No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2879

He frowned. “A hundred people? You’d have to wait a little longer then, no? I was looking around us when you were taking the test in the fourth level, but even until we left, only you passed. Based on that pace, waiting for a hundred people may take a long time. Wouldn’t you be wasting a great deal of time? Before entering the Whirling World, I felt like two years was too long. Only after arriving here did I realize that two years is actually quite short. We‘re only in an eighth-grade city, and there are even more cities after this that we’ll need even more time to challenge.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he looked up to the skies.

They were on the fifth level of the tower, and no matter where he looked, all he saw was white. It was as if they entered a massive white box, and it was disconcerting. He sighed and said, “There are a lot of eighth-grade cities. Gathering a hundred people might not take that long…”

Jackie’s words stunned Rudy, who frowningly looked at him in confusion. He had been about to ask a question when he suddenly heard a crackling sound.

The cold voice was heard again, “Array, activate!”

The moment the words were heard, the white disappeared as noises suddenly flooded the atmosphere.

Rudy jumped back in fright, and it took a while for him to look out around in fear.

They were in a barren land. The temperature had gone up a few degrees as well. Looking up, a faint yellow crescent moon hung in the sky. Rudy could only feel a barren sense from the environment.

The noise they heard was actually from other people. The two of them were not the only people there, there were 100 people, too. All of them stood not far away from the two of them, and everyone had looks of alarm on their faces. It was obvious that no one expected that to happen.

Compared to everyone else, Jackie was noticeably calm. Some people there looked foreign. It was obvious that everyone was meeting at the same time.

Rudy did not forget what Jackie had just said earlier. Not fully grasping what he meant, he asked in a whisper, “What did you mean earlier?”

Jackie sighed as he looked at the warriors around them. “It looks like I’m right… The warriors gathered here aren‘t just from Thousand Leaves City.”

Rudy finally understood what Jackie had meant earlier. Jackie felt like the people gathered there were chosen from all the eighth-grade cities.

Rudy frowned, thinking about it for a while before he quickly nodded. Jackie was right, he believed. That was the only way that a hundred people would be gathered there.

Thinking about it, he felt like it was a bit unbelievable. “Before we entered Thousand Leaves City, we looked around us and didn’t notice any other cities. Even if it’s through a large-scale transfer array, it’d take a very long time…”

Before he could finish, Jackie raised a hand to stop him as he turned to look at Rudy. “I know what you want to say, but the Whirling World was left behind from ancient times. We can’t just judge it like that. They definitely used some special array to link up all the eighth-grade cities. All the eighth-grade cities will be transferred here on the fifth level.”


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