No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2901 – 2910

Chapter 2901
“I think there’s something else behind this,” whispered an alchemist from the Unbreaking Pavilion who seemed to be of no great rank

Gent raised an eyebrow before turning around. “Something else behind what?”

That person hurriedly replied, “The order to capture Jackieie alive. I don’t think it‘s because of what happened in Black Sun City.”

Right after he said that, Gent was taken aback for a moment. The others, too, started to discuss the matter.

“What could it be, then? You’re just speculating at this point. Don’t just say whatever you want to! Everyone knows about what happened in Black Sun City, but other than that, nothing else has been said.”

The average-looking man meaningfully persisted, “Of course, I’m not just saying it blindly. Just think about it, who was the one who issued this order?!”

Everyone fell silent at this. They exchanged looks among themselves, suddenly understanding.

A thought occurred to Gent at that moment. “It was Grayson…”

The man nodded, “It was Grayson. He usually would never bother with things like that, and he’s never issued any orders as well. He was never supposed to be in charge of Black Sun City anyway. With Grayson’s usual temper, he would never have bothered with anything like that. The people who died in Black Sun City would have been nothing of note to Grayson.”

The man’s words were echoed by the other alchemists who nodded vigorously.

Gent frowned, thinking about it for a while before nodding as well.

With how Grayson was, those things would never have prompted Grayson to act. He was never one to bother with things that were not related to him. Yet, this was an order from Grayson. It was clearly problematic just thinking about it.

Gent raised an eyebrow. “Is there something more to this incident? Could Jackieie have done something? I’m beginning to get excited at the thought of meeting Jackieie.”

The other alchemists nodded; they, too, wanted to see Jackieie.

At that moment, the average-looking man suddenly let out a low shout as he pointed in a direction. “Look over there! Isn’t that Jackieie?!”

The moment the man said that, all of the alchemists of the Unbreaking Pavilion looked toward where he was pointing at. True enough, they saw a familiar figure, followed by another one, and they slowly walked toward Prosper City’s plaza.

Gent’s lower jaw hung so low that an egg could fit his mouth. “It’s Jackieie!” he exclaimed.

Jackieie did not know at that moment that he had garnered massive attention. Rudy, meanwhile, had been quite happy the whole journey, and the two of them finally arrived at Prosper City’s Plaza after walking for three days and three nights.

Just like the cities before, they would need to pass the entry test if they wanted to enter Prosper City.

“I won’t drag you down this time,” assured Rudy. “If I can’t pass the entry test, then I’d be worthless for sure.”

Jackieie turned to look at Rudy as he pursed his lips. “You haven’t been a sixth-grade alchemist for that long, so don’t be overconfident. You still need time and experience.”

Chapter 2902
Rudy deflated as he looked at Jackieie. “I just feel like the entry test isn’t hard at all. We just need to complete thirty runes in the condensing plate to obtain the right to enter the city. Plus, we can bring a person along! What an easy test…”

Jackieie felt exasperated when he heard this. “You haven’t even seen what sort of pill runes you’ll need to complete. How do you know it’ll be easy?”

“It’s just an entry test!” refuted Rudy weakly. “How could they give out difficult problems? We just need to complete thirty pill runes, which I’m all up for. Don’t look down on me!”

Jackieie did not know what to say at that moment. He had never underestimated Rudy and was just speaking the truth. If Rudy continued to stand his ground on the matter, Jackieie had nothing else to say.

The two of them were talking to each other when Rudy looked up and saw the stone plate in front of them. They walked toward the stone plate and read the words on the plate.

[The price is set. Ten thousand spirit crystals per person.]

Stunned to have read this, Rudy turned and, with a frown on his face, said to Jackieie, “What’s this? An entry fee? Didn’t you say that we needed to pass the test to enter the city? Can we even pay to enter with spirit crystals?”

Jackieie walked over and looked at the stone plate before letting out a slight laugh. “Can you please use your head before you say anything next time? If ten thousand spirit crystals are enough to get in, then what’s the point of the test? Didn’t I tell you the rules before? There will be ninety pill runes on the condensing plate. You just need to complete thirty pill runes to be able to enter the city, and you can even bring one person in with you.”

“If you complete another thirty and finish with sixty, you can bring two other people inside. Completing an additional thirty pill runes for a total of sixty will allow you to bring two people inside. If you complete ninety pill runes, you can bring three people in. Prosper City isn’t somewhere only alchemists want to go, a lot of warriors want to get in, too. A place where a lot of alchemists go means there will be a lot of pills to be made. A lot of warriors who want refined pills will enter this place.”

Jackieie then pointed at the plaza where two plain groups were gathered. The first group wore alchemist robes and donned alchemist badges on their chests. The other group was dressed in various attires. They were all from different clans or even wandering warriors. They sat on the left side of the plaza, seemingly waiting to be chosen.

Just like Jackieie had said, it was not just alchemists that wanted to enter Prosper City. A lot of warriors wanted to enter the seventh level city built for alchemists as well. In the end, alchemists were meant to help warriors. Many of the warriors sat in front of the city, looking like merchants who were waiting for a deal. They wanted to enter Prosper City to buy a lot of pills, and they would sell the pills for a lot of profit once they exited. There were even some warriors that had been sent there by their clans.

Those disciples were probably all prepared to purchase a lot of pills, perhaps even ready for sweetened deals. It was the exact opposite of what had happened in Thousand Leaves City. The test in Prosper City was meant for alchemists, so regular warriors would not be able to enter, which meant that they could only rely on high-grade alchemists to bring them in. Thus, the stone plate stating there was an entry fee was placed upfront for these warriors.

Rudy thought for a long time before understanding the fact.

Chapter 2903
Rudy snorted as he turned to tell Jackieie. “These warriors are clever, I’ll give them that. Why did not one put up a plate like that in Thousand Leaves City? The moment it concerns their benefits, they put up the stone plate.”

Jackieie nodded. “In the end, the Hestia Continent is a place where strength matters the most. If the alchemists decide to retaliate, the warriors will probably attack them together. The alchemists aren’t that strong anyway. Since they have no way of fighting back, they were forced to lower their heads.”

Rudy frowned and said unhappily, “We alchemists are at such a disadvantage, but most alchemists come from larger forces. Are those forces not going to do anything about it?”

Jackieie did not even bother looking at Rudy. “Why don’t you put some thought into this? This is the Whirling World. Those who are truly strong can’t enter. The only ones who can help these alchemists are warriors that are currently being trained. However, most of those warriors have gone to other cities and won’t have the time to come to this place at all. That’s why the rules were established. Ten thousand spirit crystals are quite a large sum anyway, so they decided to accept it.”

Rudy refused to accept this. He felt that the alchemists were oppressed during what happened in Thousand Leaves City, and with the situation suddenly reversed, the warriors were still the ones to set the rules, much to his chagrin. However, he knew he had no say in this whatsoever.

Jackieie looked at the condensing plates where 30 condensing plates were present. Every plate had an alchemist going through the test in front of them. The condensing plates were different from the entry stone. The entry stone’s test only took a little while. It was just a punch in the end. However, it took a lot more time to go through the test for Prosper City.

Thankfully, the test was set to be less than 15 minutes, and anyone who took longer than that would be considered a failure. There were quite a few alchemists who entered the Whirling World. Even though a good amount of them had entered Prosper City already, even more of them were still outside.

The plaza was full of people. Coupled with the warriors who wanted to enter with the alchemists, it was bustling. When Rudy saw the situation, he lamented, “There are so many people here. I’d never seen so many people in one place before I entered the Whirling World, but I noticed it when we walked in. How many warriors entered the Whirling World?”

Jackieie let out a laugh, not answering Rudy. He walked toward the plaza in front of the city, not wanting to waste any time. It was just a seventh-level city, after all. After entering Prosper City, he would dedicate a certain amount of time to refining pills to make even more spirit crystals.

Rudy followed closely behind him, and the two of them entered the plaza together. However, just as Jackieie was about to enter, someone stopped him.

Mark stared right at Jackieie.

Jackieie frowned, able to tell at a glance that Mark did not have good intentions. However, even after thinking about it, he could not recognize him.

Mark let out a smile. “Jackieie, right? I’m an alchemist from the Unbreaking Pavilion, Mark Wright.”

Chapter 2904
A group of about 19 people came up behind Mark after he introduced himself, and they shot Jackieie a seemingly unfriendly gaze.

Jackieie frowned, immediately knowing that there would be trouble the moment he heard they were from the Unbreaking Pavilion.

Jackieie raised an eyebrow as he sneered, “Are you trying to cause me trouble? Feel free to try, but with just your group, you’ll just die on the spot if you try anything.”

Mark’s expression soured at those words. He had wanted to be cordial with Jackieie, yet Jackieie’s straightforwardness ruined that. Mark failed to even maintain his smile.

Mark snorted. “This is the entry plaza, and the laws of Prosper City protect it. If you try anything here, you’ll be struck by lightning before you can even do anything!”

Jackieie raised an eyebrow, knowing that was indeed the case. “We’ll fight outside, then,” said Jackieie. “All twenty of you can fight me at the same time.”

Jackieie was not worried despite their numbers. They might be from the Unbreaking Pavilion, but they were true and blue alchemists, and to him, they were mere ants.

They were just warriors that were at the early stage of the innate level, forcibly raised to the late stage by the laws of the world. Even if 20 of them worked together, Jackieie could easily overwhelm them all.

Mark grew angrier at Jackieie’s tone, so much so that he started to pant as he almost lost his composure.

“Stop trying to act like a hero,” scoffed Mark, his eyes narrowed. “Everyone knows how strong the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion are. You won’t be able to beat twenty of us no matter how skilled you are!”

All Jackieie wanted was to hurry up and get rid of the problem, his words were not intended to solely humiliate anyone.

Hearing Mark’s words, Jackieie raised an eyebrow. “I’ll do it eventually. Don’t think that no one can stand up to you just because you’re a disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion. Since you can’t stop me, move. If you want to continue spouting nonsense, just hurry back. Your words won’t affect me at all.”

Hearing Jackieie’s words caught Mark off-guard. His hands trembled as he slowly turned pale. Jackieie had not bothered to hold back at all!

Mark narrowed his eyes. “Jackieie, this isn’t a place where you can do whatever you want to. I know you’re not weak, but this is Prosper City. I don’t know where you got those robes you’re wearing…”

Jackieie raised a hand to stop Mark before he could finish.

“Can you please shut up? These robes are mine. I got the sixth-grade alchemist badge myself. Are you the only one who can be an alchemist? You’re not strong enough and chose the path of an alchemist. Does that mean that others aren’t allowed to be good at both?”

Silence immediately blanketed the atmosphere as Mark’s eyes widened, finding himself unable to reply. Mark’s hands were clenched as they trembled. The other 19 alchemists from the Unbreaking Pavilion widened their eyes as well. They looked at Jackieie with gritted teeth but were tumble to say anything.

Rudy, meanwhile, could not stop himself from giggling.

Chapter 2905
Mark had to admit that Jackieie was talented with his words, able to choke anyone with his opinion.

They were already short on time, yet these men from the Unbreaking Pavilion had all the time to impede Jackieie’s progress! He could not be bothered to even talk to them, so Jackieie held nothing back.

Gent blinked as his lips twitched. He had always been a prideful person and had always felt like he was very talented both in alchemy and his words. However, he could not help but admire Jackieie.

Jackieie had managed to completely stump that group just with his words. Gent then glanced at Mark, musing to himself how he might die out of anger toward Jackieie.

Right at that moment, someone walked over and said, “You’re a bearer of misfortune. It’s one thing that you’ve offended the Compass Pavilion, but you’ve even offended the Unbreaking Pavilion. You got surrounded the moment you entered. You’ve got some guts!”

Samuel Mckenzie laughed as he walked toward the gathering.

Mark took a few deep breaths before he composed himself. He barely managed to purse his lips at Samuel as he shook Samuel’s hand. Even though the Compass Pavilion could not compare to the Unbreaking Pavilion, they were still an eighth-grade clan. Any clans that were better than sixth grade would start to cultivate their own alchemists. The Compass Pavilion naturally had a lot of alchemists, too.

Samuel was the leader of the alchemists from the Compass Pavilion. When Jackieie had a conflict with the Compass Pavilion before, it was already passed around through sound arrays. Jackieie’s appearance had been recorded as well.

Jackieie’s conflict with the Compass Pavilion was already at the point where they were mortal enemies. Thus, when Samuel spotted Jackieie, he brought his men with him. They merely stood at the sidelines when Jackieie and Mark first had their exchange when eventually, they found out that Jackieie had a conflict with the Unbreaking Pavilion as well. The moment they saw that Mark was at a disadvantage, they immediately walked over to target Jackieie. Even though the Compass Pavilion’s relationship with the Unbreaking Pavilion was not the best, even to the point where they had a few conflicts, they were both major forces and could not make enemies of each other.

The enemy of their enemy was their friend, and neither of them wanted Jackieie to smoothly go about his business.

Mark coldly looked at Jackieie. “You seemed proud of yourself when you were at the Thousand Leaves Tower. You thought that you could lord yourself over the Compass Pavilion just because you’re a little skilled. You’ll have to pay for that eventually. Your earlier arrogance will just bring you misfortune! If the city plaza didn’t prohibit fights, I’ll bring a group of people with me to beat you up right now. I’ll make you regret living!”

Jackieie sighed, suddenly regretting the fact that he did not disguise himself before coming in. Troublemaking idiots would not have surrounded him at this moment had he did that. He was not afraid of being challenged, but just afraid of wasting time.

He lightly snorted as he turned to look at Samuel. “Stop talking like you’re right. You were the ones who couldn’t beat me in a fair duel and were trash for blaming others for beating you just because they’re more skilled. Quit your nonsense!”

Samuel’s lips twitched as his face scrunched in anger. He pointed at Jackieie’s face. “You b*stard! I’ll rip your mouth one day!”

Jackieie could not help but look at Samuel in disdain. “Can you just get lost? Stop trying to cause trouble for me. All you know how to do is to gang up on others. If you have the skills, come face me head-on. Are petty methods all you’re capable of?”

Chapter 2906
Jackieie’s words struck a sensitive nerve in Samuel. It was true that he did not have the skills to stand up to Jackieie. He was an alchemist and had naturally spent most of his time in alchemy, thus he could not stand a chance against warriors.

Jackieie was someone who had defeated Walter, who was a chosen disciple of the Compass Pavilion. Even a chosen disciple of the Compass Pavilion had not been able to beat Jackieie, let alone an alchemist like him. Even if all of the present disciples attacked Jackieie, they might still fail to defeat Jackieie.

Jackieie had said that he wanted to use numbers to his advantage, which was not wrong but Samuel refused to just accept defeat. Jackieie had pissed him off to a point of no return.

“B*stard! You’ll be hit by lightning one day! You’ll bow to the Compass Pavilion eventually. Once you exit Prosper City, you’ll die!”

Jackieie took a deep breath as he shot everyone a disdainful glare. He deliberately raised his voice as he replied, “I just said you’re using numbers against me. Do you admit that much? If you have the skills, then come fight me now. Otherwise, shut up and leave immediately. Stop wasting my time!”

Samuel went red in anger as he stared at Jackieie and shouted, “Just open your eyes and look around you! This is Prosper City, not any other seventh-level city. What‘s being tested here is alchemy! Do you really think you’re even better than us at that?”

Samuel’s words resonated with all of the other alchemists, and he was right, they were not in any other seventh-level city but the city specifically meant to test alchemists.

No matter how strong Jackieie was, he was just strong as a warrior. If he wanted to challenge them in alchemy, none of them would back down.

Mark sneered and continued, “Samuel is right. If you dare to, fight us in alchemy. Stop trying to use what you’re good at against us all the time. If it’s just skill, we’re naturally not at your level, but in alchemy? Heh. You have no right to be pompous toward us in this regard. Most of us here can complete sixty pill runes and perfectly pass the test, bringing three people into Prosper City. Can you do that?”

Mark then looked at Jackieie’s chest in disdain.

Jackieie had a sixth-grade alchemist badge on his chest while those gathered from the Compass Pavilion and the Unbreaking Pavilion were all mostly seventh-grade alchemists. Only a few of the lower-ranked ones were sixth-grade alchemists.

To Mark and Samuel, sixth-grade alchemists meant nothing. Even though Jackieie was an incredible warrior, he could not possibly contend against them in alchemy, and they strongly believed in this.

Jackieie let out a faint chuckle as he looked at them calmly. All of them had incredibly confident looks on their faces as though all too sure that they could beat him when it came to alchemy.

That confidence was a joke to Jackieie. With everything being said, Jackieie felt like he just could not escape some things, even if he wanted to. Initially, all he wanted was to scare away these pests with harsh words, but at this point, he knew that they would never relent. He would only be able to silence them with his skills.

Jackieie sighed as he monotonously replied, “Listen here, you guys are no match for me, whether it be alchemy or combat. The entry test is nothing to me.”

Chapter 2907
Mark and Samuel immediately cackled upon hearing Jackieie’s words. It was as though they were talking to a clown, one that had boastful words that meant nothing but overestimations.

Samuel laughed as he said, “Do you know what you’re even saying? Look at the badge on your chest before you speak. You’re just a sixth-grade alchemist, and you‘re already so arrogant! You should at least pick the right place to brag. It’s so easy for you to be exposed now. We’re just going to stand here and watch as you go to the condensing plates to go through the test. I want to see what kind of result you’ll get!”

Mark had a cold look on his face. “Didn’t you say that you would beat all of us? I can perfectly complete the test, can you? I can bring three people in easily! Can you?”

Jackieie merely raised an eyebrow at this and calmly nodded. This alone was enough of a response to Mark’s questions, relaying how the test was nothing worth worrying over.

He had gone through one entry test, and Jackieie had not been troubled at all. If he faced any difficulties doing the entry test, then he felt like he should not even enter the city. After all, there would be nothing to gain from entering.

“What a braggart! You’re so arrogant!”

“That‘s right. Who does he think he is to say that he can bring three others in? Does he think that the entry test would be that easy?!”

“Many sixth-grade alchemists got stuck here and barely managed to get themselves in. Anyone who manages to flawlessly pass the test would at least need to be a seventh- grade alchemist!”

“He’s way too arrogant. He doesn’t know what he’s saying at all! He doesn’t realize how funny his bragging is to us. Does he think we won’t expose him?”

The other alchemists lost their cool upon noticing Jackieie nodding, hurling jeers and insults. None of them believed him at all, instead thinking of him as a clown as they ridiculed him.

Through it all, Jackieie showed no reaction at all. In truth, he was more or less used to hearing things like this ever since he entered the Whirling World. Many did not acknowledge his skills, yet it did not bother him at all.

They were starting to cross the line with their words, but Jackieie merely replied calmly, “Remember the words you’re saying now, don’t regret them later. You’ll know who the clowns are in just a bit.”

After saying that, Jackieie did not bother sparing them another glance as he turned to look at Rudy, who was trembling in rage as he glared at all the alchemists. He firmly remembered Jackieie’s warnings and knew that he could not be reckless. At that moment, most of the things spoken were nonsense, and they had more people on their side. No one would believe anything Rudy said, anyway.

Since that was the case, they would just think he was speaking nonsense if he insisted. Hence, he decided against wasting his efforts.

When Jackieie looked over, he hurriedly turned away.

Chapter 2908
Jackieie reached out and patted Rudy on the shoulder, pointing at the condensing card. “Have a go at it. If you pass, we’ll be able to bring four people inside and get forty thousand spirit crystals. Even if you fail, you don’t have to feel bad. We’d have two less people to bring in.”

Rudy frowned as he looked around with concern. In truth, he had a lot he wanted to say. He was not too confident, but with them being surrounded, it was not the time for him to say anything. He was forced to swallow those words.

He nodded vigorously and sighed, walking right to the nearest condensing plate. That condensing plate had two people queuing up for it, so it would be Rudy’s turn in just half an hour.

Jackieie looked at Rudy and felt rather proud. The older version of Rudy would have fought back after hearing what the alchemists had to say, which, to Jackieie, was irrational behavior. Rudy being able to control his emotions meant that he was maturing.

Rudy and Jackieie’s actions seemed to amuse the group of alchemists a lot.

Jackieie’s resolute words that he would pass the test flawlessly caused the alchemists to wonder if something was wrong with Jackieie’s head as they laughed at him and mocked him.

Samuel let out a laugh as he sneered, “You‘re the most confident warrior I‘ve ever seen. Are you so sure you can pass the test perfectly? We didn’t say all of that just to scare you earlier. Without being at the level of a seventh-grade alchemist, you can‘t possibly wing it! There are ninety pill runes, and you should already be thanking your ancestors if you managed to fill up thirty!”

They were no match against Jackieie in terms of combat, but they were confident in themselves when it came to alchemy-certain that they would put that brat, Jackieie in his place.

They would not have talked to Jackieie so confidently if they were in any other city. However, they were in Prosper City, the turf of alchemists. They would never think that they would lose to someone else!

Mark looked at the badge on Jackieie’s chest and said, “It’s impressive enough if you can get to the level of a sixth-grade alchemist. Don’t think that you’re just as skilled in alchemy just because you have a lot of talent as a warrior! Alchemy and combat are two very different paths. Alchemy tests one’s talents even further. Don’t think that your talents in combat will transfer to alchemy. I‘ll be the first to tell you that you don’t have that talent or ability!”

Mark’s grudge toward Jackieie ran deep due to the words that provoked him. This was his chance to get back at Jackieie. Naturally, he held nothing back.

Jackieie glanced at Mark

Mark looked very well-kept and was obviously the leader of the alchemists from the Unbreaking Pavilion. To him, however, he was nothing special.

If Mark was in Phoenix Valley’s outer valley, he would only rank among the top five at most. However, Phoenix Valley‘s true strength was in the inner valley, and this guy would not even have the right to enter the inner valley. Jackieie would have not bothered with alchemists of the inner valley, let alone Mark.

Mark noticed how Jackieie blatantly ignored him after a mere cold glance, and he felt downright humiliated.

Chapter 2909
“You b*stard!” snarled Mark. “You still think that you can do as you please, but you’ll quickly realize otherwise!”

Jackieie merely sported a small smile, not caring about what Mark was saying at all.

Gent, on the other hand, merely pursed his lips helplessly as he looked at Mark, who was next to him. He wanted to tell Mark at that moment that there was no point saying anything then, it was better to wait for the results before silencing Jackieie with it.

Jackieie could not be bothered continuing to talk to them, so he closed his eyes and let them say what they wanted to.

Time slowly ticked away, and after half an hour, it was finally Rudy’s turn to go through the test on the condensing plate. At that moment, Jackieie slowly opened his eyes. Rudy straightened his back as he silently tried to motivate himself.

The more he acted like that, the less confident he seemed. He had encountered too many masters recently, so Rudy‘s confidence was already shattered. Right before he got to the test, Rudy turned to look at Jackieie.

Jackieie merely nodded at Rudy silently. With that, Rudy took a deep breath before he entered the area of the test.

To preserve the fairness of the test, the candidate and the condensing plate would be shrouded by a gray barrier the moment the test started. Outsiders would not be able to see the contents of the test and would not be able to affect the results of the tested participant as well. They would only be able to see the final results after the barrier vanished.

The two who came before Rudy had both failed. One of them managed to get 28 pill runes, but the last two did not reach a 50-percent refinement rate, so they had lost the right to enter.

Another participant had completed 35 pill runes, but 10 of them were not at a 50-percent refinement rate. In the end, he only scored 25 and failed to enter.

The two participants thus left the condensing plate dejectedly, evidently in despair for their future. Only then did they realize how bad they were, not even able to get the right to enter the city.

Rudy felt the pressure heightening when he saw the two participants before him leaving empty-handed. With so many people focused on Rudy behind him as well, he felt like two boulders were crushing his shoulders. However, he could no longer back down. He could hear the wind in his ears as the gray barrier sealed him and the condensing plate within. Only he and the condensing plate in front of him were left in the world.

With a flash of golden light, 90 incomplete pill runes appeared on the condensing card. As long as he completed 30 of them, he would be able to enter the city without needing to rely on Jackieie. He silently motivated himself as his hands started to move constantly. Waves of dense pill aura were condensed into pill runes.

Jackieie frowned as he stared in the direction where Rudy was isolated by the barrier, feeling rather worried. Even if he could bring Rudy in if he failed, failure would be too heavy of a blow for him, and Jackieie did not want to see him in that depressed state. After all, the two of them had established a firm friendship along the way.

Chapter 2910
When Gent saw the concerned look on Jackieie’s eyes, he let out a laugh and sneered, “Let me guess, your friend is a pure alchemist? His aura is quite erratic, and it’s obvious he was forcibly pulled up to the late stage of the innate level by the laws. He’s not like you at all.’’

Jackieie raised an eyebrow as he glanced at Gent.

Gent was right, Rudy had been forcibly leveled up.

Gent let out a snort as he said, “He’ll fail very badly, and so will you. Even though I haven’t gone through the entry test, I’ve talked to a lot of alchemists that have. Most of the ninety pill runes that needed to be filled up are those that only seventh-grade alchemists can fill up. That’s Why you shouldn’t dream so loftily. Before you brag, you should look at the badge on your chest.”

Gent was astounded at how ignorant Jackieie seemed. That man was confident to the point of arrogance, saying things that all of them felt were a joke with such a calm expression.

Anyone who did not know who Jackieie was might have thought that he could achieve what he had claimed!

Jackieie raised an eyebrow, not even turning around. “Don’t judge others by your standards. I’ve already said that numerous times, and each time I’m proven right.”

Right after he said this, the gray barrier suddenly dispersed. A familiar figure appeared in front of everyone, and the condensing plate revealed the results in large golden words.

Rudy had completed a total of 36 pill runes, but nine of them were not at a 50-percent refinement. It meant that Rudy had only completed 27 pill runes in the end. He was only three pill runes away from passing. He looked like all the energy had been sucked out of him as he looked visibly miserable.

Jackieie frowned, half-expecting this outcome yet half-expecting it was not the case. In truth, he himself did not know if Rudy would be able to enter the city on his own. To him, Rudy was quite decent. However, the results were shown to everyone, and Rudy was just a little away from getting the right to enter the city.

Jackieie helplessly sighed as he felt sympathy in his heart. He could feel how hopeless Rudy felt at that moment. They had encountered too many things lately, and Rudy’s confidence had received heavy blows. It had been Rudy’s chance to prove himself, but he did not expect the result to be like that

Jackieie ignored the mockery from the side as he walked over to Rudy.

He reached out and pulled Rudy over from the condensing plate, patting him on the shoulder as he earnestly spoke, “You’ve just become a sixth-grade alchemist not too long ago, you know? You‘ve been constantly improving. As long as you have some time, you’ll be able to enter by yourself, no doubt.”

Rudy could not even look up as he wallowed in misery.

“You don’t have to console me, Jackieie,” rasped Rudy. “I know I’m just trash. I couldn’t see it when I was in Golden Pills, but ever since I left Golden Pills, I realize how large the world is. I‘m not. even at the level of the worst alchemists. Why should I even bother living?”

Jackieie frowned, not expecting Rudy to be so depressed that he was starting to question his reason to live.


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