No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2880

After saying that, Rudy gaped slightly in surprise. It really was a stroke of mastery. Even if Rudy had looked into arrays and formations before, he could not help but lament the fact that the ancient civilizations had such an amazing mastery of them.

He knew that any array in the current world could never do that, so Rudy lamented, “The ancient civilizations really were amazing. The things they do aren’t things that warriors like us can even imagine.”

Hearing his words, Jackie merely let out a slight laugh.

After absorbing the memories of the Divine Void World‘s ancient warriors, those amazing feats were nothing to him. In his memories, there were even greater feats.

“I thought that I won‘t be meeting any disciples from Phoenix Valley for a while,” said a man with the uniform of the Unbreaking Pavilion. His gaze was directed at a man in crimson robes.

Hearing Phoenix Valley being mentioned, Jackie and Rudy perked up in alert as they looked toward the man in the crimson robes. Thankfully, they had never seen the man before.

True enough, that man was wearing the clothes of a disciple of Phoenix Valley. With how he carried himself, he was someone at the peak of inner disciples, if not a chosen disciple.

The man let out a slight laugh. “I knew you wouldn’t have anything good to say after meeting me. You lost to me in the last round, Edgar Loupe. Are you that bitter that you can’t accept that?”

It seemed that the disciple of the Unbreaking Pavilion was called Edgar.

Edgar narrowed his eyes like an angered tiger as he turned around and shouted at the crimson-robed man, “Cease your snippy remarks, Albert Hunt! Even if I lost to you by a hair strand, it was just because I was unlucky. It doesn’t mean I’m weaker than you. If the two of us face each other again, I’ll definitely win it convincingly. Don’t be so pleased with your past results!”

Albert snorted as he looked at Edgar condescendingly. “Are you such a sore loser? You talk like you’re stronger than me, but you lost to me! You say you lost by just a hair strand, but I think you lost by miles. You lost so completely, but you’re trying to be so arrogant here. Do you think that you can say whatever you want just because no one here saw our battle?”

Those words thoroughly angered Edgar. He rushed right forward and was only a meter away from Albert. He stared right at Albert, looking like he wanted to push Albert down with the pressure alone.

“You think I’m lying? You know yourself who’s the one saying whatever they want! How many times have you bragged in front of me just because of that one result between the two of us? I‘ve told you before: as long as there’s a chance for both of us to compete again, I’ll squash you!”

The tense atmosphere between the two of them attracted a lot of curious gazes. They had not lowered their voices, so everyone around them got the gist of things from their conversation.

One of them was from Phoenix Valley, while the other was from the Unbreaking Pavilion. The two clans were quite even in strength. Even though Phoenix Valley was not ranked among the clans, everyone in Middle Province with a bit of understanding knew that Phoenix Valley was no weaker than any eighth-grade clans. Even among eighth-grade clans, they would be at the peak, about equal to the Unbreaking Pavilion. The two forces had suddenly gone to war, so the warriors within those two forces would understandably have a lot of animosity among them.


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