No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2887

All of the disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion probably already knew what Jackie looked like.

Jackie let out a sigh. He then said, “They know how I look and that I’m called Jackie. They know I’m skilled as well, but they don’t know where I’m from. It means that they only knew of me from the Whirling World!”

Rudy nodded, looking at Jackie respectfully. He had been so confused about everything, but Jackie had started to analyze things earnestly. Everything Jackie said seemed logical.

Jackie continued, “If they did not know me from what I did in Black Sun City, then it had to be someone from Thousand Leaves City who recorded me and sent it over. Before we entered Thousand Leaves City, we met quite a few people, but there were no disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion among them. Even if I did well, there could not have been any disciples sending my image over… So I’m sure that the person who recorded my image must be a warrior we met after entering the Thousand Leaves Tower.”

Hearing that, Jackie suddenly remembered Cody Stone.

After entering the Thousand Leaves Tower, Cody had been the disciples that had left the biggest impression on him. However, he had not had any conflicts with Cody. Cody probably did not even know who he was. Cody had already gotten into the second level when he defeated Vale.

Thinking about that, Jackie said helplessly, “Could it really be because I’ve been doing too well? That’s why a disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion took down my image and broadcast it. Do they really want me to join the Unbreaking Pavilion?”

Rudy nodded, feeling like that was the most plausible explanation. After all, they had not had any fights with the Unbreaking Pavilion after Black Sun City.

Jackie sighed again, “Even if it’s very possible, I don’t think it’s reliable. When has the Unbreaking Pavilion ever lacked disciples? Even if they did, they would not try to invite me to join like this. Furthermore, Edgar clearly had other intentions when he was talking to me. He definitely did not mean well. How could he be talking to me in that manner if he wants to be my fellow disciple..?”

After saying that, someone’s image flashed in Jackie’s mind. He stiffened suddenly as an answer that was closer to the truth appeared in his heart.

He widened his eyes as he said slowly, “We didn’t just meet Cody! There’s also Grayson, who was wearing the clothes of the Unbreaking Pavilion!”

The moment Jackie said that Rudy stiffened as well. He finally realized that there was Grayson.

On the second level, Rudy had been unable to control himself when he saw Grayson again and started to interrogate him.

Grayson had acted too strangely then. He was even wearing the uniform of the Unbreaking Pavilion. Rudy had not gotten any answers and had been lectured by Jackie as well. He had thought that it would all be in the past, but he never expected what happened today to be tied with that.

Rudy took a deep breath, “So you think that Grayson was the one who did it? He was the one who broadcasted how you looked using a special array?!”


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