No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2885

Albert’s words exposed Edgar’s motives, leaving the man completely furious.

At this point, asking Jackie more questions would be too obvious, and anyone would be on alert after that. Thus, Edgar could not proceed as he planned.

The desire to rip Albert to shreds thickened as he panted furiously, pointing at Albert. “Only petty men think everyone’s a thief. I never thought about that at all! I just wanted to have a chat with Jackie. Where did you hear that I’m trying to look into things?”

Albert raised an eyebrow, answering earnestly, “You were constantly asking where Jackie’s from. Didn’t you just say that he should just tell you where he’s from since things were already at that point? Isn’t that just you revealing your intentions? You don’t know him at all, yet you tried to be so nice to him. With your temperament, there’s no way you’d act like that without a goal!”

Those words deflated Edgar. He looked at Albert hatefully as he gritted his teeth angrily. However, there was nothing he could do.

Everyone around them could see for themselves what had happened, it was obvious what Edgar had been doing at that point.

Edgar truly did try to pry into Jackie’s background, but why the need to do so?

Jackie quietly stood by the side as he looked at the two of them arguing. He had already figured out what Albert‘s intentions were from Albert’s second question. Various questions and speculations started to surface in his mind.

How did Edgar recognize him? How was Edgar sure that Jackie was strong?

After all, Edgar was not from Thousand Leaves City, so he could not have gotten that information.

Why did Edgar want to know where he was from? What was the reason?

Various things played around in Jackie’s mind, and an ominous feeling rose in his mind. Edgar‘s actions made Jackie raise his guard. True, he had encountered a lot of things, and his skills had improved greatly. However, there should have been no way for Edgar to know who he was. After all, he had killed off all the disciples from the Unbreaking Pavilion in Black Sun City.

The wandering warriors might have seen him, but they did not have any special ways to record what he looked like. Even those wandering cultivators could only convey how he looked by describing him or drawing him, but that was not enough for Edgar to recognize him at a glance.

Thinking about that, Jackie shook his head, denying that possibility. Edgar could not possibly recognize him through the wandering warriors, so who was the one who recognized him?

They could have gotten Jackie‘s name, of course, as his rough appearance through the wandering warriors, but that was not enough to recognize him at a glance. Since it was not the wandering warriors, it had to be someone he met in Thousand Leaves City.

Before entering Thousand Leaves City, he had some conflicts, but none of them involved the Unbreaking Pavilion. After entering Thousand Leaves Tower, he had not had any fights with disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion, but he did have an issue or two with the Compass Pavilion instead.


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