No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2881

What the other warriors there never expected was the fact that the animosity between these parties would be so direct, they were right on each other’s faces!

If not for the restrictions in place, they might have fought each other on the spot.

A few people started to whisper amongst themselves, and the two standing in front of Jackie, in particular, chatted interestedly.

“Even if we don’t get anything from the fifth level, just this show alone would be worth it…”

“That’s true. Phoenix Valley and the Unbreaking Pavilion are that hostile. I heard that they won’t even bother talking and just jump straight into beating each other up unless rules prevent them. I wonder how many people have died recently.”

“Did a lot of people die? Are they crazy? Don’t they know that they’ll just get taken advantage of by a third party? The two forces are fighting so intensely. If a lot of people die, other forces will definitely be paying attention. If the number of their elites waned down, they’ll get attacked for sure. They‘ll disappear from the Hestia Continent completely!”

“I doubt the higher-ups of the two forces wouldn’t know something so blatant that even you’d know. There must be something at work if the two forces are going to war. What is happening now, really?”

“Don’t they both have the keys to the Valley of Enlightenment?”

“What do you know? If it’s just for those keys, they wouldn‘t fight to such an extreme! Something must be happening behind the scenes.”

Everyone else started to throw guesses while Edgar and Albert were bickering. Everyone was wondering what the reason for the war starting was. They would not believe the reason that those two forces had given up, it was too easy for such a guess. Anyone with the slightest common sense knew that those two forces would be taken advantage of.

Oddly, the Unbreaking Pavilion and Phoenix Valley did not care about using up important resources as they headed into war. There had to be a reason that the war was necessary. The reason had not been announced, of course, so it had to be a secret kept under tight scrutiny.

Some speculated further.

“I think that Phoenix Valley and the Unbreaking Pavilion must be fighting for a treasure that can make them a ninth-grade clan. Otherwise, there’s no way they are fighting over it so intensely.”

“Hey, you might be onto something here! Even if it’s not something that can make them a ninth-grade clan like you said, it must be something incredibly valuable.”

“Both parties refuse to spill anything, though. Many forces are trying so hard to find out what’s happening but have all failed to get even a single bit of news. It’s rather vexing.”

The discussions did not stop, and Rudy and Jackie merely listened in quietly from behind. After a while, the two of them discussed the matter as well.

The point Rudy was the most fixated on was that they had not figured out the reason for everything. All they knew was that the Unbreaking Pavilion and Phoenix Valley were just fighting outwardly when all this while, they had some sort of cooperation going on in secret.

As for what they were working on, no one knew that. Fights between two people were usually because of grudges, but clans would not let something like that control their emotions.


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