No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3156

Chapter 3156
Luther looked at Jackie with gritted teeth as hatred oozed from his eyes. “No! It’s all because of your petty tricks. If I knew what you’re truly capable of, I would’ve been more defensive! Your skills wouldn’t have rendered me in a fatal state!”

“I can use that to improve myself, entering perfection with my technique! You wouldn’t last against me then, you’d die a horrible death! I just lacked a bit of luck and lost to you because of that!”

Jackie snorted, feeling like Luther was already in a state of complete incoherence.

Even with the state Luther was in, he still felt like he did not lose because of his skills but because of his rotten luck and someone else’s supposed disguise.

With how Jackie usually was, he was merely amused after hearing all of that.

He would not continue dwelling on the problem, because there was no meaning to it. However, Jackie was particularly annoyed that day.

He coldly looked Luther right in the eye and said in a low voice, “Guess… What level is the technique I’m using?”

Luther’s breathing got more erratic as he looked at Jackie. It was as if he could prove that he did not lose by doing that.

He narrowed his eyes and said with all his might, “Is there any need? It’s in the upper earth rank! If you… Managed to do that, you must already be at the second stage of mastery, right?!”

After he said that, Luther continued, “Why did you need to ask? Do you think that others can’t see it? Are you just trying to show off in front of me?”

In truth, Luther knew that Jackie was stronger than him, which was how he had lost so terribly.

After his dark energy had been pierced by the Soul Sword, he had completely lost control of it.

At that moment, he might have been panicking, but he still did everything he could to gain back control. Alas, it was all for naught.

He held onto his stubbornness partially because he did not want to see Jackie being too pleased. After all, he saw him as a madman who only knew how to brag the whole time. In the end, he realized that Jackie was not a madman at all but an expert pretending to be weak.

Luther could not accept the fact.

Another part of it was also because he kept on feeling like he would have been able to level up his technique if he managed to toe the line between life and death. The battle would have been more righteous!

Jackie laughed and said, “Brag? What’s there to brag about? Since you’re being so obstinate, I’ll just tell you…”

As he said that, Jackie deliberately stopped.

Jackie slowly knelt until he was incredibly close to Luther. He could even hear Luther’s weak breaths.

Jackie deliberately lowered his voice as he spoke, “I asked that question because it’s impossible for you to get the right answer. In my eyes, you‘re not even an ant. It’s so easy to kill you. Even if you manage to level up, nothing will change.”

Luther widened his reddened eyes as he retorted viciously, “You’re bragging!”

Jackie laughed as he sneered, “Why do I need to brag? When we fought, you were the one constantly shouting at me. I’m just saying all of that to expose you a little.”

“Do you know how amused I am listening to you speak? Even if you burned your blood essence and leveled up just now, you‘d still be no threat to me at all. Your technique is absolute trash!”


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