No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3160

Chapter 3160
“What is this?” gasped Chris as his eyes widened.

It was able to rot his senses. That was too strange!

He muttered, “Divine senses are part of the soul. This power is actually able to rot the soul. Could it be poison?”

He was immensely curious, so he sent out his divine senses again. This time, he did not dare to be as careless as the last time. He carefully controlled his senses, avoiding the mysterious power that was left in Luther’s body.

After moving around for a long time, Chris was shocked to find that two-thirds of Luther’s soul had been devoured, and only a third of his soul was left in his body. After a person died, their soul usually slowly dispersed in three days.

Chris had checked Luther’s temperature earlier. Based on the heat, he had probably died not too long ago. In such a short time, if Luther’s soul had not been affected by any outside influences, it should still be wholly within Luther’s body. Even if Luther died, his soul would have slowly dispersed in three days.

There was no way only a third of the soul would be left like what Chris saw. The third of Luther’s soul was in disarray as well. It meant that Luther suffered an attack targeting the soul…

“What a strange attack. Who did it? It can’t be Edward… He uses wood-attribute techniques, far different from this strange energy! Who was it?

“Was it David, then? No, that can’t be… Could there have been a hidden expert among the other few?”

Thinking about that, Chris frowned as alarm bells rang in his mind.

He slowly got up and walked around with an alert expression in his eyes. He looked around the desolate wasteland, but it seemed like no one else had been here.

There was nothing to obstruct his view around him. If anyone was close, they would not have been able to hide from Chris’ eyes.

Nonetheless, he remained vigilant. After all, the energy that had attacked Luther was far too strange.

He gritted his teeth and hissed, “No matter who it is, they’ll just die if they meet me!”

After saying that, he turned around and randomly chose a direction to head to. He left the cold corpse behind in the wasteland.

After two hours, Jackie stopped his movements. He was in a hilly area that was dense with grass, and the hills obstructed most of the view.

A breeze blew past, causing the wild grass to move slightly and rustle.

If they were not in an isolated space full of people who wanted to kill him, Jackie would probably have found a comfortable spot to lie down and rest.

The scenery was beautiful with the gentle breeze. It would be even better if there was a bit of rain.

At that moment, he suddenly heard the sound of a shoe brushing against grass from a distance. Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked over.

After a moment, he saw a familiar figure.

David was walking around calmly and slowly approaching him.

When David saw that Jackie was standing in the distance, David was stunned for a moment before he smiled. The smile threatened to split his face open.

“I heard a bit of rustling. Heh, it was you all along!” David said loudly.

He quickly rushed toward Jackie in delight as if he had found something amazing.

As he moved, he exclaimed, “I really am lucky! I was walking around for quite a long time, but I actually met you!”

“Do you still remember what I told you before we entered the isolated space? I’ll repeat it again. I’ll have you begging for mercy and regretting everything you said!”


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