No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3159

Chapter 3159
“He had been adamant in saying that he only lost because of Jackie’s tricks and that he was just unlucky. Why did he suddenly accept the truth just like that? What did he say to him? Someone tell me! I’m so curious!”

Jackie had lowered his voice when he knelt and spoke to him. This meant that Jackie had told Luther a secret, and it shocked Luther so badly that he accepted his fate after knowing it.

It was a drastic change. He even accepted Jackie’s ridicule. It meant that the secret must be incredible, enough for Luther to admit his defeat.

Because of that, everyone desperately wanted to know what was said, but they had not been there. No matter how they thought about it, they could not figure it out. All of them were frantically scratching their heads like monkeys.

In the isolated space, a man in light purple robes arrived just five minutes after Jackie left.

He shot over incredibly quickly. Chris had not stopped at all the whole way. He was worried that he would lose track of Jackie or that someone else would beat him to it.

Even from a distance, Chris could see someone lying down on the ground.

Before he could see who it was, he assumed that it was Jackie and thus cursed, “What dog killed my prey? They better not let me find out, or I‘ll tear them to shreds!”

Jackie had to die, but it had to be done with his hands to vent Jackie the hatred he felt.

Jackie’s earlier actions had not only stomped on his dignity but insulted his character as well. Even if Jackie was crazy, Chris would never forgive him!

He had said that he would make Jackie pay for it. He would let Jackie know the consequences of offending him. He wanted to see Jackie struggling to survive, only for him to fail.

He glared at the corpse lying on the ground as a string of curses left him. Someone had stolen his chance of killing Jackie. No wonder the mark he had left on Jackie slowly disappeared, Jackie was already killed off!

Without Jackie’s life to support it, the mark would slowly fade away.

It seemed like Jackie was unlucky and met someone else not long after arriving. There was no way anyone would spare Jackie if they saw him. It would not have taken long to kill him!

Thinking about that, Chris increased his speed as his mind raced.

Since they had left a corpse behind, he would be able to determine what kind of attack killed Jackie from the injuries. He would look for the person who had dared to steal his prey and have them pay dearly!

Chris was incredibly quick. He was constantly thinking about how he would check the corpse later. He did not notice anything strange until he arrived next to the corpse.

When he saw the somewhat unknown face of the corpse, he frowned.

“That’s… L-Luther?”

Luther had been the last participant, and there had been no conflicts between them, so Chris did not have a deep impression of him, only vaguely remembering his name.

This was Luther, not Jackie!

That had clearly been the last place he had felt Jackie.

He knelt to look at Luther’s corpse. Other than the fact that the clothes were somewhat ripped, there did not seem to be any injuries. It seemed like Luther had been killed in one blow. The person who killed him must be incredibly strong.

Was it Edward?

He did not expect Edward to be around the vicinity.

He shot out his perception of Luther‘s body. After checking it in detail, he could feel that strange energy was left in Luther’s body. The moment his senses touched that energy, it started to rot.

Chris was so shocked that he hurriedly pulled his senses back.


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