No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3181 -3185

Chapter 3181
The only thing I can say is, there’s always someone better. This guy is an absolute master!”

“Before arriving at the Whirling World, I had a feeling there would be a monster who was able to use a lower ultimate god rank technique gathered among all the masters in the Whirling World. I can’t believe I saw one so quickly!”

“It’s unbelievable. We thought he was a weakling with a damaged brain, but he‘s practically a god among us!”

Due to what David said, the viewing area was completely bustling. Compared to how excited everyone was, however, the expressions of the Unbreaking Pavilion’s disciples were all sullen as if they were at a family funeral.

The inner disciple from before looked at the massive scroll in the air helplessly. After a long time, he slowly said, “What kind of misfortune have we brought on ourselves? A lower ultimate god rank technique? That’s not something to be played around with. Can we even deal with it?”

Another inner disciple next to him said, “Of course we can’t. Unless we attack him with great numbers, it won’t be a problem for him to deal with us one or two at a time…”

“Even if we attacked him in a group, he can use the laws of space that he mastered to escape. We‘d be the ones in danger!”

The one sitting in the middle of the disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion was their leader, a chosen disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion. At that moment, his face was just as sunken as the others as if he had lost his whole family in a single night.

He frowned and thought about it for a while. “Let’s stop discussing this. We should hurry and report the news. After Grayson learns about it, he’ll definitely make the best decision. Then, we’ll just have to follow his orders!”

Back in the isolated space…

David’s corpse slowly got colder as time passed. Four hours after Jackie left, Chris arrived.

When he saw the lifeless body, he thought that the corpse might, again, be Jackie. However, he was stunned when he landed. No matter how he thought about it, he would never have guessed that the person who died was David!

Chris frowned as he hurried over. With a wipe, he noticed that David’s corpse had already gone cold, much to his surprise. Even though only one person would survive the isolated space, David should not have died so quickly after entering the slaughter gambit with his skills.

Chris had assumed David would have been one of the last ones standing, one that he would battle and win against. Even Edward might not have the skills to kill David!

For David to have died so early into the match…

It made Chris have doubts.

Chris knelt and observed David’s corpse. After his study, Chris was surprised to notice that David had died just like Luther did. There was no trace of any injuries caused by weapons on the corpse, and the soul had been torn apart.

From the attacks, the person who killed Luther and David should be the same person. When he realized that, Chris’ expression changed.

He frowned as various thoughts surfaced in his head. That mysterious warrior had not just been capable of killing Luther, but David as well. This meant that the person’s skills should at least be at his level!

Chapter 3182
He could not believe that an expert like that was hidden among the 10, but who was it?

Why had he failed to sense that person before?

Chris had a certain level of understanding of Edward. From the attacks, the two of them had not died to Edward.

Who was this, then?

How did this person hide everything so well that even Chris failed to notice?

At that moment, Chris was no longer in the mood to care about Jackie. The first thing he needed to do was to find this person before making his plans. He could leave the others aside for the moment, but this person had to die.

He could not leave this person to live on. If he did, unforeseen surprises might happen!

Chris‘ eyebrows furrowed tightly as his expression soured. He had thought that winning the slaughter gambit would be incredibly easy, but it seemed like he had been too optimistic.

He took a deep breath as he looked up. The clear skies had no clouds in them, and everything looked incredibly peaceful. However, he knew that the slaughter had already begun. If he did not want to die to that mysterious person, he had to make his moves carefully.

At the junction between the jungle and desert regions…

A dense forest was to the east, while to the west was an endless wasteland. The border was clearly defined, making for a magnificent sight. However, there were two people in there at that moment in no mood to admire the scenery at all.

Trevor frowned as he stared at Marco Reus in front of him unblinkingly.

Marco was truly a daredevil. He had no background and relied on himself to get to where he was. When he looked at Trevor, who was from a high-grade clan, Marco was filled with disgust.

He hated these so-called masters who grew up in a life of luxury. He felt that true growth only came from experiencing life and death, walking at the edge of danger.

Even if he knew that someone as strong as Chris was taking part in the slaughter gambit, he did not back down. Chris was strong, but Marco was no weakling either.

With a trick or two, Marco stood a chance to win in the end. As long as he could win, he would not only be able to greatly benefit from it, but win the applause of everyone as well. He would gain the admiration of everyone and gain irreplaceable glory!


Trevor might have a serious expression, but he was not too worried. He knew the person in front of him. Both of them came from White Marsh Continent, and he had heard of Marco’s name before.

When Trevor saw that Marco was looking at him in disdain, Trevor’s expression soured. Being looked down on by a wandering warrior was a massive insult.

Trevor snorted coldly. “Are you looking at me with that expression because you think I’m not that highly ranked? Are you looking down on me because my odds aren’t good?”

Hearing that, Trevor himself started to get angry. Marco was just a wandering warrior with no background.

How dare Marco look at him with those eyes? It was a joke!

Marco snorted before he said, “I am looking down on you? Yes! There‘s nothing about you that’s worth my notice. Even though you’re from the Pentagram Clan, you’re only in the top fifteen at most. Among the ten warriors here, you’re only average at most. Of course I’d look down on you!”

Chapter 3183
Those words triggered Trevor.

He was downright furious as he narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice, “Even a wandering warrior like you dares to look down on me? True, my rankings aren’t as good as the others, but that’s something from half a year ago, and I’ve already improved greatly since then. I wouldn’t even be afraid of David, let alone you!”

“If you were Chris, I wouldn’t have said anything, but who do you think you are to look down on me? I’m already being very polite by not regarding you with contempt, but I can’t believe you’d repay my kindness like that!”

Marco frowned and sneered, his anger starting to burn as his lips twitched slightly. “Don’t think you can defeat me just because you’re from a high-grade clan! Ever since I started as a warrior, I’ve killed so many so-called masters…”

“They might be talented, but their practical combat experience was dirt-poor. These daggers in my hands have drunk the blood of quite a few masters, and you’ll be one of them!”

As he said that, he took out a pair of daggers from his storage ring, two of them were only about the size of a palm. They were small but incredibly sharp, quite different from regular weapons.

Normally, very few people used daggers as weapons since there were a lot of limitations. However, Marco had an affinity for using daggers and was very adept at using them as well.

He laughed and said, “You so-called masters always look at others with such arrogant expressions. Everytime I see you, I feel so disgusted. What gives you the right to be so arrogant? You’re just warriors who got good resources…”

“Clans are like landlords in the mortal realm. You take up most of the resources and give them to your own disciples. Us wandering warriors are forced to struggle over what little remains, yet there are a lot of wandering warriors who carve a path for themselves with their own skills. If clans weren‘t around, all of you would be weaklings!”

Trevor was so furious that his lips trembled as he said loudly, “What kind of nonsense are you saying? Yes, clans do take a lot of resources, but that allows them to cultivate even more talented warriors.”

“If you had the talent, you would’ve been accepted into a large clan. You clearly just failed the tests to enter the larger clans and aren’t willing to enter a smaller clan at the same time, that’s why you’re a wandering warrior. Yet, you make up all this faulty logic to defend yourself. What a joke!”

Trevor felt like Marco’s words were a complete joke.

Major clans did take a lot of the resources, but that was so that they could give excellent warriors the chance to become strong.

Every year, countless warriors participated in the tests to join the major clans. Any warriors with confidence in themselves would take part. Even though he did not know what Marco had gone through, Trevor was still incredibly certain of one thing: Marco had definitely taken part in the tests for major clans before but failed.

That was why Marco had carved out all those excuses to save his dignity.

Marco’s expression soured greatly. Trevor’s words had hit him where it hurt. He narrowed his eyes slightly as he sentenced Trevor to death in his heart.

He raised his voice and said loudly, “Do you know what the consequences of your words will be?”

“I’ve always had an easy time killing others, and anyone who provokes me never gets a good ending. I’ll make you regret what you said!”

Trevor’s expression did not change, those words barely fazed him, too. He pulled out his sword from his storage ring.

Marco wanted to kill him, and he, likewise, wanted to kill him as well.

Chapter 3184
Marco’s words had thoroughly angered Trevor, and they both regarded each other as mortal enemies internally.

The atmosphere suddenly grew tense as if they were both ready to attack at the next moment.

At that moment, footsteps were suddenly heard in the distance. The two of them paused at the same time as they turned and looked over. They saw a man in green robes walking over towards them slowly.

That person seemed incredibly calm as if he was admiring the sights. When Trevor saw who it was, his expression suddenly changed.

His lips twitched as his head filled with anger. “So it’s you, Jackie! I can’t believe you came looking for me before I even found you. It looks like you really want to die by my hands!”

When Jackie heard that, his lips curled up in an easygoing smile.

Trevor was right this time, Jackie really was looking for him. Before entering the slaughter gambit, Jackie had already planned on dealing with Trevor himself.

Trevor stared at Jackie with gritted teeth.

All their grudges from before this surfaced in his mind, causing Trevor to hate Jackie to the bone. Ethan had died at Jackie’s hands, which meant that Trevor would be punished by the higher-ups.

This was why he had followed Jackie into the slaughter gambit. When Trevor saw the other participants, he started to hate Jackie even more. Because of Jackie, he had been too angry to even remember checking who the other participants were, which landed him in such a dangerous predicament.

After seeing Jackie, Trevor’s hands shook as his true energy surged chaotically. Even the Polaris Sword in his hand started to hum. It was obvious that his anger was quickly eroding his rationality.

Marco narrowed his eyes before a chuckle escaped him.

“You really are a madman, always acting out of expectations. I guess you’re here for Trevor?”

“Even if I look down on Trevor, I still have to admit that Trevor isn’t as weak as you are. You looking for him here will just hasten your death. That’s fine, though, at least you won’t fall into Chris’ hands. You know how much he hates you, and you’ll only suffer unnecessarily if you walk into his hands.”

Hearing the two of them speak, Jackie merely smiled as he looked at them calmly.

The noise in the viewing area quieted down, but when they saw that Jackie had found Trevor, the peace vanished instantaneously.

When they heard Trevor’s words, they could not help but shake their heads internally. They could already see what kind of fate awaited Trevor.

Before this, two other people had said similar things to Jackie, yet both of their corpses had gone cold at this point.

Trevor’ s grudge against Jackie had already spread throughout the viewing area before they even entered the isolated space. They knew that Trevor had participated in the slaughter gambit because he wanted to settle their score in the isolated space.

A warrior from White Marsh Continent shook his head slightly and spoke, “I thought that the two of them were just impulsive idiots, but it seems like Trevor is the only impulsive idiot. Jackie, on the other hand, participated in the slaughter gambit because he had the skills to!”

“There really are surprises everywhere. If someone told me before the slaughter gambit that Jackie has the skills to win in the end, I would’ve called them an idiot.”

“Isn’t that right? You’re not the only one who thinks that way. Everyone here thought that initially. The only thing I can say is that we really shouldn‘t be too quick to cast judgment on others.”

Chapter 3185
“I truly regret not just taking the chance and betting on Jackie back then. A warrior with a lower ultimate god rank technique. Other than Chris, no one has the right to face him!”

“I pity Trevor a little. He must be thinking that he’ll be able to squash Jackie like an ant and that his actions are driven by a mad mind. He’ll soon realize how laughable those thoughts are!”

“I’m beginning to feel bad for him. With Jackie’s temper, there‘s no way Jackie will let Trevor off easy. I’m certain that he’ll torture Trevor for even longer than he tortured David.”

No one had anything to say about that thought either. Unless Trevor was using a lower ultimate god rank technique as well, he stood no chance.

Everyone already knew the results of that fight.

The ones with the most complicated emotions at that moment were the other disciples of the Pentagram Clan. Evan and the others were still at the gambling area. Not a single person had left the viewing area, so there was no space for them there at all. All they could do was stand on their toes to watch what was transmitted on the scroll.

When they saw Jackie appearing in front of Trevor, Evan and the others felt a chill in their hearts. It was then did they realize how much of a joke their various actions were.

Back then, they felt like everything Jackie did was hilarious, but they realized that Jackie was not the fool in this story but they were.

They had actually made an enemy out of such an outstanding master. They were the ones who were unlucky!

At that moment, Evan felt his tears pooling in his eyes. He really wanted to rush into the isolated space to tell Trevor not to say anything and to run away. At least then Trevor might be able to stay alive.

If Jackie ended up fighting against Chris, Trevor might be able to find an opportunity and get out alive, but only one result awaited Trevor if he faced Jackie!

Evan‘s breathing got more erratic as he started to pale. The disciples behind him had similar expressions to Evan, and they were starting to lose hope.

An inner disciple from the Pentagram Clan said, “How did it get to this? Why is Jackie so strong? Isn’t he an alchemist? Where did he get so much time to learn everything?! This is unbelievable! Am I dreaming? I have to be!”

Evan glared at him viciously after hearing what he said. “What kind of nonsense are you saying? This isn’t a dream. Just pinch yourself and you’ll know!”

The inner disciple‘s lips twitched awkwardly. “It’s all too hard to believe! Could Ethan have been wrong? Maybe the Jackie he met before isn’t this one…”

“Whatever, just shut up!” Evan was already trembling in anger.

“Is this the time to say all of that? Rather than thinking about all of this, why don’t you think about how we’re going to report this to the main team when we meet them?!”

Evan and Trevor were both chosen disciples. With Trevor missing, he was the leader of the team.

At that moment, Evan was no longer hopeful. There was a very high chance that Trevor might never come back. Even when he was filled with pain, he needed to think about what he would do after this.

Trevor and Ethan were both extraordinary disciples. With both of them dead, it was quite a big blow to the disciples on the Pentagram Clan in the Whirling World.

At that moment, they needed a long discussion if they would seek Jackie for revenge or forget about it. After all, they were not in the outside world.

Going against a master like Jackie would have big consequences even if they had so many of them around!

At that moment, a familiar voice was heard, “I thought that Trevor would ‘ve been killed by someone else before met Jackie. It seems like Trevor is quite lucky. He didn’t even encounter a single battle after so many hours and managed to survive this long!”


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