No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2882

Rudy frowned and said, “Everyone here is talking with such interest, but none of them grasped the main point. None of them know that Phoenix Valley and the Unbreaking Pavilion are just fighting on the surface, putting on a show for the other forces in Middle Province.”

Jackie nodded. “Meanwhile, the other forces are probably all busy trying to figure out what’s so amazing that the two of them would start fighting. None of them have intervened, probably because they want to see if they can take advantage of the situation. They don’t know at all that they’ve been tricked. They’ve all been played like fools.”

Rudy let out a laugh as he nodded. “It’s nice looking at others’ fights. No wonder everyone loves to join in on everything. The arguments on the fourth level were because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, so I’ll keep quiet this time. Even if l have anything to say, I’ll lower my voice and make sure no one hears me. That way, no one will trouble us, right?”

Despite his words, there was a sliver of uncertainty in his voice. He was already afraid of causing any trouble. Wherever he went, some lunatic would be hostile toward them, and as such, they never had a moment of peace.

Jackie knew what Rudy was thinking of when he looked at Rudy’s expression, so he let out a small smile as he nodded, patting Rudy on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry this time, no one here knows who I am,” assured Jackie. “As long as we’re careful, they won’t cause us any trouble. There’s only one goal for us, which is to get through the test on the fifth level and get to the sixth.”

Rudy nodded, patting his chest. “You’re right. Everyone here is from different cities. They’ve never met us and definitely don’t know us. They won’t cause us any trouble for no reason…”

Meanwhile, Edgar let out another shout, “Stop spouting nonsense at me! Do you think I don’t know that you put in so much effort just to meet me in the same city? Aren’t you here because you want to embarrass me? Let me tell you, you no longer have any grounds to humiliate me. You’re no match for me at all. I’ll just squash you!”

Hearing that, Albert could not stop himself from laughing as he looked at Edgar as though he was a fool.

“What are you talking about? Why would I bother trying to meet you? Who do you think you are?”

The two of them no longer cared about their station as they started to say whatever came to their minds.

Edgar’s face darkened as he sneered, “I heard that you never planned on entering Cloud City, but why are you here now?”

That was his strongest proof, but Albert seemed to disagree with a bewildered frown.

“Cloud City? I entered Crescent Moon City! It’s eighteen miles away from Cloud City!”

The two of them immediately calmed down after they said that. Everyone around them started to widen their eyes. The more quick-witted people, meanwhile, began questioning each other about their origins. Everyone was shocked upon hearing each other‘s responses.

They were all from different cities and had passed the tests for the fourth level and arrived in the fifth, hence how everyone was gathered here. After figuring things out, everyone had looks of shock on their faces, other than Jackie and Rudy.

Rudy whispered into Jackie’s ear, “These idiots finally figured it out. I thought that talented warriors would at least be close to you in intelligence. I thought that they’d figure out something was wrong when they got to the fifth level and figure out things about this place. I thought too highly of them, it seems.”

Jackie smiled, not saying anything.


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