”

“This flaming beast is made with starfire! Let me remind you, starfire is different from regular fire. The moment it touches you, it will burn you to the core. Unless it burns you to a crisp, it won’t go out!”

Saying that, Trevor paused for a moment before looking at Jackie. He had a proud smile on his face, “You must have never seen anyone using an upper earth rank technique before! Before you die, I’ll let you witness one!”

Jackie’s lips twitched, not knowing what to say at that moment.

The warriors in the viewing area actually laughed after they heard that.

“What did Trevor say? Jackie has never seen an upper earth rank technique? I‘m going to lose my teeth from laughing too much. Even lower ultimate god rank techniques aren’t anything much in Jackie’s eyes, let alone upper earth rank techniques. Even if Trevor was using an ultimate earth rank technique, it would only be at Jackie’s level. What’s there to experience…”

“Trevor looks like he’s still being kept in the dark. He knows nothing about Jackie’s skills at all. I heard that Trevor joined the slaughter gambit for the sake of killing Jackie himself…”

“I guarantee you, that decision is the worst decision he’s made in his life. Even if the top disciple of the Pentagram Clan wanted to kill Jackie, the chances are probably low, let alone a chosen disciple that isn’t even in the top ten!”

Chapter 3192
Rudy started to laugh out loud when he heard that in the betting area. Even his stomach started to hurt. He felt like Trevor was acting like a complete clown at that moment.

Trevor thought that he would definitely win, but Trevor was actually nothing in Jackie‘s eyes!

David’s skills were far above Trevor’s, but David still died in Jackie’s hands without even managing to put up a fight!

Rudy laughed so much even tears started to fall. He rubbed his eyes as he looked over at Evan.

Rudy said to him, “You guys said we were ignorant fools before this. Who’s the ignorant fool now? Are upper earth rank techniques that rare? He wanted to show it to Jackie? That’s hilarious!”

Evan’s lips twitched, really wanting to shout something back at Rudy, but he struggled to find anything to say. After all, Trevor’s actions really were pathetic at that moment.

In the isolated space, Jackie was speechless for quite a long time before he slowly said, “So it’s an upper earth rank technique. How amazing. Come on and show me, then!”

Even though nothing seemed wrong about those words, Trevor was no idiot. He could tell from Jackie’s expression that they were not sincere at all.

Jackie even seemed to be teasing him!

Trevor‘s eyes twitched as he decided against wasting any more time with the conversation. His instincts told him that he might actually be angered to death by Jackie if he continued. After all, even Chris had failed to beat Jackie’s mouth.

Jackie did not care who the opponent was. As long as he did not like the person, the person would be thoroughly angered.

Trevor took a deep breath, not waiting any longer as he clutched the Polaris Sword tightly. His eyes had a violet glint on them as he slashed right at Jackie with one hand.

At that moment, he was so quick that only an afterimage was left. It was obvious that Trevor’s technique focused on speed, but it was not that high ranked. Still, it was enough to deal with ordinary warriors.

Jackie snorted, feeling like Trevor did not practice what he preached. Trevor kept saying that Jackie was beneath Trevor’s notice, but when Trevor attacked, he seemed incredibly serious.

It seemed like Trevor was afraid of any surprises as well, so Trevor planned on making sure his first strike hit. It would not kill Jackie immediately, but it would cripple Jackie.

With that thought in mind, Jackie merely stood on the spot, not moving. He started to form seals with both his hands, and gray seals started to form in the air.

Sixty Soul Swords were suddenly formed. Those Soul Swords looked like spirits dancing in the night, floating in the air.

Jackie clapped his hands together, and the swords merged into a massive Soul Sword, fusing into the gray sword in Jackie’s hand.

Jackie was already incredibly familiar with Destroying the Void and could control everything easily. The killing intent coming from in front of him caused Jackie to raise an eyebrow.

If the person in front of Trevor had really been a normal alchemist, he might have been terrified. However, Jackie was not just an alchemist. Alchemy was just a way for him to earn spirit crystals.

He had never paid much attention to alchemy. Trevor roared angrily, “Die, brat!”

The beast around the Polaris Sword roared at Jackie.

From its silver eyes came a bloody glow!

Chapter 3193
The flaming beast charged right at Jackie.

Jackie let out a laugh as he shot out his blade. The gray slash pierced through the body of the flaming beast.

The silver flame that was burning intensely suddenly looked like cold water had been poured on it after being pierced by the gray slash. The flames were suddenly put off!

Everything had happened too quickly. It exceeded any expectations.

Before Trevor could even react, he felt a chill in his neck. Liquid started to flow out of his neck.

When he looked down, blood had stained his clothes.

Seeing that, he felt his mind go numb, unable to process what had happened. After that, another piercing was heard, and a sharp pain came from his wrist.

He looked down and saw that blood was frantically shooting out of his wrist. His tendons had been sliced by Jackie, and he lost control of his hand. He could no longer hold the Polaris Sword, causing it to fall to the ground.

The clanking of the sword assaulted Trevor’s senses. However, the pain did not stop.

Right after that, a piercing pain came from his legs. His legs lost the ability to support his body and he collapsed on the ground with a thud.

That was not all. He watched as the gray energy that came from Jackie started to seep into his body from the wound on his neck. After that, a wave of maddening pain was felt, causing him to cry out in agony.

He felt like his soul had been thrown into a nest of poisonous snakes. Those poisonous snakes bit him over and over again.

What was even more saddening was the fact that his arms and legs had been severed. He tried to move and escape the pain, but he was unable to even turn his body around. All he could do was twitch helplessly on the ground.

Cries of agony constantly came from his throat. He looked like he had been possessed by a demon.

Just looking at the sight would cause anyone to get goosebumps and retreat a few steps.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked at the scene calmly. He did not show too much expression, because everything was in his control. Other than Trevor’s cries of agony, he heard the heavy breathing of another person as well.

He looked up toward the sound. Marco, who was so arrogant earlier, had paled as his hands trembled slightly. He stared right at Trevor, who was completely submerged in pain.

Jackie let out a laugh as he walked forward. He did not forget that there was someone else there other than Trevor.

When he heard the footsteps, Marco looked like he had been summoned by the god of death. He abruptly looked up and stared at Jackie with reddened eyes and fear.

It had only taken a few seconds from the start of Trevor’s attack to Trevor crying out in agony on the floor. Everything had happened far too quickly. Since he had not known about Jackie’s skills, Marco was filled with shock.

His breathing got more and more frantic as he retreated subconsciously.

Marco gulped as he retreated and said, “So you’ve always just been in a disguise! Aren’t you despicable?”

“I said everything I did because I didn’t know anything about you. If I knew you were this skilled, I would definitely not have said anything. Can you just show me some compassion and let me go?”

Marco really was afraid at that point. That was because everything that had just happened seemed too terrifying for him.

He was not some inexperienced wandering warrior. After going through so many battles, he could naturally tell that Trevor might have said that he looked down on Jackie, but Trevor had definitely used his full strength in that earlier strike. Yet, he was defeated with just one blow.

Chapter 3194
Jackie had attacked so casually, and Trevor’s technique was like a piece of broken paper in front of him, ripping apart easily.

That gray slash had pierced through the silver flames like a massive rain that completely extinguished the flames.

Jackie let out a laugh after he heard that, “Just listen to what you’ re saying. Don’t you think it’s hilarious? If my skills really weren’t up to par, would you let me off if I asked?”

“You would just humiliate me even more. You wouldn’t even hesitate to attack. Causing me more pain would make you even happier!”

Hearing that, Marco felt a chill in his heart. Jackie would definitely not let him off.

After understanding that, he did not hesitate anymore as he turned around to escape. He activated all of his true energy, even burning his blood essence!

As long as he still had a chance to escape, he would not give up. However, there was no way Jackie would let him. At the moment, the distance between the two of them was four hundred feet.

Marco had calculated it in his heart. Four hundred feet greatly benefitted Marco. As long as Jackie did not have any speed techniques, he would be able to run away.

However, the moment that thought flashed in Marco’s mind, he heard a gust of wind blow past him. He turned to look and his eyes widened dramatically.

Jackie had already arrived next to him!

The gray sword pierced forward without hesitation, aiming right for his chest. Marco felt a chill as his blood started to flow out. After that, a bone-piercing pain was felt.

His soul was slowly being ripped apart from his chest. The pain was something no one could bear.

With a thud, he fell from the air, landing heavily on the ground. Jackie followed down as well.

Jackie let out a mocking smile. Even though he had never learned any speed techniques, he knew how to use some of the laws of space. He only needed to use the laws of space twice to reach four hundred feet away.

Jackie let out a laugh as he grabbed Marco‘s collar, pulling Marco toward Trevor.

They were not too far away, and he only needed to drag Marco for a little bit before he tossed Marco at Trevor. Marco landed three feet away from Trevor.

At that moment, both of them were being tortured by the pain of their souls being ripped apart. Since Trevor‘s arms and legs had been snapped, he could only twitch. Marco was in a better state, but the pain still caused Marco to lose all his rationality.

Marco constantly rolled on the floor, and his tears constantly flowed.

In just a few seconds, the arrogant man had turned into someone who looked like a beggar on the streets, incredibly pathetic.

Jackie looked at the two of them and did not show much emotion on his face. To the cries of agony in the isolated space, the viewing area was strangely quiet.

The result was within everyone’s expectations. Seeing the two of them in such a bad state, the warriors there could not even let out a sigh.

One of the victims was a chosen disciple of a high-grade clan. As long as nothing happened to him, his future would be incredibly bright.

The other did not have any noble status, but he was rich in combat experience. He had been several times more talented than ordinary wandering warriors. Yet, the two of them had lost to Jackie without a chance to even fight back.

After a long time, someone said helplessly, “Do you think Jackie was putting on an act earlier? Was his act just too good? None of them could tell at all. Or maybe it was because they had too many preconceived notions that caused them to be blinded from Jackie’s true strength…”

Chapter 3195
“Just look at how combative Jackie was from the start. Does that look like he’s putting on an act? We thought he was too arrogant then, not understanding his place…”

“Now, we finally see that we were the ignorant ones. Jackie had every right to say all of that! From the start, he had no intentions of hiding anything, it was just that everyone else failed to see that face!”

“They thought that Jackie was just a crazy alchemist. Thinking about it now, any alchemist with a shred of logic would not have participated if he was not suicidal. Even warriors like us wouldn’t dare to participate in the slaughter gambits.”

“All of us have been talking about Chris’ skills. We talked about it so loudly as well. There’s no way he did not hear our discussions, but he still didn’t seem to care. It means that he really didn’t care. It’s not just the warriors in the waiting area that didn’t see through him, but all of us as well!”

“You’re right, we were too wrapped up in our own preconceived notions. On top of that, he’s even from Hestia Continent. We didn’t think there was any other possibility at all. It’s a pity that they don’t have the massive scroll to see what Jackie is doing as we do. If they knew of Jackie’s skills, none of them would dare to face Jackie head-on!”

At that moment, Evan was about to go crazy in the betting area. From the image on the massive scroll, he could clearly see Trevor constantly struggling on the ground.

Trevor’s tendons had been snapped by Jackie.

That sight was so cruel that many averted their gaze. Evan had encountered a lot to get to where he was, but he still failed to control himself after witnessing that scene.

Tears constantly flowed. He was actually crying. All the disciples behind Evan looked incredibly miserable as well. They seemed to have lost all hope.

They were done for now!

There was no other consequence that awaited Trevor. Evan took a deep breath. His whole body trembled, hating himself for not stopping Trevor back then.

At the time, he might have looked down on Jackie, but he still felt like the slaughter gambit was far too dangerous. Unfortunately, Trevor had already made up his mind. Trevor had refused to listen to anyone else and was adamant that he would follow Jackie into the slaughter gambit.

“Trevor, you were too impulsive. Jackie was setting a trap, but you fell into it just like that!” Evan’s voice was trembling.

Rudy‘s lips twitched when he heard what Evan said. He wondered that even at this point, Evan still threw all the blame on Jackie. Just hearing that made him angry.

He turned to look at Evan and said, “I admit that Jackie definitely did provoke Trevor a little, but you can’t call that a trap. You were the ones who provoked us first and kept on challenging us… We just fought back a little, and you’re already pinning all the blame on Jackie. Did you not do anything wrong at all?”

Rudy hated people who refused to take responsibility.

Hearing what was said, Rudy had the urge to rush over and slap Evan a few times to wake him up.

They still insisted on pinning all the blame on Jackie. They refused to think about it.

If Ethan had not tried to start any trouble from the start, the death match would not have happened.


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