No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3157

Chapter 3157
Hearing all of that, Luther’s breathing grew erratic.

Blood oozed out of his mouth as he completely stiffened. He was already at the stage where he could die at any moment.

Jackie finished his words while Luther was still alive.

“Upper earth rank techniques are nothing to me because I’m using an upper ultimate god rank technique, Destroying the Void. It came from the first-grade world, the Divine Void World…”

Luther widened his eyes as he fell deep in shock.

After thinking for a while, he shook his head vigorously. “Nonsense! You… You’re lying! It’s impossible! It can’t be!”

Jackie laughed. “You’re about to die anyway. What’s the point of lying to you? Do you really think an upper earth rank technique would be able to take away control of your technique? You know very well that you didn‘t just lose control of the darkness, my technique devoured yours entirely!”

Luther’s lips trembled slightly as he shuddered. This time, he could not help but start to recount everything that had happened when he was facing Jackie.

Jackie was right after all. He did not slowly lose control of his technique, but it had instead been swallowed up by a massive power.

Thinking about it, his dark energy had probably been absorbed by Jackie’s technique and turned against him!

At that moment, Luther’s mind raced as various thoughts surfaced in his head.

What sort of technique would be able to swallow his like that?

He might not truly be using the power of life and death, but it still contained a sliver of it.

Normally, even if he lost, he should have lost because his opponent shattered his technique. It should not have been swallowed.

The fact that Jackie’s technique had swallowed his dark energy meant that the two attacks had the same source of energy. Otherwise, it would not have fused. It meant that Jackie’s technique was also of the soul attribute!

The power of darkness and the power of light cattle from life and death. Darkness represented death and was the soul attribute. On top of that, he had not felt any massive energy fluctuations when Jackie used his technique. There was only one explanation for that, which was that Jackie was using the soul attribute.

Only soul attribute techniques would have such weak energy fluctuations when used!

Luther’s expression soured as realization sank in. He paled as he thought about it emotionally.

The more he thought about it, the more he realized that Jackie was not lying.

Jackie truly was strong. Jackie was so strong that Luther could not believe it!

Jackie’s technique devouring him only meant one thing, his technique was so strong that his own technique stood no chance!

Luther’s breathing got more and more erratic as his eyes darted all over. He felt like his mind was about to explode. He felt like he was being boiled alive.

He wanted to just die on the spot!

He looked up as he straightened his body, trembling as he shouted with all his might, “Who… Who are you?! You… You’re not a normal person!”


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