No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3176 – 3180

Chapter 3176
The moment that was said, rumbling thunder reverberated across the sky. It was as if the sky itself was about to be split open by the thunder.

The six wings on David’s back started to move faster and faster. Countless runes were released from the wings, heading toward the Thunder God Wing. The thunder started to take a reddish-gold color.

With David at the center, faint electricity currents surged at about 60 meters around him. They seeped into David’s intense killing intent, and it made for an awe-inspiring sight.

Jackie took a deep breath as he adopted a relaxed expression. Even after that final attack, Jackie still planned on testing himself.

At that moment, he adjusted Destroying the Void to the second level.

The first level used 10 Soul Swords, the second used 50, and the third used 100 of them. Jackie had condensed 60 Soul Swords, enough to be at the second level.

The two of them looked up at the same time. Looking at David suspended mid-air, Jackie aimed to break that so-called Winged Thunder God Possession.

With a crackle, a 15-meter-long thunderbolt shot right at Jackie.

He frowned as he jumped into battle again, rushing toward the thunderbolt. He let out a roar as he slashed his sword.

The gray slash looked like a crescent blade in the night. It went at a speed invisible to the naked eye as it aimed toward the massive thunderbolt.

After that, intense crackling sounds could be heard. The spot Jackie was at was already covered in the golden glow. Everything happened so abruptly that the spectators could barely catch on and predict the outcome!

At that moment, a gray slash the size of a fist broke through the golden light and quickly sped toward David‘s chest.

David had already spent all his energy at that point and was in a very weakened state. When he saw the slash flying at him, he suddenly panicked. However, his battle instincts kicked in swiftly, and he managed to evade the attack.

Yet, Jackie had already imbued the laws of space into that slash. Despite the fact that the slash was still 15 meters away from David, it appeared right in front of him in just a flash.

David let out a cry as he frantically tried to avoid it. At that moment, he shuddered as he cried out. However, it was all too late.

With a thud, he saw the gray-colored slash piercing his heart. The intense pain caused his whole body to stiffen. After that, he lost all sense of reasoning as he fell from the air, much like Luther did. He plummeted to the ground and was evidently incapacitated beyond relief.

Jackie landed back on the ground as well. He looked on as David writhed on the ground in pain just like Luther had. Sure enough, most people reacted the same way when it came to pain in the soul.

The pain completely burned away all sense of reasoning. He was no longer even able to use the true energy in his body, which caused him to drop to the ground from the air.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. Even the power of 60 Soul Swords could not be underestimated. It really was an upper ultimate god rank technique. Against such a technique, upper earth-rank techniques were nothing.

The Winged Thunder God Possession?

A fancy name it was, but it posed no threat at all to Jackie.

Jackie let out a laugh as he slowly walked toward David.

He controlled the power within David’s body, ensuring that Destroying the Void slowly consumed David‘s soul.

He still remembered what David had told him in the waiting area. David had said that he would slowly torture Jackie to the point he understood the difference between their powers.

Jackie remembered everything David said, and it was time for him to pay the price.

The situation was completely different from what David had said. Jackie was the hand that dealt judgment instead, and David slowly understood the immense difference between them.

Chapter 3177
David spasmed in agony as his snot and tears stained his whole face. He no longer carried the same demeanor as he did before.

It led everyone to sigh.

The warriors in the viewing area once again fell silent. No one could say anything about the result.

It did not matter if they had supported Jackie or if they had thought that he would lose. After witnessing everything that had happened, not a word came from them.

David had said that he had a trump card, but the warriors there did not react too much to what he said. After all, they felt like Jackie would also have a trump card as well. Now that they saw the trump cards of both sides, they could not remain calm.

David had sent out his strongest attack, and Jackie had faced it calmly. The results far exceeded their expectations. Jackie had easily dealt with David’s strongest attack, winning the battle!

All this while, Jackie barely reacted against such a powerful attack, too. There was no difference from when he faced Luther!

A disciple from the Chaos Continent gulped and said, ” Jackie’s far too strong! I don’t even think he has shown us everything. He might still be able to be even stronger…”

“That explains why Jackie acted so calm the whole time, he’s been holding back. Even David’s strongest attack was beneath his notice!”

“That’s right! He’s too strong! I don’t even know if Chris would be stronger than him. Before this, I thought that Jackie wouldn’t be able to compare to Chris even if he’s somewhat skilled, but now, I think I may stand corrected!”

” Jackie didn’t participate in the slaughter gambit because there was something wrong with his head or because he was ignorant. He really does have the skills to stand against Chris!”

“This fight was so entertaining, and I had a good time watching it. I’m really looking forward to Jackie’s fight with Chris now. It’s going to be entertaining for sure! It’s just a pity that my one and a-half million spirit crystals have gone down the drain. I shouldn’t have bet on David. I’m regretting it so much!”

Most of the warriors there had bet on either Chris, Edward, or David. After all, the three of them were recognized as the strongest.

Just thinking about Jackie’s incredibly high odds, they deeply regretted their actions. With the odds being so good, they would have gotten back over three million even if they had just bet half a million!

A lot of them were filled with regret, and the ones who regretted it the most were the warriors of Hestia.

Back then, the warriors of the White Marsh Continent and Chaos Continent had been fighting so hard to prove that Chris or Edward was stronger.

To stand up for a warrior from their own continent, they had bet their spirit crystals on someone from the same continent. The warriors of Hestia should have done the same, betting on Jackie in solidarity, yet they had thought that he was an embarrassment instead. They even wanted to say that he was not one of them!

Thus, all of them had bet on warriors from other worlds, but as they saw Jackie’s skills, they deeply regretted their actions. They wanted to slap themselves in the face!

It was all too little, too late. They were forced to silently lament everything. If they had placed two million on Jackie earlier, they would have gotten at least 17 million once the slaughter gambit ended.

Just thinking about that large sum made them excited. Alas, there was no cure for regret in the world.

Chapter 3178
In the isolated space, Jackie calmly looked on as David writhed on the ground in pain.

He thought of how arrogant David had been before they entered the isolated space, and the memory only amused him.

Warriors like David loved to render their judgment on others so that they would be able to show how much more talented they were compared to everyone else.

Every time he bumped into someone like that, Jackie would want nothing to do with them. However, people like them would be relentless if he ignored them, and they would do everything they could to make him admit that they were more talented than him. Just because of that, they would form a grudge against him.

Jackie let out a laugh as he felt Destroying the Void consuming David’s soul.

At that moment, David’s soul had already been mostly consumed. At this rate, David was at death’s door already.

He still had some things to say, so Jackie formed a seal and stopped Destroying the Void’s power within David’s body, causing it to dissipate. David slowly regained his sanity.

David was already on the brink of death at that point. He only had a few breaths left in him.

He opened his eyes with great difficulty and saw Jackie standing next to him. The first thing he did was to use his divine senses on his own body, which caused him to notice that only a third of his soul was left.

He realized that he did not have much time left.

No wonder Jackie stopped. Even at the end of his life, he was still deeply afraid of the pain. If he knew that he would not need to bear the pain much longer, he was still terrified. That was because the pain of his soul being torn apart was far too difficult to bear.

He would rather die than suffer the pain again. He gulped as his entire body shuddered.

His lips trembled as he feebly spoke, “Just let me die… I admit defeat!”

David no longer cared about his honor or dignity at that point, having discarded them at this point. The pain in his soul had caused him to toss aside his dignity as someone strong.

Jackie let out a laugh. “Then kneel in front of me right now, beg me for mercy like what you said I’d do before this. If you do that, I can consider letting you off.”

David‘s face stiffened and paled. His eyes were completely red, and he felt like he was about to go crazy.

Jackie wanted him to kneel and beg him!

Earlier, he did put his honor aside by admitting defeat, but that did not mean he had discarded everything. If he was to kneel and beg Jackie for mercy on the spot, it would completely shatter whatever honor he had left.

David felt like he would not be able to do that, even if he died, he would not do it.

David looked around him. Even though there was nothing around, David knew very well that all the warriors in the viewing area must be staring at him and Jackie with widened eyes.

If he did so, it would be him tarnishing the Frenzied Blade Clan’s reputation before he died. He could dishonor himself, but he could not dishonor his clan!

For the sake of dying a quick death, he would be forced to kneel in front of his opponent. The opponent was even from Hestia, a place that he had always looked down upon!

He panted roughly, already at the brink of collapse. He was deeply afraid of the pain of his soul being ripped apart, but he could still not bring himself to cross that line.

Various emotions surfaced in his heart, and David suddenly felt something up his throat. He spat out a mouthful of blood and coughed intensely as his whole body trembled.

Chapter 3179
Jackie looked at David, who was on the brink of death, and suddenly let out a laugh. “Do you still remember what I told you before?”

David coughed violently as he looked up slowly after hearing Jackie’s words, his expression muddled with conflict.

Jackie did not wait for David to answer as he continued, “I told you that I’d make you repeat everything you said after entering the isolated space. I kept you alive instead of continuing to torture you to death precisely for this!”

He slowly bent his knee as he spoke, staring right into David’s eyes. He looked on and said, “You said I was too arrogant, that a mere alchemist could never dare to challenge you. You said I didn‘t know my place and that you’d show me, through your actions, the gap between the two of us. Do you remember all that?”

Jackie was unperturbed when he spoke as if he was talking about what he had for dinner.

David’s lips twitched as he could not stop himself from thinking about what had happened in the waiting area.

He had held himself to such a high standard and treated Jackie like he was worthless.

To him, Jackie was nothing more than a joke. Yet that joke was torturing him to extremity at that moment. Even if he did everything he could, he was still no match for Jackie.

David’s whole body shook, and even the muscles on his face started to twist.

Jackie continued, “You said that there’s a gulf between the two of us. Can you please explain to me what the gulf is?”

“You even told me I didn’t know how strong true experts are. Can you please explain to me right now how strong they are? I really do not know.”

Hearing that, David’s breathing got even more erratic as his pale face slowly turned red. He felt like he was completely humiliated.

Hearing those words again made it look like he was being unbelievably arrogant. He wanted to defend himself, but he did not know what to say.

Jackie’s words had naturally spread to the ears of the warriors in the viewing area. Hearing that, the warriors could not stop themselves from sighing.

Before entering the isolated space, Jackie’s conversation with David had been spread all around the viewing area, and none believed in Jackie.

How the tables have turned. He had looked down upon everyone else because he did have the right to do so.

There truly was a gulf between Jackie and David, but it was Jackie who had the higher ground while David was merely dirt on the ground.

A wandering warrior in the viewing area could not help but shake his head and say, “This world really is full of surprises. I can’t believe David was the conceited one! It’s true after all that no one should ever be underestimated!”

A warrior of high status next to him said, “I always knew something was wrong with Jackie. By that, I don’t mean he’s a lunatic, but his actions are just far too strange.”

“Made our conclusions about him far too quickly, and we didn’t know anything about him, so he felt like everything he said was too much of a joke. However, I feel like anyone sane would not have done anything so absurd without a reason.”

“That’s why I felt like Jackie was hiding something. Now, it seems my guess is correct. However, he didn’t really hide anything, it’s just that I never imagined the truth!”

Chapter 3180
Before this, someone said that Jackie was an alchemist without any background. Could a wandering warrior really reach his heights? Not only is his alchemy exceptional, but his prowess is extraordinary too. He’s no regular guy. Jackie can’t be a mere wandering warrior!”

After that person said that, the wandering warriors around him shot back.

“Please don’t mindlessly speculate. Just because you think it’s impossible, doesn’t mean others can’t do it. So what if he’s a wandering warrior? Are wandering warriors not allowed to be masters?”

“There are plenty of hidden masters among wandering warriors. Are disciples from high-grade clans the only ones allowed to be masters? I hate ignorant fools who like to assume things like you!”

The viewing area was filled with arguments, while David was barely holding on to his final thread in the isolated space. He had no response to what Jackie had said. He only felt like he was incredibly humiliating, and that he was a complete joke.

David slowly raised his head and said loudly, “Are you using a lower ultimate god rank technique?!”

Jackie was taken aback by his words. He never expected that David would say that after all he had said.

Jackie raised an eyebrow and laughed as he said, “Why do you say that?”

David took a deep breath before he summoned up the last of his remaining strength, “I’m no idiot… I felt how strong your technique was when I clashed with you…”

“I lost, and I’m willing to accept that, but I’m sure that even if I‘d perfected my Thunder Destroys All, I still wouldn’t be a match for you! That won’t be the case if your technique is the same level as mine… That’s why I’m sure that you’re using a technique higher than earth rank!”

After he said that, he laughed at himself, “I can’t believe I mocked a master among masters. After all this humiliation, I accept that I was ignorant.”

After he said that, the soul in David’s body could no longer hold on. It dissipated completely. With a thud, David fell to the ground, and he breathed his last.

Jackie merely chuckled. He knew that David did not need his answer, but David still guessed wrong, even if the answer was very close.

Destroying the Void was not a lower ultimate god rank technique, but a higher one.

Jackie shook his head slightly before he shot one last look at David’s corpse. After that, he turned around and headed in another direction.

The image of a person flashed in Jackie’s mind. The next person he needed to deal with was that person!

The isolated space was silent once again, but the viewing area had erupted with noises. David’s final words ignited the emotions of all the warriors in the viewing area.

After someone heard David‘s words, they said, “What did David say? Jackie’s using a lower ultimate god rank technique? Do my ears deceive me? A lower ultimate god rank technique?”

“You heard right. If you hadn’t, there’s no way the viewing area would be in such an uproar. It was a lower ultimate god rank technique!”

“David seemed very sure of himself when he said that as well. He was dying anyway, so there was no reason to fool around. What David said after that seemed logical as well. I feel like Jackie has definitely used a lower ultimate god rank technique!”

“What?! Is it true? I refuse to believe ultimate god rank techniques would be so easy to learn. Even divine solidifying realm experts might not be able to learn them! Jackie’s not even over sixty years of age, so can he really compare to someone in the divine solidifying realm?”


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