No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3158

Chapter 3158
Jackie slowly got up and looked down on the breathless Luther. “You don’t have the right to know.”

“I… I don’t have the right?” sneered Luther bitterly.

He remembered everything he had said earlier and felt like he was the buffoon all along.

If he had heard Jackie say anything like that in the past, Luther would have refused to acknowledge it angrily. At this moment, however, he had to.

After breathing out his last breath, he held on and said one last sentence, “You’re right, I really don’t have the right to know…”

The moment he said his last words, Luther coughed out some more blood. The moment the blood left his mouth, Luther lost his fight, falling to the ground heavily as he breathed his last.

Jackie shook his head slightly.

If Luther had not run into him, Luther might have been able to level up as he expected. Even if he still died in the end, he would at least be able to accomplish his dream. However, Jackie did not feel any pity, this was the fruit of his labor.

If Jackie had really been complete trash like Luther thought, it would have been him dead instead.

He looked around and saw that it was still a desolate wasteland around him. After thinking about it, he flew up into the air and chose a direction before he shot forward.

All of the warriors in the viewing area became visibly solemn.

Luther was dead.

Before this, they were even discussing if Luther could reach the next level with his technique and challenge Chris and Edward. They were even discussing how likely it was that Luther could win. However, everything was overturned in just a flash as Jackie struck him down, sparing him not a chance to fight back.

It caused a great stir among all the warriors there.

“Luther must‘ve regretted saying everything he did. If not for that verbal spat before the battle, Jackie probably wouldn’t have tortured him so much…”

“That’s true. His corpse is just left there. Jackie didn’t even bother burning it or burying it. It looks like Jackie isn’t that tolerant.”

“Have you ever seen any powerful person being nice? You should wake up. Jackie isn’t a crazy alchemist; he’s an expert who didn’t mind disguising himself. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s even stronger than David!”

More of them started to accept that Jackie’s skills were definitely not average.

They also started to understand why Jackie acted like he did before such as angering Chris, ignoring David, and being impolite to everyone. They had thought that Jackie only participated in the slaughter gambit because he was crazy.

At this moment, everyone felt that it was no longer that simple.

A wandering warrior from White Marsh Continent mumbled, “It just doesn’t add up. Why did Jackie deliberately whisper to Luther before he died? What did they say for Luther to react like that? Thinking of Luther’s expression… It’s just off…”

After that person said that, many of the warriors with similar doubts started to speak up.

“That’s true. Luther‘s final expression really was strange! He first refused to admit defeat and was in disbelief, but all of a sudden, his expression changed as though realizing something and accepting his fate.”

“What he said in the end doesn‘t make sense with his temperament either. Jackie said, and I quote, ‘didn’t have the right’, and Luther actually accepted it just like that?”


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