No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3171 – 3175

Chapter 3171
Jackie turned around and headed back to the ground, standing firmly.

At that moment, David was already stunned. He looked at Jackie in disbelief.

It was then did David realize that Jackie did not just know how to use the laws of space. Jackie was actually not weak either.

Otherwise, how could Jackie have split open his attack?!

David’s lips trembled slightly as his expression stiffened. When he realized the fact, he was naturally not very willing to accept it However, he was still forced to!

David gulped as his expression darkened. He glared at Jackie through clenched teeth.

After a long time, he finally spoke, “So you’re actually not that weak. Were you just putting on an act the whole time?”

Jackie was speechless after he heard that.

He had never tried to put on an act. He had even told all of them quite firmly that they were no match for him. Yet, they

always refused to listen. They felt like Jackie’s words were a joke. They did not believe him nor accept what he said.

Now that they saw the truth, they ended up accusing him of faking everything. Jackie was incredibly exasperated at that moment, not knowing what to say.

After a long time, Jackie finally spoke, “What is wrong with your heads? Tell me, when have I ever put on an act? In the waiting area, I answered everything you asked me honestly, you were the one who refused to believe it.”

David replied furiously, “Aren’t you an alchemist?! How could an alchemist possess skills like that? What else could it be other than you putting on an act?!”

Jackie let out a laugh before he took out his sixth-grade alchemist badge from Mustard Seed.

He lifted the badge and shook it around, “Look closely! I’ve never put on an act. I really am an alchemist. I’m not just a sixth-grade alchemist either. Are alchemists not allowed to fight?”

David’s lips stiffened when he saw the sixth-grade alchemist badge and he gaped slightly.

He felt like something was stuck in his throat. He was unable to say anything. Upon closer inspection, David was sure that the badge was real.

It really was a sixth-grade alchemist’s badge. Even though they were from different worlds, the patterns and seals on alchemist badges were the same. There was no way to falsify it, and Jackie’s name was even on it.

David’s lips twitched as he struggled to find something to say. It was clear that Jackie was not lying. It was just that they misjudged Jackie because they were too stuck on their own impressions. However, they could not really be blamed for that.

In the first place, Jackie was from Hestia Continent. Just that alone would have invited them to look down on him.

Secondly, Jackie was an alchemist.

Whether it was in Hestia Continent, Chaos Continent, or White Marsh Continent, it was practically impossible for alchemists to be strong when it came to combat. That was common knowledge!

Alchemists usually put all their thoughts and focus on alchemy.

How could they have time to practice fighting?

If an alchemist was stronger than warriors that dedicated themselves to combat, it would be unreasonable!

Yet, everything that he had seen that day had shattered David’s preconceptions! Even if he hated Jackie, he still had to accept that truth. The viewing area once again exploded in an uproar thanks to Jackie.

Jackie had faced David head-on, and actually did not lose. They had also seen that the slash still had some power to it after breaking through the thunder.

However, it had just consumed too much energy to hold on to its form, causing it to disperse in the air. None of the warriors there realized that Jackie had been the one to disperse the slash.

Chapter 3172
Jackie had done that earlier to trick those who were watching his battle. He wanted everyone to think that the slash had expended all its energy and dispersed in the air instead of him dispersing it.

After all, if the truth was revealed, there would be no reason to continue the fight.

David was completely stiff. He remained floating in the air, but his eyes started to lose their calm for the first time. They quickly reddened as he started to look like a ghost that just climbed out of hell.

His lips constantly twitched, and he seemed like he was constantly burning with intense rage. He stared at Jackie viciously, wanting to curse at Jackie, but not able to find a reason.

All those things he had said to insult Jackie before this had suddenly lost their meaning.

Jackie was not trash, but a warrior that could stand on an even footing against him. Jackie was not just an alchemist, but a warrior that could rival him.

He could not help but place Jackie in the rankings of the Frenzied Blade Clan. Based on what Jackie had shown thus far, Jackie would at least be in the top ten!

Just thinking about that caused David’s face to twist. All of that had completely shattered his prior experiences.

When were alchemists ever able to do all that?

Since when did alchemists end up being at the same level as him in combat?

The more David thought about it, the angrier David got. He really wanted to just slice Jackie up, but it was not that easy!

He composed himself for a long time before he widened his eyes and said, “Even if you weren’t lying, you still intentionally put on an act before. You wanted to mislead us so you would be able to shock us at times like this. You really are full of tricks. I’ve never met a warrior as dishonorable as you before!”

Jackie’s lips twitched in exasperation when he heard that. Even if he did not lie, he was still putting on an act.

Jackie snorted, “You’ve already completely muddled up the truth. Since I didn’t lie, how was I putting on an act? You’ve already been completely blinded by your hatred. You refused to acknowledge my skills, insisting on blaming me…”

“Why can’t you just admit that you were blind? I’ve never hidden anything from anyone, it was just you who had thought that my actions were crazy. After that, you even constantly ridiculed me in the waiting area, saying that you’d show me your skills…”

As he said that, Jackie let out a laugh.

He looked at David coldly, “Well, I’ve seen your skills now. It’s nothing special!”

David was absolutely furious. His face started to swell in anger as he clenched his teeth, “Don’t think that you can win just because you were capable of facing me head-on. I still have some tricks up my sleeve. Don’t get too excited!”

David had said all of that through clenched teeth. It was obvious how angered he was.

They were facing each other in the isolated space, and outside the isolated space, the viewing area was in an uproar.

The fight was constantly changing, and their mood was with it. It started with everyone thinking they would be evenly matched to them siding with Jackie after seeing Jackie use the laws of space.

After that, they saw that David had suppressed Jackie’s technique, and the odds seemed to be in David’s favor. The situation had been overturned yet again. After experiencing everything, all of them were incredibly excited!

“Oh my! This is entertaining! I thought that Jackie rushing at the thunder would have been his last move! Yet, he was actually able to face that attack head-on without any fear!”

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Chapter 3173
“You can’t blame us for being so excited. Even David himself was shocked. Just look at his expression. He clearly doesn’t want to accept the truth…”

“He finally realized that Jackie’s no pushover. Jackie won’t just focus on running away. Jackie’s skills are equal to his. Even with the advantage in attributes, Jackie managed to face one of his attacks without any fear!”

“That’s right. I feel like David ‘s just barely holding on. His mental state is probably already in complete disarray!”

“His face is already starting to turn purple. He must be suffering inside!”

As they said that, quite a few of them shook their heads helplessly, even starting to sympathize with David. After all, David had not seen Jackie’s duel with Luther earlier.

David had always felt like Jackie was just an ant that he could kill at any time. Yet, the ant had turned into a phoenix. Even he could not really face Jackie.

Would that not mess with his head?

“If I was David, I probably would not be able to keep it in! I’d go crazy with anger. After all, he’s ridiculed Jackie so much, but it turns out he was just the one who had been blind. Jackie really is strong, and he looks like a complete clown now!”

That person hit all the right points. Quite a few people agreed with him.

David’s expression was so sour at that moment probably because he was remembering everything he had said before. All of those words had come back to slap him in the face.

Jackie really did have the skills to not be afraid of everyone there, the others were just ignorant!

Those discussions turned into the main topic of conversation, causing quite a few people to lose their calm.

The ones from the Purple Cloud Pavilion and the Frenzied Blade Clan were the primary ones affected. After all, Jackie’s conflicts with Chris and the others had been seen by everyone. Their conversations in the waiting area had been spread everywhere too.

During that time, not a single person regarded Jackie nicely. In truth, nothing would have happened if no words were spoken, but Chris, Edward, David, and the others kept on ridiculing Jackie. They made Jackie seem completely useless.

Now that Jackie had proven his skills, everything they had said before this seemed like a complete joke. The disciples from their clans could obviously not remain calm.

One of the inner disciples from the Purple Cloud Pavilion said, “Before the conclusion, you shouldn’t be in such a hurry to praise him! This guy is a bit skilled, but so what? He’ll just die in the end anyway. His appearance just caused us some surprise!”

A warrior from Hestia Continent heard that and immediately countered, “Can you not be so stubborn? Even with what Jackie’ s currently shown, even Chris would need to think twice about facing him. The final victor isn’t certain yet! Best to watch what you’re saying right now because once the final results are out, those words might end up slapping you in the face!”

One of the inner disciples of the Frenzied Blade Clan said with a sour look, “Stop being so reactionary. Jackie is strong, but he’s not strong enough that he can ignore everyone. This is just the start. There are still many battles waiting for him!”

Chapter 3174
“It’s still early in the game. Don’t make conclusions so early. No matter what you say, we won’t believe you! You warriors from the Hestia Continent really are quite amusing. After so long, someone like Jackie finally appeared. All of you suddenly seem so proud of yourselves!”

The warriors from Hestia Continent were thoroughly angered by those words. They were not willing to just accept it and shouted back loudly.

“So what if we’re proud? Jackie is strong. Is there anything wrong with being proud of that? Do you remember how all of you seemed so proud of yourselves when you looked down on us?”

“Didn’t you act like that because you have some very strong warriors from your worlds? Now, look at how you’re acting. Are you the only one allowed to be proud? Who do you think you are?”

The tension in the viewing area was immense.

The warriors from all three worlds did not like each other. Those warriors wanted nothing more than to gather themselves to go against the warriors from the other worlds.

The place had lost control of itself!

At that moment, the ones feeling the most frustrated in the viewing area were the disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion of Hestia Continent.

Their disciples naturally knew who Jackie was.

Grayson had issued an order to capture Jackie alive no matter what. Yet, with what was happening in front of them, they were suddenly at a loss for what to do. Jackie’s skills had exceeded any of their expectations. If Jackie really managed to survive, his fame would soar. Then, many forces would throw olive branches at Jackie.

If that happened, it would become much harder to deal with Jackie. Yet, Grayson had issued a firm order. If they did not complete it, they would have to take responsibility!

An inner disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion clenched his teeth and said, “Why does it have to be Jackie?! The Unbreaking Pavilion must just be fated to have trouble with Jackie. Ever since we met Jackie, our troubles have never ceased…”

“First, so many of our men died in that level nine city. After that, So many things happened in Thousand Leaves City and Prosper City. We’ve never managed to gain anything from all of them. If he survives this, the Unbreaking Pavilion might end up being targeted by Jackie. It would be a big problem if that happens!”

A chosen disciple next to that man frowned and said, “You’re worrying too much. Even if he wants to deal with our clan, he’s just one man… We have so many men, why would we be afraid? As long as all of us remain united, he would have no chance to do anything to us!”

The inner disciple sighed as he looked at the chosen disciple, “I’m not trying to praise him at our own expense. It’s rarely a good idea to offend someone as talented and strong as Jackie.”

“You’re right, he’s alone, while the Unbreaking Pavilion has strength in numbers. However, that also means he has much more freedom! If he gets the chance to ambush our disciples, a lot of us will die!”

Those words were the crucial points of the conversation.

Just like that inner disciple said, the Unbreaking Pavilion had the advantage of numbers, but it also meant that they were not as flexible. Jackie was too strong.

If Jackie encountered any stray disciples, there would only be one result!

Over a long time, a numbers advantage would be useless. They would need to gather all the disciples together to stop Jackie from getting these chances.

After the disciples around him heard that analysis, all of them started to frown. It was definitely a problem they would have to face, and it was a serious enough problem that their lives were at stake.

Chapter 3175
After thinking about it for a long time, the chosen disciple said, “Let’s not jump into things too quickly. The slaughter gambit is still on. Jackie might not be able to leave this alive. There’s still one problem for him. Chris is very strong. It won‘t be easy for him to kill Chris!”

In the isolated space, David finally calmed down after a long mental struggle.

No matter how much he hated Jackie, he still needed to deal with what was in front of him. He had to kill Jackie, or the consequences would be horrible!

David took a deep breath before he raised his chin and said, “Aren’t you feeling pleased with yourself? You think that you can win just because you faced one attack from me. Let me tell you, it’s impossible!”

“I haven’t even shown you my last and strongest attack. I was planning on leaving it for Chris, but surprises always happen. I actually need to use it on you!”

After saying that, David’s whole body glowed brightly.

Everyone heard a shriek as six wings suddenly appeared behind David. Those wings glowed intensely, making him look like a god.

David formed seal after seal, and the wings constantly danced. Thunder constantly jumped around those wings! David’s aura had changed. His sharp eyes were actually glowing purple.

He looked like a massive current himself, glowing brightly in the air.

He said loudly, “This is called the Wingest Thunder God Possession. It’s the strongest attack I can use! It’s also the second strongest attack within Thunder Destroys All!”

“Prepare to receive my anger, Jackie. You’ll definitely not be able to stand up to this! Even Chris would need to retreat and avoid facing it head-on, let alone you, whose skills are countered!”

Jackie’s lips twitched after hearing that.

He laughed and said, “You just love to brag so much! What do you think Chris would do if he heard what you said? Would he try to avoid facing you head-on after hearing that?”

Sure enough, Jackie was always able to strike David where it hurt. David was absolutely furious, wanting to rip Jackie apart. His hatred was already at its peak!

He already decided that he would even burn his blood essence if he could not kill Jackie with this move. After all, it was survival of the fittest within the isolated space. Even if he had to pay for it with his life, he would make sure Jackie died with him.

At that moment, David had already been driven completely crazy by Jackie. He was like Blade form before, willing to even discard his own life!

Jackie did not know what David was thinking, but it would not make a difference anyway. If David wanted to hurt himself, they would see if he could last!

Jackie took a deep breath, forming many seals with his hands.

Sixty Soul Swords suddenly appeared in front of Jackie. Those Soul Swords glowed dimly, like an arrow show out of hell. It was obvious they were dense with soul energy!

Jackie said loudly, “Come! I want to taste how strong your technique is. However, let me remind you, this is my last attack too.”

David glared at Jackie hatefully. He shouted out, “Brat, I’ll kill you!”


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