No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2886

The more Jackie thought about it, the more confused he got.

Edgar and Albert who were next to him were already coming to verbal blows. The two of them could not stand the sight of each other, and Albert had even interfered with this.

How could Edgar take that?

Edgar shouted loudly at Albert, “Just you wait! I definitely won’t let you off. Even if we can’t fight here, I’ll find you when we get out! Don’t think you can continue bragging in front of me!”

Albert laughed, saying nonchalantly, “You talk like you’re strong enough to have me on my knees if we meet again. You’re clearly the weaker one because talking is all you do!”

Jackie frowned as he looked at the both of them arguing. He felt like his ears were buzzing. He turned around and walked in another direction as he did not want to bother with them anymore.

Edgar’s plans had already been exposed. It would only cause suspicion if he continued, and he would have nothing to gain, so Edgar did not stop Jackie from leaving.

Rudy followed behind Jackie, and the two of them found a spacious place.

Jackie had been frowning the whole time as various emotions flashed in Jackie’s eyes.

Rudy whispered the thoughts in his head, “What’s up with that Edgar person? How did he recognize you? How did you know you were strong? He even tried to figure out where you’re from. What’s he doing all this for? Albert was right, Edgar definitely had other intentions trying to approach you. It’s definitely nothing good!”

Jackie sighed as he turned to look at Rudy earnestly. In truth, he should be quietly thinking about things at that moment, but Rudy was right beside him and knew everything as well.

He felt like discussing things with Rudy might yield something as he said, “He should have not recognized me through those wandering warriors… “

After saying that, Jackie told Rudy about his earlier thoughts. After Rudy heard Jackie’s explanation, he nodded earnestly, “You’re right. We had a good look at all the wandering warriors then, if they had used any recording arrays, we’d have immediately noticed. Yet, everyone had been fixated on going into Black Sun City.”

Jackie nodded as he continued, “The wandering warriors did not record my appearance, but someone else must have. Someone had definitely recorded my image and somehow sent the information over. That’s how Albert recognized me all the way in Cloud City.”

Rudy nodded, “Then the most important question is here. Who used an array to record your appearance?”

There was a special array that could allow a person’s appearance to be recorded perfectly in it. It could even send that information out through special methods. However, the arrays were incredibly expensive, so regular people could not possibly own any.

The fact that Edgar recognized Jackie at a glance was definitely thanks to that special array. Someone had recorded Jackie’s image and sent it to the other eighth level cities.


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