No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2891 – 2900

Chapter 2891
There was only one thing he knew. It was impossible to break the array just by relying on constantly killing the wind beast.

“Jackie, why are the wind beasts not attacking me?” Rudy said to Jackie.

Jackie had pushed Rudy behind him earlier, but as time passed, Rudy realized in surprise that those wind beasts did not seem to see him at all. All of the attacks fell on the warriors that relied on themselves to enter the fifth level.

He was completely ignored as a dependent. Even without Jackie’s protection, the wind beasts ignored him anyway, not attacking him. That actually gave Jackie more room to relax, not needing to protect Rudy.

“Everyone, quickly figure something out! We can let this go on, or all of us will be eliminated!”

“I can’t hold on any longer…” A man from the Deer Pavilion let out a cry of misery.

Right after he said that a wind beast bit him on the arm. The wind beast’s bite was incredibly strong. With a pull, it ripped that man’s arm off.

The disciple of the Deer Pavilion let out a cry of agony. At that moment, his entire body weakened from the injury. He was pushed down by the charging wind beasts and had his head ripped off in a flash.

Everyone saw that sight and suddenly felt a chill on their backs. After that disciple died, the space in front of him suddenly distorted as he turned into gray specs of light, entering the distorted space in front of him. That meant that the person had already lost, and was kicked out. Other than Jackie, everyone had a dark look on their faces. That was just the beginning.

There were more and more people after that who fell to the wind beasts’ attacks either because they let down their guard or they had used up all their true energy. After they were killed by the wind beasts, they were eliminated in the same way. All of those warriors had managed to get to the fifth level because of their exceptional talents and extraordinary skills. All of them naturally had the arrogance of a strong warrior, so all of them wanted to be the sole victor!

Yet, the more they wanted to be the victor, the more they panicked. After all, they still had not figured out the situation at that moment.

The victor needed to break the array, but none of them knew what the array was! There was no way they could break the array. Just as everyone was feeling lost, a shout was heard in the distance, “I understand now. I remember! So, that’s how it is!”

Jackie was the one who said all of that. At that moment, he was waving his sword around and shouting in excitement.

After that disciple of the Deer Pavilion had died, Jackie had seen everything that had happened. He remembered something when he saw the disciple turn into gray specs of light and get absorbed by the space. It was thanks to the memories of the ancient heroes. Those warriors had seen uncountable arrays. After the array activated again, Jackie immediately figured it out. He had thought that the array was incredibly special, but it had been so simple. He suddenly felt like his judgment had been clouded by the excitement, but his sudden exclamation was met with eye rolls.

They felt like Jackie was just shouting for no reason. After all, no one even had any clues, but Jackie was shouting that he remembered it.

Everyone felt like Jackie was being too sly…

Chapter 2892
Earlier, Edgar had been fully focused on arguing with Albert, but he did not forget how disrespectful Jackie had been. Even with how humble and friendly he had been acting, Jackie still gave him the cold shoulder. It was deeply humiliating to Edgar.

Edgar immediately shouted back at Jackie’ s words, “What are you blindly talking about? Everyone here couldn’t figure anything out even after working together, but you claim to know everything! Even if you want to brag, you should do it at the right time. Don’t think that we’ll look at you just because you said something at this moment!” Edgar’s words infuriated Rudy.

Rudy shouted back, “What do you mean by this?! If Jackie said that, it means he’s sure. You’re just trying to be petty!”

Edgar let out a laugh and brushed it aside, “Don’t judge others by your own standards. Petty? Do you think Jackie is that righteous or noble? I want to see what he’s figured out. Don’t tell me he’s figured out how to break the array, I won’t believe it!”

A lot of people around them agreed with Edgar’s words, “Edgar’s right, we haven’t even found a single thing, but this guy suddenly shouted that he’s figured it out. What could he figure out?”

“I refuse to believe one person can suddenly figure everything out when the rest of us haven‘t made any progress!”

“This guy probably just had some flash of inspiration, and is trying to brag that he figured it out…”

Everyone else seemed to agree with that sentiment. They felt like Jackie had just merely had an epiphany, but he naturally did not care about how everyone else viewed him.

He sighed as he thought about similar arrays in his mind when he fought the wind beasts. After someone finally died, he felt something familiar and easily found the name of the array in his memories.

He suddenly widened his eyes as he muttered, “The Phantom Array!”

The Phantom Array was an array that could only be set up by warriors of first-grade worlds. Warriors of second-grade worlds did not have the ability. Yet, it appeared in the Whirling World, which proves that the whirling World definitely had a close relationship with first-grade worlds.

Those cities that remained or those ancient formations were all created by warriors from first-grade worlds.

With that thought in mind, Jackie’s eyes lit up in excitement.

The sounds of mockery could be heard around him. Everyone was looking at Jackie as they fend off the wind beasts, wanting to see what Jackie would do.

Jackie lightly snorted, ignoring everyone as he gripped the gray sword in his hand. Suddenly, the tip of his sword was pointed at his neck, looking like he was about to commit suicide.

Everyone was stunned at the sight. “What is this brat trying to do? Is he trying to kill himself? Is he giving up because he knows he won’t be able to pass?”

Chapter 2893
“That has to be it. That guy bragged so much earlier, but actually can’t back it up. So he’s trying to kill himself to avoid embarrassment.”

Those harsh words echoed around Jackie. Not a single person thought that he could do anything. Jackie did not care what everyone else thought. He merely took a deep breath as he moved his hand.

Everyone heard a piercing sound, and blood immediately flowed from Jackie’s throat. It was the first time he felt his life slowly slipping away.

That was the feeling of being close to death, but Jackie was not in a panic at all. Even though everyone had talked up a storm, feeling like his crazy actions were him giving up, no one expected Jackie to actually do it.

“This guy actually did kill himself. If he really wanted to give up and leave this place, he could have just stopped fighting and let the wind beasts finish him. Did he need to kill himself? Does he think it would look sad? So what if it did? Would we look at him in a better light?”

Jackie’s actions caused everyone a lot of surprises. They could not understand why Jackie did so. Even Rudy panicked.

When Jackie pointed the sword at his own throat, various thoughts flashed in Rudy‘s mind.

Rudy already knew not to question any of Jackie’s actions, he felt like Jackie was always incredibly logical no matter what he did, but Rudy never expected that Jackie would actually kill himself.

Could Jackie really have given up as they said?

However, Rudy immediately shook his head and threw that thought to the back of his head when the idea surfaced. Jackie was not someone who would do that. If he had a goal in mind, he would not change his mind easily.

With his body weakening, Jackie collapsed to the ground, and Rudy immediately helped Jackie up. Rudy could feel the blood from Jackie’s body constantly flowing out of the wound on his throat. If that continued, Jackie would lose his life in just a moment. Even though Jackie would not actually die, Rudy still started to panic.

Rudy’s voice was trembling, “What happened? Why did you kill yourself? Even if it’s an illusion, there was no need to kill yourself to leave…”

Rudy could not figure anything out at that moment. He did not know what Jackie was doing at all.

Could Jackie really have given up as everyone said?

After all, only by dying would they be eliminated and sent out of the illusion.

Jackie frowned as he rapidly lost his strength. Even his true energy dissipated. At that moment, Jackie did not even have the strength to talk to Rudy. He merely looked at Rudy before shutting his eyes.

Everyone started to laugh as they looked at Jackie like a joke. “That kid is something else. He acted like he had seen through everything, but he actually killed himself the next moment…”

“There must be something wrong with his head. Even if he wanted to be eliminated, there was no need to do something so crazy. What was the point other than letting us laugh at him?”

Edgar was laughing uproariously, but he was still fighting the wind beasts. He still had the time to mock Jackie, “There really is something wrong with his head. I thought he was strong at the start, but it looks like I was wrong…”

Right after Edgar had said that the creaking sounds of mechanisms moving could be heard. Everyone suddenly looked up, and a howling wind blew past them. All of the wind beasts suddenly stopped moving, as if a button to stop had been pushed.

Chapter 2894
The next second, the wind beasts suddenly started to explode one by one, turning into green specs of light, dispersing into the air. Everything had happened too quickly, and the warriors did not even have a chance to react.

“What happened? Why did those wind beasts suddenly explode into a green light?”

“I don’t know, could we have accidentally broken the array?”

“Maybe we’ve all lost?”

At the same time as everyone was celebrating the disappearance of those annoying wind beasts, they started to discuss why the wind beasts disappeared.

As everyone was wondering in confusion, the wizened voice was heard again, “The Phantom Array has been broken. The fifth level’s test has ended. The victor will be given one key!”

That answered the doubt in everyone’s hearts. When they heard that someone had actually broken the array, they all widened their eyes as they looked around at each other in confusion.

At that moment, they only had one thought in mind. They all wondered which master had broken the array when everyone else was at a loss. They still had not figured out what the Phantom Array was.

They did not know what grade the Phantom Array was, but it did not stop them from feeling shocked. Edgar frowned as he reluctantly looked around. He was a chosen disciple of an eighth-grade clan. He should have been the most excellent one among all the warriors. Even if the array had been broken, he should have been the one to break it, not anyone else.

He suddenly turned to look at Albert and relaxed a bit when he saw that Albert was also looking around in confusion. It meant that Albert was not the one to break the array. If Albert had been the one, then Albert would definitely not miss out on the chance to show off in front of him.

Who was it if not Albert?

He more or less knew all the chosen disciples from the high grade clans. However, other than Albert most of the faces here were foreign. Not a single one of them was a chosen disciple of a high level clan.

At the most, they were inner disciples. Just as he was busy puzzling things over, a faint golden light descended from above. The light slowly dissipated as it descended, revealing a golden key in front of everyone.

That was the key to getting to the sixth level. The rules had been incredibly clear. Only the person who broke the array could get the key, and the key would only allow one person to get to the sixth level.

Everyone had looks of envy on their faces. No one knew what would happen on the sixth level or what tests it would be, but everyone knew there would be amazing rewards. They would definitely benefit greatly if they had gotten the rewards for themselves.

With that thought in mind, some of them had the urge to steal the key.

With a boom, someone had lost his patience as a green-robed man shot forward like a cannonball, heading straight for the golden key to steal it. Even though he was afraid of the restrictions, he felt like it would have been too great of a benefit if he managed to get the key.

He was only one key away from getting to the sixth level. The greed got the better of him as he reached out for the key. In a flash, he was only three feet away from the golden key.

Chapter 2895
As he got closer to the key, the man’s smile deepened, “The key is mine!”

He let out an excited roar as he reached out to the key with all his might. Yet, purple lightning suddenly descended from the skies at that moment. Everyone merely heard a crack as the lightning fell right on the man.

The man let out a cry of agony as his whole body started to twitch. His skin started to blacken visibly as he was set on fire. He had already stopped breathing by the time his body hit the ground. He had been killed by the lightning that struck him.

Everyone shuddered when they saw the sight.

When the golden key had descended, everyone had greedy thoughts in their minds. However, the green-robed man had been the only person to try to steal the key. After all, everyone still had a line they would not cross. They knew that they could very well be punished by the laws if they made any moves.

When they saw what happened to the man, all of them were incredibly thankful that they did not attempt to steal the key.

At that moment, Jackie suddenly opened his eyes. The wound on his throat started to heal visibly, and the true energy and life force he had lost all recovered to the state they were in before they entered the Phantom Array.

Rudy widened his eyes abruptly as he looked at Jackie in disbelief, not knowing what to say at that moment.

Jackie was not in the mood to entertain Rudy at that moment. After he had enough energy, he jumped up on the spot and reached out for the golden key.

Everything that had happened attracted the attention of the other warriors. They did not realize that Jackie had recovered. When everyone saw that someone was reaching out for the golden key, everyone merely felt like the person was an idiot.

Did the person not see what had happened to the green-robed man?

However, they were shocked to see that lightning did not appear after the person grabbed the key. Everything was normal!

“Why didn’t the lightning strike him? This guy is trying to steal the key!” Someone shouted with widened eyes.

However, someone else immediately answered him, “Are you dumb? The key is meant for the victor. Since he was not struck by the laws when he grabbed the key, then it should be obvious who he is.”

The moment the person said that exclamations of shock were heard again. That was because Jackie had already turned around, and his familiar face was seen by everyone. They all widened their eyes as they looked at Jackie like they had seen a ghost.

They really were seeing a ghost.

Did Jackie not slash his own throat? Why was Jackie standing there as if nothing had happened, holding the golden key?

Could Jackie have been the one to break the array?!

Everything he had done earlier, really was to break the Phantom Array. Yet, that was a little absurd.

Could slashing one’s own throat be the key to breaking the Phantom Array?

Various thoughts were formed and they felt like they were right.

‘That brat might really have been breaking the array earlier,’ Albert felt a twang of jealousy, but he did not see Jackie as his enemy in the end.

Jackie had the golden key and would ascend to the sixth level. Even if he did not like it, he still had to deal with Edgar first.

Chapter 2896
He laughed as he said to Edgar, “You really were right. He really was breaking the array earlier. Jackie’s really something else. He’s better than you both in talent and intelligence!”

Edgar looked like he had been slapped by those words. He looked at Albert with a look of intense hatred.

Albert laughed it off, and as the two of them were about to quarrel again, the space around them suddenly distorted, surrounding everyone.

Jackie took a deep breath, not fighting back at the distorted space surrounding him. After a few moments, the space around him returned to normal. He opened his eyes again, and then he noticed that he had left that dark and yellow world, and arrived at a pitch black one. Thankfully, Rudy was by his side.

Rudy widened his eyes as he looked around in shock. The sudden distortion earlier had thoroughly scared him. Rudy reached out to grab Jackie’s arm, afraid that something was happening.

Jackie turned to look at Rudy, “Don’t worry, the space suddenly distorted earlier to separate all of us.”

Rudy nodded, widening his eyes as he still looked around in fear. At that moment, they were surrounded by darkness, but strangely enough, they could see each other clearly without any light.

After a while, Rudy said, “Are we in an illusion or the real world right now?”

The question startled Jackie as he frowned, activating his true energy. Nothing had changed, and even Jackie could not tell where they were.

Jackie shook his head, “I don’t know either”

Rudy asked again, “Is this the sixth level?”

Jackie shook his head again at that. Even though they might have been on the sixth level, he could not make that determination without more information.

Time slowly ticked away, and darkness shrouded both of them. As they started to feel lost, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them. It was a wise old man. The man had white robes on him and looked like a deity. His sudden appearance gave Jackie and Rudy a shock as they took a step backward.

The man slowly turned around, looking at both of them with an incredibly cold gaze. Jackie took a deep breath as he was suddenly on alert.

The man looked at Jackie for a while before saying with a cold tone, “Don’t enter the sixth level. Hold on to the key. Once you have the skills to challenge the sixth level, you may come again.”

Jackie was stunned by those words, and he was no longer on alert. From the voice, he could tell that the man was the one who was reciting the rules. If Jackie was not wrong, that old man should not be human, but a shred of will left behind from ancient times. It might even be a spirit vessel.

No matter what, it was still something left behind from ancient times to help activate the arrays. Jackie took a deep breath and said, “You think that I don’t have what it takes to enter the sixth level right now? I’ll definitely lose the test there?”

Jackie’s voice had a tone of arrogance to it as he asked. This whole time, he had never failed. Even though he did not know what the test for the sixth level was, he should be able to easily get through it with his current skills.

Chapter 2897
He did not think that the old man was definitely right. Even if the old man was something left behind from ancient times, it would not change Jackie’s thoughts.

The old man had a look of disdain on his face when he heard Jackie’s response, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking. You’re definitely a lot stronger than those ants outside, but you’re nothing in my eyes. I know you have an upper ultimate god rank technique, but so what? Your skills are nothing special if you compare yourself to ancient warriors.”

Jackie was stunned at those words. He had thought that the old man said that because the old man did not know anything about him, but the old man had actually seen through what level Jackie’s technique was in an instant.

Jackie was taken aback by that.

Thinking about it, it did make sense. The old man was something left behind from ancient times. No matter what the old man was, he could control Thousand Leaves Tower. Anything that happened within the tower would naturally not escape his gaze. As long as the old man observed Jackie’s skills, the old man would be able to make a judgment.

Jackie frowned and replied, “My skills are nothing compared to ancient warriors?”

Jackie was not willing to accept that fact at all. He had already perfected an upper ultimate god rank technique. Even in first grade worlds, he would amount to something, let alone third grade worlds. However, the old man’s tone made Jackie feel like he was nothing.

The old man seemed to not want to bother dwelling on the problem with Jackie.

The old man slowly turned away from Jackie, “During ancient times, there were countless amazing masters, but a calamity happened, and most of those masters were lost. I said so not because I wanted to insult you, but it’s just that you really are quite ordinary compared to ancient warriors…”

Jackie took a deep breath, not countering with anything else. After all, he did not know what ancient times were like, nor did he know about how strong the warriors back then were.

Jackie calmed himself down, but Rudy looked like he had swallowed an egg whole. His mouth was gaping wide, and his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets. He could not believe what he had heard.

The old man actually said that Jackie was using an upper ultimate god rank technique and Jackie had silently agreed to it. It caused Rudy to doubt everything he knew.

Rudy had known that Jackie was strong, but he did not know that Jackie was strong enough to use an upper ultimate god rank technique. If Rudy told anyone that, they would probably think he was crazy. No one would believe what Rudy was saying.

It was an upper ultimate god rank technique, and Jackie actually managed to use it at the initial stage of the spring solidifying realm. It was too absurd… Even more absurd was the fact that the old man did not think that Jackie amounted to much despite that. He made the judgment that Jackie would not be able to pass the test of the sixth level. Little did Jackie know that Rudy’s jaw was about to fall off from the surprise.

Only one thought was in Jackie’s mind which was to know what kind of test awaited him. He wanted to know why the old man felt like him would not be able to pass. No matter what, Jackie had a lot of confidence in himself.

He took a step forward and said, “Could I trouble you to tell me what the test on the sixth level is? Even though I’m nothing to you, I still have some confidence in myself. If I can try it out, I would still want to…”

The old man raised a hand to stop Jackie before he could finish, looking at Jackie earnestly, “You definitely won’t be able to pass. Once the golden key in your hands changes color, then you’ll have the right to enter the sixth level, but that’s just the right…”

It was a completely barren land. Jackie and Rudy had already spent a day and a night walking in that barren land. It was the second day since they left Thousand Leaves City.

When Jackie understood that he would not be able to pass the sixth level for the moment, he did not continue dwelling on it. Just like Jackie had thought before, the two of them were sent out of Thousand Leaves City immediately.

Chapter 2898
Jackie looked down at the entry token in his hand. The entry token could not help Jackie get into a seventh level city but was actually only a guide toward the next city. Without the entry token, there was no way he could find the seventh level city even with all the skills in the world.

Jackie slowly started to understand that the Whirling World itself was a massive array. No matter how strong one was, they were insignificant in the whole of the Whirling World. They would never be able to shake the laws of the Whirling World. Even if they had a map, they still needed to move according to the rules of the Whirling World, slowly advancing deeper inside.

The more time passed, the more curious Jackie got about the Whirling World. He wanted to see what lies at the end of the Whirling World.

What secrets were hidden there? What were the Unbreaking Pavilion and Phoenix Valley planning?

Those thoughts kept on circling Jackie’s mind. From what he had gathered, the two forces definitely had an immense secret hidden.

Their plan might even involve the whole Hestia Continent. It was possible that every warrior who entered the Whirling World was just a chess piece for those forces. Jackie definitely did not want to be a chess piece. Even if he did not have the skills to be a chess player at that moment, he still did not want to be played around with by someone else. He wanted to slowly reveal the truth and walk his own path.

Rudy looked at the entry token in Jackie’s hand and Jackie’s resolved expression before asking, “What are you thinking about? Tell me where we’re going. I asked you, but you refused to tell me. I’m getting frustrated now. Why aren’t you telling me? I’ll know eventually anyway.”

Jackie looked at Rudy with a smile, “I’m not hiding anything from you. I just don’t know anything yet myself. When the entry token fell into my hand, a lot of information fell into my mind like before. I found out the locations of all the seventh level cities in the Whirling World. I’m just trying to figure out what city I want to go to next.”

Rudy frowned, saying, “What‘s there to figure out? Aren’t all the cities there seventh level cities? Can‘t you just pick any random one? The difficulty should more or less be the same, so what’s there to be conflicted over?”

Jackie let out a sigh as the token in his hand shook. He looked up into the distance, still seeing a vast expanse of nothingness. It was as if the barren lands had reached the end of the world.

He said in a calm tone, “It’s different, but there’s nothing else to think about now. We’ll be heading to Prosper City next. You’ll be able to show off your skills there. You won‘t be dependent on me.”

Rudy widened his eyes at Jackie’s words as he looked at Jackie with a confused expression, “What do you mean? I can show off my skills but I’d just be beaten up like trash. There’s nothing I can do…”

It was not that Rudy was putting himself down, it was just that Rudy’s mental state had suffered too much recently. Ever since they entered the Whirling World, he met so many masters. Even regular wandering warriors were able to beat him up easily.

Rudy had been living in self-doubt the whole time. Back then, he still had his arrogance and pride even if he lost to others, but that arrogance was slowly disappearing.

Jackie turned and looked at Rudy seriously, “Don’t look down on yourself like that. Everyone you’ve faced has been a warrior, but your true status is an alchemist. Prosper City is a city built for alchemists.”

Chapter 2899
Rudy stiffened at those words, suddenly getting excited and exclaimed, “A city for alchemists? Prosper City is a city for alchemists?!”

Jackie nodded as Jackie slowly raised his head, looking at the gray skies.

“The Whirling World is an incredibly special place. The other seventh level cities are more or less the same, but only Prosper City has an indication next to it. It’s written clearly that Prosper City was a city meant to test alchemists. All alchemists could head there.”

With Jackie’s confirmation, Rudy excitedly bounced around and cheered. He had an excited look on his face.

Jackie felt a little happy seeing how excited Rudy was. He had been wondering if he should head to Prosper City or somewhere else. In truth, Jackie had a lot of choices on hand. After all, he was not weak in any way. After thinking about it for a while, he decided on Prosper City.

Rudy was one of the reasons, but even more so was that he wanted to obtain the rewards from Prosper City. He might have done very well in Thousand Leaves City, but he had not gotten any rewards. Hence he wanted to get even more valuables from a seventh level city.

After thinking about it, he made Prosper City his mark. Prosper City had been built to test alchemists, so the contents would naturally target alchemists. The prizes awarded would definitely benefit alchemists as well. It might be some valuable and high grade materials. If it was useless to himself, he could sell them for spirit crystals. He could also use those materials to refine pills and sell the pills for even more spirit crystals.

For Jackie, the two most important things were to raise his skills and earn spirit crystals.

After Rudy danced around in excitement, he slowly started to calm down. However, he was still incredibly happy as he said, “Let’s hurry up and go! I can’t wait any longer. Do you know how stifled I’ve felt? Even though I’ve seen a lot moving forward with you, I wasn’t relying on myself in the end. It’ll be different in Prosper City. I can rely on myself for once!”

Jackie nodded as he patted Rudy on the shoulder, pointing forward and saying, “Prosper City is a distance away in this direction.”

Rudy nodded emotionally, and the two of them rapidly headed toward Prosper City.

“They really are a bit dumb. They should think about their orders before issuing them. How could Jackie possibly come to Prosper City? He’s so strong, that he would naturally choose other seventh level cities. Even though he has an alchemist’s robes on, no one knows if he deliberately wears them to trick others. He might’ve just bought that badge from somewhere.”

Chapter 2900
“When have you ever seen an alchemist that’s so strong? All alchemists throw themselves into the art, how could they have time to practice combat?!”

Gent Morales was an alchemist that was raised by the Unbreaking Pavilion. He had quite a lot of pride. The Unbreaking Pavilion was somewhere that cultivated warriors, so alchemists only took up a small percentage. When they were in the clan, they were respected because of their status as an alchemist. However, the chosen disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion would never bother showing respect to alchemists of their level. The chosen disciples felt like alchemists were just there to provide a service, and that alchemists were nothing that special.

That was why Gent did not really like warriors that much.

Mark Wright was the leader of all the alchemists from the Unbreaking Pavilion for the trip to the Whirling World, and could naturally not let the emotions get the better of him like this.

Mark stared at Gent and said, “Since it’s an order from above, we have to obey. You don’t have to care if Jackie is coming here or anywhere else. We just have to listen to the orders from the higher ups. As long as we see Jackie, we have to report his whereabouts. We can’t let him have an easy time!”

Gent raised an eyebrow, “Who exactly did Jackie offend? Why are we even doing this? They’re just issuing orders without explaining anything.”

Mark frowned, feeling like Gent was crossing the line a bit. However, Gent really did have some skill, so Mark could not offend Gent too much.

Mark was forced to patiently say, “Only a few people know of the secret behind this.”

Gent snorted as he looked at Mark, “I don’t know if anyone else knows about it, but I know that you definitely do. I do know why even if you don’t tell me. Many of our people died in Black Sun City, everyone’s already saying that someone called Jackie did it. It has to be because of that, right? In my opinion, so what if all of them died? They just didn’t have the skills, and were killed. We had so many people, but Jackie still escaped. Who‘s to blame but themselves for being trash?”

Mark angrily berated, “Shut up right now. This is not something you can talk about. No matter what, we just need to follow orders…”

After Mark said that, Gent’s lips twitched unhappily, but he did not want to fight against Mark in front of so many people. That would be too mean. Even though Gent had always done whatever he wanted to, Gent still did not want to cross the line too much.

Mark glanced at Gent in disdain. If Gent had not been so skilled, Mark would not have chosen Gent to be a part of the team back then.

He did not want to bother sparing Gent another look as he turned and continued walking forward. There were twenty alchemists from the Unbreaking Pavilion who arrived at Prosper City. Those twenty alchemists were all excellent alchemists that the Unbreaking Pavilion had spent a lot of resources bringing up.

If not for that order, the twenty of them would have probably already entered the city. However, the order instructed them to stay out of the city for six days. It was already the third day, so some of them were a little frustrated.

Mark had already walked elsewhere because of how unhappy he was with Gent.

Some of the alchemists followed Mark as well. The alchemists of the Unbreaking Pavilion suddenly split into two factions. Those who remained were the ones who were unhappy about the order.


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