No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2911 – 2915

Chapter 2911
He hurriedly said, “No one you’ve faced so far is trash. The real trash is all still in its own small little places, not here. You’re already different from them. You’re on another level. All you need now is time. Trust me…”

Before he could finish speaking, more mockery could be heard. The person who spoke was Samuel. After Rudy’s results were out, he could not stop himself from laughing out loud.

The results deepened the negative perception of Rudy and Jack.

Rudy‘s results had been far too bad. It was not even comparable to the weakest among them. He had been completely unable to gain entry into the city himself. They had Rudy pinned as an alchemist that was from an insignificant place. They did not know how Jack was so confident. His follower was already so bad, but he actually said that he would pass perfectly.

Samuel maintained his smile and said, “Tell me, Jack. Who gave you all your confidence? How can you possibly think that you’ll pass perfectly? I think it would already be quite decent if you could get the same results as your follower. I’m even beginning to suspect that you’re not an alchemist at all. You might not even be able to complete ten pill runes.”

Gent did not even bother hiding anything, “You should be from an insignificant place. You should be proud if you can complete twenty seven pill runes.”

Initially, all of them thought that Jack came from somewhere amazing thanks to Jack‘s amazing strength. However, they could not find any chosen disciples called Jack after investigating the matter. In the end, the conclusion they arrived at was that Jack was not from anywhere notable. That was why they were not afraid to make a move on Jack and capture Jack alive to look into what secrets he held.

After they saw that Rudy only managed to complete twenty-seven pill runes, it reinforced their guess. The two of them must have been from some corner of the middle kingdom and did not really know much.

Jack was probably so strong just because he had been incredibly lucky, and managed to gain the inheritance of some hero.

There were certain amazing heroes that failed to find anyone to inherit their skills, so they would find a secluded place before they died and leave behind their most valuable treasures and techniques. They would hope that someone would find it and inherit their techniques. Jack must have found some hero’s inheritance. That was why he was so strong. That was also the reason the higher-ups wanted to capture Jack alive. After capturing Jack, they would torture and interrogate Jack to see if they could gain anything from him.

Jack grabbed Rudy‘s shoulders and raised his voice, “Don’t be sad. There’s nothing to be sad about. As long as you have enough time, you’ll trample over all those who laughed at you.”

After that, Jack turned around, ignoring everyone as he walked to the end of the line, queuing up to take the test. There were some things that were pointless to be said.

Seeing Jack said nothing and going to queue up, the alchemists looked at him with an even more amused gaze. Coincidentally, there were also two people in front of Jack.

The two of them had already seen that the large group had a grudge against Jack. Even if the two of them did not know the details, they knew that the ones against Jack were the Compass Pavilion and the Unbreaking Pavilion.

They were two eighth-grade clans. When the two of them saw that Jack was going over to queue up, they started to whisper amongst themselves, discussing where Jack was from and if he could pass the test perfectly.

Chapter 2912
The whole thing had been heard by Jack. He merely thought that it was annoying, and decided to close his eyes and rest, not wanting to bother with what anyone else had to say.

As time passed, half an hour was up. It was finally Jack’s turn to take the test. Of the two in front, one had succeeded and one had failed. From the percentage, it seemed like half of the participants would fail.

The alchemists who are able to enter Prosper City were all at least sixth-grade alchemists and above. Only those who were in the upper echelon of sixth-grade alchemists could enter Prosper City.

When Jack stepped in front of the condensing plate, the gray barrier immediately wrapped Jack within. On the condensing plate, sixty incomplete runes appeared. Jack looked at the runes. There was a small portion that even middle-tier sixth-grade alchemists could complete, but most of them needed someone who was a seventh-grade alchemist or higher to complete. He even saw an ancient pill rune among them.

Pill runes that came from ancient times were both rare and hard to condense. To alchemists, it was quite a big test. Only alchemists with strong foundations would be able to complete ninety of those pill runes. Otherwise, even if they were seventh-grade alchemists, they would not be able to do anything when faced with an ancient pill rune.

Jack took a few deep breaths as he pushed all those unnecessary thoughts out of his head. His hands started to move constantly as he seriously started to complete pill runes. It started to get incredibly hot within the barrier, while it was strangely quiet outside.

Rudy was completely depressed at that moment and did not want to say a single word. Even if there were people mocking him, he did not want to say anything back at all.

They lost interest in continuing when they saw that Rudy had no retorts at all. The place started to fall into a strange silence and everyone looked at the gray barrier, waiting for Jack to come out.

After some time, Gent lowered his voice and whispered to Mark, “What do we do now? The only order we got was that we couldn‘t let Jack go. However, we’re no match for Jack at all. Prosper City prohibits us from fighting in the first place. We had a conflict with Jack earlier, but what do we do now…”

In truth, Gent was already a little lost at that moment. The orders from above were very clear. They were not allowed to let Jack go. They had also caused trouble with Jack, so what could they do after?

They were just a group of alchemists, so they were no match for Jack at all. Other than keeping an eye on Jack and causing Jack more trouble, there was nothing else they could do.

Mark frowned and thought about it for a long time before saying seriously, “We’ll just quietly wait for any changes. Let’s report the matter first and wait for orders. What we need to do now is make sure that we follow Jack tightly. No matter where he goes, we have to follow him. Especially if he enters the city. We definitely can‘t let him slip away. There are so many people in the city, we might really lose track of him if he wants to slip away. If we can’t find him, we’ll definitely be blamed.”

Gent nodded as his lips twitched helplessly, “Jack really is hard to deal with. If he really wants to slip away from us, we might really not be able to do anything about it…”

Mark let out a deep sigh, not saying anything. He did not actually have any better plans as well.

Gent looked at the gray barrier before letting out a cold laugh.

Chapter 2913
“However, I think that he shouldn‘t have such an easy time getting into the city. He might not even pass the test…”

Mark nodded, feeling like Gent could be right. However, right at that moment, the barrier suddenly disappeared. All the alchemists around them looked up at the condensing plate in front of Jack simultaneously.

The condensing plate displayed Jack’s results, “Perfectly completed ninety pill runes, obtaining four entry tokens.”

The golden words blinked five or six times before disappearing. Right after that, four rays of light shot out of the condensing card, falling into Jack’s palm. When the lights dispersed, four entry tokens appeared in front of everyone. Jack raised an eyebrow as he kept his entry token into a mustard seed. He already had some clue about who he wanted to bring inside.

None of the alchemists were able to say anything when they saw that scene. They started to suspect if they were imagining things. Otherwise, how could they see something so absurd?

Gent suddenly slapped his chest. He was suddenly slapped in the face after saying that Jack would not even be able to enter Prosper City.

Not only had Jack managed to enter Prosper City, but he had also even managed to win three extra entry tokens to bring three other people in!

“Mark, pinch me now. I want to see if I’m dreaming! That guy actually managed to pass the test perfectly…” Gent was even starting to tremble as he spoke.

He actually did not want to believe that what was happening in front of him was real. It was too absurd. The guy clearly had the badge of a sixth-grade alchemist and was clearly on the path of a warrior.

How could he have such excellent results as an alchemist if he spent so much time on training?

Samuel took a deep breath and said, “Anyone who can pass the test perfectly is at least a seventh-grade alchemist. Could this guy already be at the level of a seventh-grade alchemist? Why would he have the badge of a sixth-grade alchemist if he was a seventh-grade alchemist? Is it because he wants to trick others?”

“Who knows what that cunning brat thinks? However, why is God so unfair? This guy is clearly a warrior and probably spent a lot of time on that. Yet, he managed to become a seventh-grade alchemist before he hit sixty years of age. Isn’t that just absurd?”

Mark felt like he was about to go crazy. When he saw what Jack had done, his breath almost stopped. It was not just absurd, it had dealt him a heavy blow as well. His lips twitched slightly as his eyes widened.

Jack turned around to look at the dumbfounded alchemist again. He smiled and said, “I’ve already told you. Don’t be so quick to say who the clown is…”

No one dared to say anything back at those words anymore. They merely shut their mouths wisely. Results could prove everything, and it was impossible for alchemists to cheat. Even if they wanted to think up any excuses, they could not. They were forced to shut their eyes and say nothing.

Rudy finally found a bit of confidence back from that. Even though the confidence came from Jack, he was at least in a better mood.

Chapter 2914
He turned his head and looked down at the group, “I told you not to look down on others. Jack said to you that he could beat you in every way, and he definitely can. All of you only know how to use your mouth to insult others, saying we’re from somewhere insignificant. If we were, then what do you amount to? You can’t even compare to us…”

Rudy’s words were incredibly sharp. It angered the alchemists so much that they started to pant.

Mark was in a bad mental state at that moment, but he immediately retorted, “What do you mean we can’t compare? The brat might have some skill, but we aren’t weak either. I can complete the test perfectly as well. At least a third of my fellow students behind me can pass the test perfectly as well!”

As he said that, Mark found some confidence back.

This time, it was Jack’s turn to look at the group with a mocking smile, “A third? Aren’t you too overconfident in your fellow students? There are twenty in total including you. You should be counting your lucky stars if even two manage to pass perfectly!”

That was basically Jack shooting back at them for all their earlier insults.

There were a total of twenty alchemists from the Unbreaking Pavilion and a total of fifteen from the Compass Pavilion. Jack’s words had been targeted at the alchemists of the Unbreaking Pavilion, and Mark’s face reddened in anger again.

He looked at Jack furiously, feeling like he and his fellow students were all being underestimated by Jack. The test did not seem hard to him at all. As the leader of the alchemists from the Unbreaking Pavilion, he could not accept being doubted like that.

Mark narrowed his eyes as his tone went cold, “I know you’re a decent alchemist, but don’t think that others are not at your level just because you’re good!”

Jack raised an eyebrow, not wanting to bother responding.

Mark felt like his honor had been challenged. Jack said that only two would be able to pass the test perfectly out of twenty of them. That in itself was an insult. However, it was just a simple entry test. All of them were alchemists that had been carefully raised by their clans. They had used up a lot of resources. He could not guarantee that twenty of them would be able to pass the test perfectly, but there had to be at least ten.

Mark said, “Don’t think that you can brag anyway you want and look down on others just because you have some skill. If you have what it takes, then wait right here and look at all of us taking the test. We’ll use our skills to prove that you are completely wrong!”

Jack’s lips curled up as he let out a smile of disdain. Mark’s words were probably not just to gain back some of his honor, but probably included other intentions as well. However, Jack could not be bothered exploring it. Since Mark wanted to prove himself so much, then Jack would play along till the end.

Jack smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll wait here and look at all of you take the test then. If more than two of you pass the test perfectly, then I will have underestimated you.”

All of the alchemists there were stunned at those words. They could not believe that Jack was actually so serious. The earlier conversation was definitely filled with emotion. Yet, they did not expect that Jack would actually have agreed. If more than two of the Unbreaking Pavilion’s alchemists passed perfectly, then Jack would have to admit that it was his problem.

Chapter 2915
He deliberately brought up a topic, “This group won’t let us escape their sights easily. If we leave their sights, they’ll definitely go crazy…”

After Rudy heard that, he was immediately pulled out of his pain. After all, that problem was even more pressing. He sighed as he said with concern, “What does that group want?! They’ve been trying to cause us trouble from the start. Could they really be planning on attacking us? However, Prosper City’s laws state that we can’ t fight privately. If they really pull any moves, they’d just die!”

Jack nodded. Various thoughts flashed in both of their eyes. In truth, he was still not sure at all, thanks to the lack of information. He had no way of telling what that group wanted as well.

If they really planned on anything, they should not hide before they had full confidence in their plan. The group was quite kind to alert Jack the moment he arrived in the city. The more Jack thought about it, the more he felt like something was off. It felt like they really were just there to cause trouble.

Rudy shook his head in frustration, feeling like his head was being surrounded by disgusting flies, “Why don’t we just go in right now. After all, they’re all queuing up. I can‘t stand the thought of them constantly following us. I’ll definitely be feeling constant goosebumps!”

Jack nodded. It definitely felt bad being constantly observed, especially with Jack’s personality. He definitely did not want to go through something like that, but the circumstances were special.


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