No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2883

Rudy seemed to have gained slight interest in the situation and wanted to properly talk about it with Jackie. “It’s so relaxing not being targeted by anyone,” he mused, “And we don’t have to argue with idiots! No wonder you always give me that look like I’m a fool… I finally understand now. These ignorant people don’t know what level you‘ve reached. Things we talk about might sound normal to us, but they’ll just think we’re bragging. They would just try to push us down…”

“You’re Jackie?” interjected a new voice, inquisitive, before Rudy could finish.

Jackie frowned as a flash of disgust crossed his face. At this point, he felt like he could rage if anyone, except for Rudy, called out to him.

Alas, he had to look up in acknowledgment.

The moment he looked up, he saw Edgar smiling right at him, much to Jackie’s surprise. After all, Edgar had just been intensely quarreling with Albert and looked like he wanted nothing more than to beat up Albert.

Jackie had just been exchanging a few words with Rudy when the guy ran right in front of him. At a glance, he looked like bad news already.

Jackie frowned, not. wanting to have much to do with Edgar.

If it had been any other warrior, they might have tried to curry favor with Edgar thanks to his background. However, Jackie could not be bothered with the guy and merely nodded coldly without saying anything.

Edgar did not have too big of a reaction toward Jackie’s attitude. It was a far cry from the explosive temper he showed earlier. He let out a smile as he walked two steps forward, standing next to Jackie.

At this moment, Jackie grew even more irked as he eyed the man coldly, asking, “How do you know me? I don’t think I’ve met you before. Do you need something?”

Edgar let out a laugh as he shook his head. “Why are you being so cautious? I’ve just heard that you’re very talented but don’t have much of a background. I wanted to invite you to join the Unbreaking Pavilion. You should at least be an inner disciple if you join the Unbreaking Pavilion! Of course, if you’re already part of anywhere else, then I won’t be saying this…”

Jackie frowned.

Edgar was trying to pull Jackie into the Unbreaking Pavilion?

No matter how Jackie thought about it, he felt unsettled. The goal was definitely not that.

Jackie took a deep breath. “I don’t come from anywhere, I’m already used to working alone. The Unbreaking Pavilion is large as it is, and I’d just be a small fish there. It‘s better for me to swim around among the normal warriors.”

Jackie was already being very polite, but Edgar decided to brush it aside as he said with amusement, “Oh, no need to joke around! We’re not idiots here. I heard that your skills and talents are all among the best. Even chosen disciples of high-ranked clans might not be able to beat you.”

The moment he said that, everyone turned around to look at Jackie with curiosity. Edgar’s evaluation had been incredibly high earlier.

If anyone else had said this, they might have doubted it was true. However, it was Edgar, a man from the Unbreaking Pavilion, who said this, so everyone believed it. After all, anyone who knew that Edgar was someone incredibly arrogant. He never admitted defeat to anyone, so Jackie must have been skilled enough to earn his praise.

Jackie let out a sneer when he heard Edgar’s flattery.

Edgar would not praise him for no reason. After all, he had interacted with disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion a few times, and not once did he have a good impression. He knew that everyone from that clan was insufferably arrogant. Edgar had a different goal in mind for sure.

Just as Jackie expected, Edgar continued, “You’re very strong and so talented! You have a lot of resources to support you and elders to teach you. I’ve already said all this to you, so are you going to insist on hiding things?”


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