No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3161 – 3165

Chapter 3161
Jackie let out a slight laugh as he stood still on the spot.

His actions surprised David even more. He snorted, “So you weren’t just being stubborn. You actually think you’re capable of standing up to my strength!”

David was quite close to Jackie at that moment.

With that distance, Jackie would definitely not be able to escape if David did not want him to. Even with things already as they were, Jackie still planted himself on the spot, not moving. It seemed like Jackie really was confident in himself.

David’s lips twitched in exasperation, staring at Jackie like he was a complete idiot, “I’ve never seen an alchemist like you before. Even if you’re bursting with confidence, you should have a bit of common sense. You’ve put all your time into alchemy, so where did you get the skills to fight against me?”

The spectators in the viewing area fell into silence again. When they saw that David was the one who appeared, all of them shut their mouths.

David had even said that he would have Jackie begging for mercy.

The warriors in the viewing area all had complicated expressions on their faces. If they had not personally witnessed Jackie’s skills, they would definitely have felt some pity for Jackie.

David was definitely not a kind person.

Before they entered the isolated space, the conflict between the two of them was already incredibly heated.

The warriors at the viewing area knew that the two of them would have already attacked each other in the waiting area if not for the laws. Now that the two of them met, David would definitely do everything he could to torture Jackie!

Yet, they knew very well that David probably did not have the skills to be able to torture Jackie. The victor was not even certain!

They could somewhat guess that David should already be at the second stage of his technique, so he was stronger than Luther. Yet, there was no way he was that much stronger. Compared to David, Jackie might even be at an advantage.

At that moment, even the warriors from Chaos Continent were not that confident in David being able to win. The disciples from the Frenzied Blade Clan were all incredibly nervous.

They really wanted to tell David that Jackie was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They wanted to warn him against underestimating Jackie. Furthermore, everything about Jackie was incredibly strange. No one knew what Jackie was hiding.

The disciples of the Frenzied Blade Clan even felt like it might be better for David to meet Edward instead. That was because David at least knew of Edward’s skills, but Jackie had disguised himself far too well.

Practically everyone was fooled!

However, David did not know how worried his fellow disciples were for him at all. He only felt like he had hit the Jackiepot at that moment. He was even already starting to plan out how he would torture Jackie. He would first cripple Jackie before using poison and whips on Jackie.

Jackie would suffer all sorts of pain, and when Jackie was about to die, he would give Jackie some recovery pills. He would not let Jackie die so easily, or he would not have enough fun!

Those ideas all surfaced in David’s mind. His smile got wider and wider.

Ever since he met David, Jackie’s expression did not change that much at all. When David arrived in front of him, Jackie calmly took his sword out of Mustard Seed.

Jackie had not reacted to everything David had said at all. He had even calmly pulled out his own weapon to face him. This caused David to feel like he had been challenged.

David’s lips twitched before he said, “Brat, you never fail to surprise me! Every time I see you, I feel like beating you up. The fact that you’re still alive is a miracle!”

Chapter 3162
After Jackie heard all of that, he just felt like David was getting more and more annoying. Every time he met David, David could not stop talking.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he gripped the sword in his palm.

“Why do you talk so much every time? You’re not annoyed by it, but others are.”

David’s lips twitched as his face turned red in anger, “Brat! I’ve been nice to you, but you are constantly challenging me. Do you think that this is the waiting area? Do you think the rules will stop me from attacking you?!”

“Open your eyes and look around. This is an isolated space. The only thing you’ll get from provoking me is me torturing you longer!”

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly before he looked at David and replied, “There was someone before you who wasted a lot of time talking before as well. However, I didn’t have any past conflicts with him, so I let him off in the end…”

“You’re different, we’ve had too many conflicts. I won’t be so kind to you now that you’re in front of me!” Jackie said all of that in an incredibly casual manner.

David frowned in confusion.

He snorted before he said, “Are you crazy? Do you know what you’re saying? Don’t tell me you’ve already killed someone else before coming here?”

Jackie nodded, admitting to it honestly.

After David saw Jackie nod, he started to laugh out loud, as if he had heard a huge job.

He reached out and pointed at Jackie as he laughed, “It looks like there really is something wrong with your head. Are you hallucinating? You managed to kill someone? Who do you think you are? You’re a mere alchemist. How could you possibly kill any of the ten participants?”

Jackie let out a laugh, saying nonchalantly, “I’ll be kind this time. No matter what you say, I’ll answer you honestly. Not a single one of the participants is a match for me…”

“Other than Chris and Edward, killing the others will be incredibly easy! You’ll just end up dying after being tortured!”

After he heard that, David’s laughter got even more exaggerated. He felt like Jackie’s head really had been hit a few times too much for Jackie to say something so absurd.

Did Jackie think he was in the divine solidifying realm?

He actually said that the other participants were no match for him!

Did he think he was Chris?

Even Chris would not have said something like that!

David laughed maniacally within the isolated space, but the warriors in the viewing area were all silent. Looking at how exaggerated David was laughing, all of them had conflicted expressions on their faces. The more David laughed, the more clueless they felt David was.

Someone said helplessly, “David will regret this. I feel like Jackie is actually being honest with everything he said, and he might actually be able to do it. If David falls to Jackie, Jackie won’t let David off easily…”

“I can even imagine how David will be tortured. He‘ll definitely pay for everything he said!”

“Poor David. He probably won’t be able to accept that Jackie is stronger than him even in his final moments!”

The warriors from Chaos Continent started to discuss everything excitedly after they heard that.

The warriors from the Chaos Continent said loudly, “Oh please, the two of them haven’t even started fighting yet. We still don’t know who’s stronger and weaker, but you’ve already determined that David is no match for Jackie? Jackie has some skills, but compared to David, he should be an even match at most!”

“I feel like it’s probably not that bad. Jackie’s just exaggerating things. just listen to what he says. Other than himself, the other participants are no match for him at all? Who does he think he is? Does he think he’s better than Chris?”

Chapter 3163
” Jackie is strong, but Chris is not weak either! Unless he’s already completely mastered an upper earth rank technique, there’s no way he can do this!”

“I feel like Jackie really believes what he said, but it doesn‘t mean that he can actually do it. It’s because Jackie doesn’t know how strong the others are at all…”

“He’s so clueless that he‘s actually confident in himself. Jackie comes from Hestia Continent. They were sealed off by a strange power, isolating them from other worlds…”

“If it wasn’t for the Whirling World, they wouldn’t be able to meet the warriors from other worlds at all. So, Jackie doesn’t know how strong the warriors from the other worlds are at all!”

“I feel like that’s quite reasonable. I think so too. Jackie’s just saying that because he’s too ignorant! David should be about equal to him in strength…”

“There’s no way he’ll end the fight in one attack like last time. Luther had been stuck in a bottleneck with his technique anyway. That’s why Luther lost so quickly!”

The inner disciples of the Frenzied Blade Clan felt like their fellow disciple was being insulted, so they stood up and loudly shouted, “David uses a lightning attribute technique. If I’m not mistaken, Jackie probably uses a soul attribute technique!”

“Lightning attribute techniques are a natural counter to soul attribute techniques. Without that in play, the two of them might be even in terms of strength, but David’s technique counters Jackie’s. It’s very unlikely that Jackie will be able to win!”

“So that’s the case… David uses a lightning attribute technique. If so, then Jackie’s chances of winning should be thirty to forty percent at most. However, David will probably not be able to kill Jackie. He’ll probably just be able to heavily injured Jackie at most!”

“You’re right, that’s probably what’s going to happen. No matter what, we can‘t deny Jackie’s skills. Jackie might actually be able to win in the end…”

The discussions could not be taken back. Some people started to regret that they had not bet their spirit crystals on Jackie!

Jackie’s odds were the highest among everyone there. If Jackie was actually lucky enough to win, then those who bet on him would have hit the Jackiepot!

“I think you’re going too far there. Jackie might be strong, but his chances of winning, in the end, are minuscule. In my eyes, it’s absolutely impossible!”

“Chris and Edward aren’t the only ones who are strong. David is quite strong as well. Let’s look at what happens before we say anything else! I feel like there’s a good chance that David will just kill Jackie right here!”

Most of the warriors there might have acknowledged Jackie’s skills, but they still did not think that Jackie would be able to beat Chris in the end and obtain victory!

No matter how intense the discussions outside were, the two of them in the isolated space were not affected at all.

David was incredibly pleased with himself, feeling like he was incredibly fortunate to have met Jackie. However, there really was something wrong with Jackie’s head.

What Jackie said was too hilarious!

Jackie actually thought that he was unbeatable. Even a chosen disciple from the ninth-grade clan would not have dared to be as arrogant as Jackie. It was as if no one in the Whirling World was a match for him.

Jackie coldly stared at David, “Are you done wasting time? If you are, let’s start!”

After saying that, Jackie started to form seals. A hundred Soul Swords suddenly appeared in the air.

David immediately recognized that Jackie was using a soul attribute technique.

After seeing that scene, David laughed again, “You’re actually using a soul attribute technique. You’ll suffer even more now!”

Chapter 3164
After saying that, David retrieved a purplish-gold ring of thunder from his storage.

David waved the ring in front of Jackie and said, “Do you know what this is? An ignorant warrior like you probably doesn’t know what this is at all. You probably don‘t even know that ring-shaped weapons exist!”

Jackie’s lips twitched.

It was already the second time Jackie had seen a weapon like that. Even though he had not been in Middle Province for that long, he knew that weapons like that were not rare.

David felt like Hestia Continent was a completely rural countryside that had nothing. The weapons they regularly saw were probably weapons that the warriors of Hestia Continent had never seen before.

The viewing area outside of the isolated space was in a bit of an uproar thanks to what David said.

The warriors of Hestia Continent were so angry that some of them even started to curse at him on the spot, “Ignorant fool! What’s so special about ring weapons? It’s everywhere in Hestia Continent! He’s talking as if Hestia Continent has nothing at all!”

“That‘s right. So what if he came from Chaos Continent? He doesn’t know how to do anything other than speaking blindly!”

The warriors of the Chaos Continent immediately quarreled with the warriors from Hestia Continent in defense of David, “Is there anything wrong with calling all of you ignorant?”

“For so many years, all of you have lived in a closed-off world. You don‘t know how vast the outside world is at all!”

“That’s right, I feel like David is right. The only way we even met here is because Hestia Continent, Chaos Continent, and White Marsh Continent were on equal footing when the Whirling World was first created!”

“After so many years, Hestia Continent was sealed off the whole time. Your standards have fallen far behind ours. Can’t you even understand that? Don’t talk as if Hestia Continent is incredibly strong. Just look at this slaughter gambit. Of the ten participants, Jackie’s the only one from Hestia Continent! Doesn’t that prove how weak you are?”

Hestia Continent had fallen behind the other two worlds for various reasons.

That was something the warriors of Hestia Continent did not and could not deny. However, David mocked Jackie and said that Jackie could not even recognize ring weapons.

That crossed the line because ring weapons were not rare. Even if Hestia Continent had been sealed off for many years, they were not far behind to that degree.

David’s words were a direct insult to the whole of Hestia Continent, so how could Hestia Continent’s warriors accept that?

In the isolated space, Jackie coldly stared at David. He looked at the snide look on David’s face, and could naturally hear what David was implying.

He snorted and said, “I can’t believe you’re so ignorant. Do you really think a ring weapon is a rare weapon? These things are everywhere in Hestia Continent, but I can’t believe you think it’s rare. You’re really expanding my horizons here!”

Those words caused David’s face to turn red. That pride he felt was suddenly completely deflated.

The warriors from Hestia Continent got excited in the viewing area after hearing that. Some of them even started to clap!

Someone loudly shouted, ” Jackie is right! David’s the one who’s short-sighted. He actually thinks something that’s found everywhere is rare. Who’s the ignorant one now?”

Chapter 3165
After the warriors of Chaos Continent heard what Jackie said, their expressions soured.

They looked at the warriors from Hestia Continent who had gotten excited thanks to Jackie’s words and really wanted to say something. However, they could not find anything to say at all, because it was impossible to counter Jackie’s words!

David started to pant loudly in the isolated space, “Brat, you’re still constantly trying to challenge me. Don’t forget, this isn’t the waiting area. We’re already in an isolated space. Don’t you know how bad things will end for you if you continue?”

Jackie snorted, “Then attack me. We’ve been stuck with you wasting time here. Are you done with your nonsense? If you are, then hurry up and attack. I don’t want to waste any more time on you.”

The moment he said that, David’s temper soared even more. Both his hands trembled as he clenched the ring in his hand tightly, “Very good. Since you want to die so badly, I’ll give you what you want!”

David shook the ring in his hand, and lightning started to ripple around the ring, letting out a crackling sound.

David looked at the ring and said, “This is something I spent a lot of money to buy from a master craftsman. It’s been with me for a long time, and a lot of warriors have died to the Thunder God Ring!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, so the ring was actually called the Thunder God Ring.

The name sounded like it was unbeatable. It was obvious that the name was given to make himself look better.

Even though Jackie did not know what the materials used to make the Thunder God Ring was, David was still someone who was not even in the divine solidifying realm in the end. He was just a young master.

There was no way the Thunder God Ring had been crafted with anything exceptionally expensive. Among the young warriors, the Thunder God Ring might be expensive, but when it came to the whole third-grade world, it was probably just average.

The Thunder God Ring was an incredibly exaggerated name!

Jackie said helplessly, “Aren’t you afraid that you can’t live up to the name? The Thunder God Ring? How arrogant!”

David raised an eyebrow nonchalantly, “I named it the Thunder God Ring because I’ll truly become the god of thunder in Chaos Continent eventually. You can’t begin to imagine my future accomplishments. It’s not wrong to name it that!”

“My technique is called Thunder Destroys All! Using the Thunder God Ring, the technique will be greatly enhanced! I thought that Chris would have found you before me, and I wouldn’t have had the chance to show you how strong my technique is…”

“I can’t believe fate brought us together to let you die in my hands. I’ll let you see what Thunder Destroys All is, and what an upper earth rank technique is!”

The moment he said that David’s hands started to move rapidly, forming seal after seal. The Thunder God Ring was like a beast with its mouth wide open, absorbing all of the seals within and starting to glow vibrantly.

The crackling thunder got even louder. Even the surroundings were stained in its glow. David’s feet slowly left the ground, and streaks of thunder started to emit from his body, resonating with the Thunder God Ring in his hand.

At that moment, David was already a man made of thunder that was glowing brightly. His whole body was surrounded by purple lightning!

Jackie raised an eyebrow, standing in place and not moving. Even though he asked David not to waste time, he was actually in no hurry to end the fight.


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