No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3186 – 3190

Chapter 3186
Rudy did not say all of that to challenge them, but merely because that was what he thought.

In the end, the fact that Trevor had managed to be safe for so long was because his skills were not that strong, but not that weak either. He came from a high-grade clan and although he could not compare to Chris, Edward, and their ilk, he was not weak

Chris and the others had seemingly left a mark on everyone else.

Trevor had basically been hoodwinked into this slaughter gambit. He had joined because he did not want Jackie to be killed by anyone else. He did not know that anyone would leave a mark on him, so he had not checked for them at all.

Naturally, they had yet to be cleared.

Everyone who left a mark on him knew where Trevor was at that moment, but he had not been targeted because he possessed skills and came from a good background.

Chris, Edward, and the others wanted to get rid of the weakest before the final battle started. That would prevent any unexpected situations and Trevor happened to not be among those. Furthermore, Trevor was from an eighth-grade clan.

Leaving him for the last was a form of respect toward the Pentagram Clan. However, Rudy did not think that deeply about it. He merely lamented Trevor’s good luck.

Evan turned around to look at Rudy with a complicated expression. He still remembered how they completely looked down on Jackie and Rudy. On top of that, with Ethan’s grudges against Jackie, they had automatically grouped those two as enemies.

Even Ethan starting a death match against Jackie had been just a nuisance in Evan’s eyes. After all, alchemists were all weaklings in their eyes.

Yet, they never expected that their grudges against Jackie and Rudy would get deeper until they reached that state. There was no longer any way to repair their relationship. Furthermore, Jackie’s abilities were unbelievable. Evan doubted that he would even be able to escape from Jackie.

At that moment, Evan was already starting to regret everything. If they had stopped any conflict with Jackie after the death match, things would not reach this point.

Yet, it was already too late. The slaughter gambit had already started, and Jackie was already standing in front of Trevor. The two of them were definitely going to fight.

Evan took a deep breath and said, “The two of you were just putting on an act all along! Your acting skills were too good, and you managed to trick all of us. However, even if Jackie is strong, you can’ t hide his underhanded tricks!”

“Don’t think that the Pentagram Clan will be afraid of you two because of this. We’re an eighth-grade clan in White Marsh Continent. We have plenty of strong warriors…”

“Even if we’re currently in the Whirling World and restricted by age, we still have many strong chosen disciples to support us. The strength of our top two disciples is much stronger than Chris. If the two of them were here today, you wouldn’t be so pleased with yourself!”

Hearing that, Rudy just felt incredulous.

He coldly snorted and said, “Idiot! You were the one who was being stubborn. You clearly refused to give us any leeway, and now you know the results of that. To regain your dignity, you can say anything. When did we ever put on an act?”

“Were we the ones who provoked you first? Do you have a goldfish’s memory? Don’t you remember how we met? Ethan was the one who ran up to us like a madman, spewing all these harsh words…”

“Ethan wanted to regain his honor which was why he started a death match against Jackie. Then, he wasn’t skilled enough and died in the arena. Was that us putting on an act?”

Chapter 3187
When that was said, Rudy had a look of disdain on his face. He hated those kinds of people the most, those who were sore losers.

Evan’s face reddened in anger. His chest rose and fell, looking like he was about to faint from his anger at any moment.

He paused for a long time before he said, “Stop trying to be obstinate. Even if Ethan’s grudges were not acting, what about after that? Wasn’t the slaughter gambit a trick you pulled?”

“He kept on saying that he would give Trevor a chance to kill him so that Trevor would fall for it! Both of you actually already knew what he was planning!”

He finally found a reason. When Evan said all of that, he looked like he had been deeply wronged, and was seeking justice for himself.

Rudy pursed his lips, unable to stop himself from laughing. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Evan like an idiot.

“You think that’s called acting? Jackie said he would give Trevor a chance to kill him, why is that called an act? Isn’t that a chance? A chance needs to be seized. Who can you blame but Trevor for not having the skill to seize it?”

Evan’s face darkened in anger. His rationality had been completely burned away by Rudy’s words. He reached out and grabbed Rudy by the collar, raising his right fist and aiming it right at Rudy’s face.

He was just about to send his fist over when the disciples behind him quickly pulled him back. They grabbed onto both of Evan’s arms, and someone even held onto Evan’s waist, pulling him aside.

At that moment, Rudy was infuriated as well.

After Evan let go of his collar, he adjusted his clothes in anger. He stared coldly at Evan and shouted, “You want to fight me? Come on then! If you don’t do it, then you’re just a coward! I can‘t stand people like you!”

Evan’s face reddened even more after hearing those words. His veins popped as he clenched his fists tightly.

He glared at Jackie with clenched teeth. Even if the disciples behind him were frantically holding him back, they could not stop him from struggling.

He had already lost all rationality at that moment. Even if he needed to pay for it with his life, he would teach Rudy a lesson!

An inner disciple that was pulling Evan’s right arm said bitterly, “Evan, calm down. This guy is trying to trick you, you mustn’t fall for his trap. The moment you attack, you’ll end up being punished. You won’t be able to survive it!”

Evan who was still struggling, shouted back, “Stop trying to stop me! So what if I die? Before I die, I’ll vent my frustrations on this brat! These two shameless and despicable guys have harmed us so much. We can’t let them be so pleased!”

The disciple that was holding onto Evan’s left arm was almost crying, “Evan, calm down! Jackie’s skills are unfathomable, do you think Rudy’s skills can be that bad? Before you hit him, you’d already have been punished…”

“Then you’ll turn into ashes, while he’d be perfectly fine. Wouldn’t that be completely pointless? He’ll end up being even more pleased with himself. Just think about it!”

Those last words successfully calmed down the rage in Evan. He panted heavily as his entire body shuddered.

Chapter 3188
The disciple was right.

Jackie was so strong that he could use a lower ultimate god rank technique, so how could Jackie’s follower be any weaker?

The guy in front of him might even be his equal.

The moment Evan attacked, he would not just fail to kill Rudy, but he would die instantly from being punished by the laws as well!

That would be completely pointless.

He snorted lightly, “Let me go. I’ve already calmed down. I won’t do anything reckless!”

After hearing Evan’s words, the disciples holding him back slowly relaxed their hands and let go of Evan.

When they saw that Evan was no longer acting impulsively, they breathed sighs of relief.

If Evan died there, they would really not be able to explain anything.

Rudy smiled in disdain, “You really are a coward!”

Evan’s anger soared again after hearing Rudy’s words. However, he did not allow his anger to take over his rationality this time.

He could tell that Rudy had said all of that to provoke him into attacking so he would be punished by the laws. Evan let out a scoff, “I won’t fall for your trick! We don’t even know what will happen yet. We still don’t know who will win!”

After hearing that, Rudy laughed again, “Then you can just wait and see!”

The gambling area was incredibly bustling, and the isolated space was similar. At that moment, Trevor looked incredibly happy as he narrowed his eyes and stared at Jackie.

“I thought that I would be able to kill you myself by participating in the slaughter gambit, but you just went crazy insulting everyone. I had lost any hope of killing you myself then…”

“I can’t believe you want to die by my hands so much. You came looking for me before I even found you. Even luckier that you found me before Chris found you. It looks like Lady Luck is smiling upon me!”

As he said that, Trevor’s smile was already threatening to split his face in half. Trevor’s smile was incredibly sinister as if he had found his prey!

Jackie let out a laugh as he remained calm as if Trevor would not be able to affect Jackie no matter what Trevor said.

Marco frowned, feeling like Jackie was acting stranger and stranger. Ever since he stepped into the waiting area, Jackie had constantly surprised him.

He had already regarded Jackie as a complete madman.

Trevor had said so much, but Jackie did not feel threatened at all, remaining calm and quiet. There was even a smile on Jackie’s face.

It was as if whatever Trevor had said just now and whatever was about to happen had nothing to do with Jackie at all.

Marco said curiously, “Could you really be crazy? Everything you’re doing right now only makes you look like a madman. Don’t you know what you’re about to experience?”

“Do you think you can‘t escape Trevor? Don’t you know the gulf between alchemists and true warriors?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow before he finally looked at Marco.

He did not have a deep impression of Marco. After all, the only ones who could leave an impression on Jackie were only the stronger ones.

Chapter 3189
In the waiting area, Marco had sat by the side, remaining quiet no matter what anyone said.

Jackie frowned, “I think you’re called Marco, right? You’re a wandering warrior from White Marsh Continent That makes the both of us wandering warriors, so why are you talking to me like this?”

Jackie had no intentions of challenging Marco with those words, he was just curious as to how Marco was so confident.

Both of them were wandering warriors without any background, but Marco acted like he was a master from a high-grade clan.

Marco’s face darkened, getting angry at Jackie, “This has nothing to do with being a wandering warrior. You‘re a worthless wandering warrior, but I’m different! Furthermore, you come from the trashiest place, Hestia Continent!”

“Even though I’m a wandering warrior, I came from White Marsh Continent. White Marsh Continent has plenty of resources to improve my skills. Even without a high-grade clan to rely on, I can still carve a path with my own skills!”

“Hestia Continent has no resources nor do they have any masters. The limited resources have already been cleaned up by your major clans. There are no resources left for wandering warriors at all! What’s more, you’re only an alchemist and that makes it even worse for you!”

Saying that Marco raised his chin proudly.

Jackie scoffed, successfully getting angered by that guy. It was one thing to insult him, but Marco had even insulted Hestia Continent.

Jackie never expected that Marco would be so proud of his status as a wandering warrior and even insult him.

Jackie snorted as he looked aside, not bothering Marco at all.

When Marco saw that Jackie was completely ignoring him, Marco started to get angrier. If he was looked down on by others, he would prove them wrong with his power. Even if he was angry, it would not affect his rationality. However, he could not: stand being looked down on by Jackie.

Who did Jackie think he was?

Marco furrowed his eyebrows and walked forward, “Brat! You dare to ignore me? What gives you the right to do that? Today, even if Trevor doesn’t kill you, I‘ll be waiting by aside to get rid of you at any moment. I’ll slowly torture you after that. I have the time anyway!”

Jackie’ s lips twitched helplessly.

They were all familiar words and phrases. Anyone who had a grudge against him would always threaten him like that. He could even hear it a few times in a single day.

Jackie was already so numb hearing those words that it made him almost yawn. Marco said he had a lot of time, and Jackie naturally had the time to keep Marco company.

Since that was the case, Jackie turned around and said to Marco, “So what if I’m ignoring you? I’m not just ignoring you, I’m also looking down on you! We‘re both wandering warriors, but all you do is brag! You said that you carved a path for yourself by going through many hardships. What can’t you say?”

“Do you think we’re all idiots here? If you had enough talent, you would have been accepted by a high-grade clan. Did you need to suffer as a wandering warrior?”

Marco’s face reddened in anger after he heard that.

Trevor could not help but laugh at the side. Earlier, he had struggled to come up with things to say against Marco.

It seemed like Jackie had quite a good mouth on him even though he was crazy. He had successfully shut Marco up.

Marco widened his eyes, “You’ve successfully angered me now!”

Jackie said in exasperation, “So what? Did I say anything wrong? You said you’re stronger than me. How so? I have yet to witness that, so can’t I look down on you?”

Marco was absolutely infuriated. He clenched his teeth and shouted back, “You dare look down on me?!”

Chapter 3190
Marco’s actions were practically just asking for trouble.

Jackie let out a laugh, going along with Marco, “I do look down on you. The caretakers placed our odds so close together. It means that even the caretakers think that you’re nothing special.”

“My odds were at seven point five, while yours were at seven point one. There’s only a difference of four decimal point, but you speak as if there’s a massive gulf between us. Is there anything wrong with me saying you‘re bragging?”

Marco felt like he was about to explode from anger, “Stop using the odds, they don’t mean anything! The fact that our odds are close is just a reflection of the caretakers’ thoughts!”

“The caretakers merely use their surface level impressions to determine the odds. They don’t know the difference between us at all. Even the warriors in the viewing area know more titan the caretakers. Just pull any of the warriors from the viewing area over. They’ll be able to tell you who’s stronger between the two of us! They’d be even more accurate than the caretakers!”

Marco’s words had been heard by all of the warriors in the viewing area via the massive scroll.

All of those warriors had complicated expressions on their faces when they heard that.

Some of the warriors lamented, “We naturally know how the two of you compare. We are clearer than the caretakers as to who is stronger, it’s just that it’s completely different from what you think!”

“If Marco knew about the truth, he would definitely be filled with regret. Honestly, I agree with Marco’s words but in a different sentiment that the odds the caretakers set really are a bit off…”

“They’re underselling Jackie. If I was the one to determine the odds, I’d give Jackie the lowest. Even one point one percent odds would be too high!”

A man in blue robes looked like he wanted to say something, but stopped.

The man beside him looked over and said, “I know you’re close to Marco. Do you think he’ll be able to beat Jackie?”

As the man said that, he seemed to have a mocking look on his face.

It was no longer a question of whether or not Marco could win, but how long Marco could survive against Jackie.

The blue-robed man’s face darkened, knowing that he was being mocked. He snorted, not saying anything. When it was obvious that the blue-robed man would not answer, the man lost interest.

After that, with a serious tone, he asked, “Do you have any hopes for Marco? You have to answer me. If you don’t, I’ll keep asking questions and annoy you to death!”

The man was adamant that he wanted to chat with the blue-robed man. Even if the blue-robed man was not willing, it seemed like he had no choice.

He was forced to say, “All I want to say to him right now is for him to shut up!”

He really was quite close to Marco. The two of them knew each other since they were young.

They were friends who had gone through many things together. He was naturally worried now that Marco was in danger. After witnessing Jackie’s skills, the blue-robed man could already see how things would end for Marco. He had thought that Jackie would not trouble Marco so much since they did not have any conflicts between them, and would give Marco a quick death.

Yet, something seriously went wrong with Marco’s head.

Marco seemed insistent on offending Jackie, trying his best to show Jackie how much better he was than Jackie. He seemed to have successfully angered Jackie.


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