No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2884

Despite the smile on Edgar’s face, his eyes seemed to be scowling at Jackie. Even Rudy, standing next to Jackie, could see through his intentions.

Rudy frowned as various thoughts flashed in his head. First of all, he did not know who Edgar was. Furthermore, Edgar had not gotten through to the fifth level from Thousand Leaves City, but from another city instead.

Rudy would not be so confused if Edgar had been from Thousand Leaves City. After all, so many things had happened since they entered the Thousand Leaves Tower, and a few people had witnessed Jackie’ s strength. Even though they had some conflicts with the Unbreaking Pavilion in Black Sun City, the disciples that saw Jackie had all died. Even if those wandering warriors had told the Unbreaking Pavilion about Jackie, Rudy noticed just how eerily swift Edgar recognized Jackie.

That could not have happened, even if those wandering warriors had described how Jackie looked. After all, there was no way to perfectly describe how someone looked. Those thoughts constantly flashed in Rudy’s mind, and he was filled with doubt

Edgar’s words and actions were too confusing.

How did Edgar know who Jackie was? Could Edgar have known Jackie before entering the Whirling World?

Jackie raised an eyebrow and looked at Edgar, barely reacting to Edgar’s words.

Edgar started to get angry when he saw that Jackie did not seem willing to play along, even after he had made things so clear. Even if Edgar had other intentions, he was someone of high status. He could not bear to be ignored like that.

Jackie was overstepping his boundaries.

Albert let out a sneer. “Edgar, he doesn’t want to talk with you at all. Can’t you tell? Do you think the Unbreaking Pavilion is the best clan in all of Hestia? Do you think anyone would join just because you asked them to? He has his own background if he’s strong, so why are you rambling here?”

Edgar frowned as he shot Albert an angry look. The two of them were practically mortal enemies at that point, and Albert was, of course, happy to see Edgar suffering.

Albert smiled and walked over, giving Jackie a once-over. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary about Jackie, and he had seen how Edgar behaved. He knew Edgar had other intentions. Naturally, he would not let him get what he wanted.

He let out a laugh as he said, facing Jackie, “Haven’t you heard that those with ill intentions never give off good vibes?”

After he said that, everyone knew that there were some intentions behind those words.

Edgar shouted angrily, “What do you mean? I’m just chatting with Jackie, not you! Ill intentions? You’re the one with ill intentions. I just wanted to have a chat with him. Everyone respects the strong. I’ve heard about Jackie before, and I’m just that curious about him. That’s why I wanted to talk to him a little.”

Albert raised an eyebrow and said in disdain, “Only an idiot would believe that. You said all that earlier to try and figure out where Jackie is from!”


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