No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3166 – 3170

Chapter 3166
Even though David was nothing in Jackie’s eyes, each battle was still a chance for him to improve himself.

Jackie’s skills had already improved quite a bit, but he lacked experience. Hence, every time he met an opponent that was on the strong side, he would hold back, not giving up the chance to train himself!

After David rose into the air, he stopped. He looked down at Jackie with a cold smile, “Brat! You’ll find out what happens when you offend me soon!”

Jackie could not stop himself from rolling his eyes after he heard that. Even now, David was still intent on wasting time.

Jackie could not be bothered to entertain him. He merely stood in place like an unmoving willow.

After feeling Jackie’s gaze, David frowned. He clenched his teeth as he looked at Jackie, not saying anything else!

He let out an angry roar as he started to form seals with his hands again. The Thunder God Ring let out an intense glow, so bright that it forced people to shut their eyes.

They heard a loud crackling sound as a ray of thunder shot right at Jackie. Jackie hurriedly retreated, avoiding the strike!

David’s lips curled up in disdain as he said, “You managed to avoid the first one, but you can’t avoid the rest! Since you managed to avoid one thunderbolt, how about ten!”

After he said that, ten thunderbolts shout out with a boom, shooting right at Jackie again. Those ten bolts took up a large area, and they charged over incredibly quickly! Unless Jackie had a speed technique, there was no way Jackie would be able to avoid it!

At that moment, the warriors in the viewing area all held their breaths! If Jackie could not avoid it, he would definitely get injured from that attack!

Jackie activated the laws of space. When the thunder was only three feet away from him, Jackie disappeared from the spot, appearing two hundred feet away!

Right after that, a huge boom was heard. The spot Jackie was previously at, turned into a massive crater after being damaged by the thunderbolts!

David was stunned at the sight.

He had thought that he would be able to deal with Jackie in one blow. Yet, Jackie had actually managed to avoid it.

David came from the eighth-grade clan, the Frenzied Blade Clan. Even if he was not as high-ranked as Chris was in the Purple Cloud Pavilion, his skills were still regarded highly.

David immediately recognized that Jackie had used the laws of space.

He frowned as he coldly said, “I can’t believe you actually know how to use the laws of space!”

Jackie smiled lightly, not bothering David at all. In his eyes, being able to use the laws of space was something incredibly normal, but David did not seem to think so.

Jackie knew that David never regarded him as normal from the start!

The laws of space were something only masters could wield. David thought that Jackie did not have the right to use them at all!

The warriors in the viewing area were in an uproar again. They had witnessed Jackie’s skills before and had thought that his skills would be around David’s level.

They never expected that Jackie was able to use the laws of space. Even if it was just a minute, it was still far stronger than most warriors.

Chapter 3167
Even talented warriors were not able to master the laws of space after many years of training, yet Jackie could actually use some of it. He was even able to use the laws of space to avoid David‘s attack!

” Jackie’s skills far exceed my expectations. I thought he already revealed his strongest techniques to us, but it was just a small part! Jackie’s too strong!”

“It looks like Jackie actually has a decent chance of winning. After all, with the laws of space, he’ll be able to use it to get close to David as long as he manages to avoid David’s long-range attacks! He would be able to launch a sudden attack that David won’t be able to stop!”

“Now I’m sure that Jackie will win! Even if it’s just a small part of the laws of space, as long as he uses it well, he’ll be able to seize the initiative! It doesn’t matter if the two of them are about equal in strength, but as long as Jackie constantly avoids and dodges David‘s attacks, David‘s true energy will be spent eventually. Then, David will just be a fish on the chopping board!”

“What’s the point of his attribute countering Jackie’s? His technique is too amazing. David’s definitely in a rough position. If this continues, this might turn into a war of attrition.”

“If it becomes a prolonged battle, it would be a death sentence to David! After all, David’s Thunder Destroys All uses up a lot of true energy each time he attacks!”

The disciples of the Frenzied Blade Clan could not take it when anyone said that David would definitely lose.

One of the inner disciples said loudly, “What do you know?! Stop trying to curse David. Do you think David doesn’t know what you’re saying? Do you think he‘ll let Jackie keep on avoiding his attacks and use up his true energy? Anyone who can say something like that clearly lacks experience with combat!”

Everyone had their own things to say. The viewing area went into an uproar once again.

David did not know that arguments had broken out because of them since he was in an isolated space.

At that moment, he had electricity in his eyes as he coldly looked at Jackie, “No wonder you dared to act so arrogantly in front of us, saying you’re not afraid of anyone. It’s because you mastered a bit of the law of space so you can avoid my attacks!”

After he said that, David let out a cold laugh as he said with disdain, “That’s a naive thought! So what if you’ve mastered the laws of space? It’ll only let you run. If you can run, can’t I just stop you from running? Don’t think it’ll be that easy!”

Jackie looked up and said calmly, “I’m not the one thinking things will be too easy, but you.”

David’ s lips twitched as he was rendered speechless.

He found that he had no way of guessing what Jackie was thinking no matter what. He felt like Jackie kept on surprising him more and more.

David narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, “I know how you’re planning on winning. Aren’t you planning on using the laws of space to constantly avoid my attacks and expend my true energy?”

“Then, you’ll wait until my energy is spent before you attack, right?”

Jackie’s lips twitched as he shook his head seriously.

He had never thought of doing that. He used the laws of space just because he wanted to see how strong David’s attack was, but David seemed to make his own conclusions!

David did not know what Jackie was thinking. He merely looked at Jackie’s calm demeanor and got even angrier.

Jackie always looked like he did not care, as if anything that happened around him would not affect him at all.

David hated seeing Jackie like that. He narrowed his eyes as he formed seal after seal again, fusing the seals with the Thunder God Ring.

Chapter 3168
Suddenly, the Thunder God Ring glowed a lot more vibrantly. Many more thunderbolts shot out.

This time, Jackie was already prepared. After the thunderbolts shot out, he fixed his gaze right on them, preparing to avoid them at any moment. However, Jackie was surprised when the thunderbolts did not head for him at all, but the air around him.

After some crackling noises, countless thunderbolts struck his surroundings.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as surprise flashed on his face.

What was David trying to do?

As Jackie was feeling confused about it, he was shocked to realize that the area where the thunderbolts struck had countless small currents around them.

Those currents did not disappear immediately and instead seemed to linger in the air. Thunder constantly struck, and in just a moment, their surroundings were completely surrounded by currents!

David had a smile on his face as he shouted again, “Let’s see how you avoid it now!”

The moment he said that Jackie understood what was happening. He frowned as he activated the laws of space again.

This time, it was not as smooth as usual. When he activated the laws of space, the small web-like currents were stuck in space.

The space that Jackie could use had a lot of electricity stuck in it. Jackie let out a low roar as he activated all his true energy to summon up all the laws of space he could control.

The space that was filled with electricity was incredibly hard to move in. When Jackie appeared again, he was only thirty feet away from his earlier position.

With Jackie’s mastery of the laws of space, he would have been able to move at least two hundred feet in one go if the electric currents had not interfered. However, the currents present greatly affected Jackie’s use of the laws of space. Even after giving everything he had, he was only able to move three hundred feet!

His ability to avoid any attacks had been greatly diminished.

“Hahaha,” A string of laughter came from the air.

Jackie looked up to see David incredibly pleased with himself.

David said loudly, “Are you panicking now? I have already told you. Those meager skills of yours aren’t even worth mentioning in front of me. Did you think that you’re invincible just because you know how to use the laws of space a little? I still have my ways to deal with you!”

“If you have mastered the laws of space to a level worth nothing, I really might not be able to do anything to you. However, you only know a tiny bit of it! I just needed to use a few of my skills, and you’re already captured in my net! Let’s see how you’ll avoid my attacks now!”

Seeing that, the discussions in the viewing area changed again.

A lot of the warriors from the Chaos Continent felt like they could finally breathe sighs of relief.

Those ignorant fools from the Hestia Continent had talked down on David so much for their own pride. It was the warriors from the Chaos Continent’s turn to have something to say.

The warriors from Chaos Continent started to speak loudly.

Chapter 3169
“Did you all hear that? That’s the gulf between them! So what if he knew how to use the laws of space a little? In front of true masters, it’s all for naught! David has a way to overcome anything Jackie can throw at him! Even if Jackie has some skills, he won’t be able to escape David’s grasp!”

“Without the laws of space, Jackie will have to face David’s attacks head-on. The countering of attributes isn‘t something that can just be played around with. Jackie is in trouble now!”

” Jackie’s plans have all gone up in smoke. His movement has been confined to thirty feet. He won’t be able to completely avoid David’s attacks. Looking at him, it probably took a great deal of effort for him to even move that far.”

“The true energy he needs to use the laws of space is probably now comparable to what David needs. Even if he wants to deplete David’s true energy, his own energy is depleting too! His plans have been foiled! I just wonder how long Jackie will be able to take David head-on.”

The warriors all felt like Jackie’s chances of winning were not that high at that point.

They felt like he probably only stood a twenty or thirty percent chance of winning. Unless Jackie still had other trump cards, Jackie would definitely lose. He might not die, but he won’t be able to avoid heavy injuries.

One of the disciples from the Frenzied Blade Clan said loudly, “Let’s see how much he wants to brag now! He completely looked down on everyone before this. He really deserves a proper beating! Now, David will be able to deal with him properly. There’s no way he’ll get to be that arrogant now! It would be best if he could be dealt with in one go. I don’t want to see his arrogance anymore!”

After he said that, a lot of the warriors of Hestia Continent were quite unhappy.

The warriors from Hestia Continent had felt that Jackie’s actions had been humiliating because they did not know how strong Jackie was before.

They had thought that Jackie participating in the slaughter gambit would only embarrass them. However, Jackie had used his skills to change their minds.

Jackie had suddenly become Hestia Continent’s biggest hope!

Jackie being insulted by the disciples of the Frenzied Blade Clan made the warriors from Hestia Continent quite unhappy, “The results are yet to be seen, so stop bragging! Even if it’s a bad matchup in terms of attributes, if Jackie manages to perform normally, it’s still impossible to tell who’s weaker! Jackie might still have some trump cards. David is no match for him at all!”

An inner disciple from the Frenzied Blade Clan countered, “What trump card? How could he have a trump card? Even if Jackie does have more trump cards, do you think David doesn’t? Jackie can’t win because he can’t win, there’s no need to argue about it anymore”.

“Even though the match hasn’t ended, the results are plain for everyone to see! Jackie will definitely lose. If you’re free to help Jackie argue, shouldn‘t you be praying for Jackie to not die from this instead? Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous for Jackie!”

David was so happy at that moment that his smile reached his ears.

When he saw Jackie frown, he was happier than if he picked up a million spirit crystals on the street. He was already quite familiar with Jackie’s temperament at that point. Jackie was really good at acting.

No matter what others said or what happened, Jackie was able to act like he did not care. Even though he was excellent at acting, Jackie actually started to frown, revealing his inner worries.

David guessed that Jackie must be incredibly terrified at that moment!

He was probably incredibly worried that he would lose and be tortured until he died. David was already dreaming about how Jackie would look as he kneels on the ground and begged for mercy.

That would feel great. He would definitely pay back for all the anger Jackie had caused him. Jackie would definitely be tortured!

At that moment, other than a slight frown, Jackie did not reveal much emotion.

He had not frowned because he was afraid that he would lose. Instead, it was just the first time he was not able to easily use the laws of space. His opponents before this had all not really reacted to this technique.

Chapter 3170
It was the first time Jackie had encountered anyone who could restrict his laws of space.

The fact that David could do it probably meant that Chris and Edward had their own ways as well! It looked like he would need to leave the laws of space for crucial moments in the future. He could not let his opponent’s know of his abilities!

David narrowed his eyes before he started to form seals once again. He was eagerly looking forward to Jackie kneeling and pleading to him. He did not want to waste any time as his seals fused into the Thunder God Ring again!

The Thunder God Ring glowed as ten more thunderbolts were shot at Jackie!

The sounds of thunder resounded in his ears, and Jackie knew that he could no longer avoid them. He was forced to face it head-on!

He let out a sigh before he formed seal after seal, condensing forty Soul Swords in the air.

When he faced Luther, Jackie had not held back and formed a hundred Soul Swords to kill Luther immediately. However, he did not want to do that at that moment. David’s skills were quite a bit better than Luther’s.

To Jackie, David was quite a good whetstone to sharpen his battle experience. That was why he merely formed forty Soul Swords. He wanted to see what the result would be if he only used the first stage of Destroying the Void!

This place was different from before. Forty Soul Swords in the outside world was different from within the Whirling World.

After all, the Whirling World restricted everyone’s abilities. Everyone had been restricted to the late stage of the innate realm. Back then, he had needed to use his techniques to make up for the difference in power.

Yet, everyone was on the same level there. It was a true test of technique against technique. He wanted to see what the results would be when a technique at the second stage of the upper earth rank went against an upper ultimate god rank technique.

With that in mind, he shot forward and rushed right at the thunder!

Quite a few of them widened their mouths in shock when they saw what happened.

Was Jackie crazy?

He was rushing right into the thunder.

Was he not afraid of being burnt alive?

Soul attribute techniques were naturally bad against thunder attribute techniques. Hence, Jackie’s techniques were already handicapped. Even if Jackie was strong, the warriors in the viewing area all felt like Jackie was definitely going to lose!

He was definitely no match for David in a head-on fight. He was looking to die!

When David saw Jackie rushing forward, he laughed as he shouted, “Since you want to die, I’ll grant you your wish!”

Jackie never cared about what his opponents had to say. His eyes were only looking at the thunder. He let out a shout, and forty Soul Swords condensed into one massive one, fusing into Jackie’s sword.

With a slash, the sword clashed with the vibrant thunder. Everyone merely heard a boom as the two attacks clashed violently against each other.

Waves and waves of energy were pouring out. At that moment, everyone’s eyes were widened. Even if the light was incredibly bright, hurting their eyes, they were still not willing to avert their gaze. They were worried they would miss out on any detail.

After some crackling noises, the gray slash sliced the thunderbolts in half!

The gray slash had noticeably lost a portion of its power, but it still raced toward David!

Jackie raised an eyebrow. It was just like he thought. The power of an upper ultimate god rank technique was not to be challenged. It was a whole level apart. Even if Jackie only used the first level, the result was obvious for everyone to see!

He let out a sigh as he changed his mind. He controlled the slash that was flying in the air and made it dissipate.

It was still not time for the final strike. He did not want it to end so quickly.


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