No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2878

There were a lot of discussions around them. The ones around Jackie could hear everything. When the question about how long Jackie had been in the crystal ball’s dimension was asked, all of them exhibited poor emotions.

They were hesitant to say anything and were embarrassed beyond relief. They wanted to tell everyone that the person sitting here was a demon, but they were afraid that Jackie might just punish them for it. They were certain that Jackie came from a large clan, or he would not have been that strong!

The vermillion glow slowly faded with time, and once the glow vanished, the ball turned into a token. The token had a vermillion glow to it with the words “Entry Token” written on it.

Rudy looked at Jackie happily. “The entry token for the fifth level!”

Jackie nodded, not showing any emotion on his face. To him, he was bound to enter the fifth level. Only those around them would feel like Jackie had expended great effort to obtain the token.

Jackie did not delay as he stood up from the spot and shot Rudy a look. The two of them headed to the entrance of the fifth level.

The entrance of the fifth level was concealed, it was impossible to spot it if one did not know what they were looking for. Thankfully, the information was registered into Jackie’s mind before they entered, clearly showing the position of the entrance.

After they entered the fifth level, Rudy looked around and asked curiously, “This is the fifth level? Why isn’t anything here? I don’t even see anyone else.”

The fifth level was far too different from his expectations. It was not as loud as the first or second levels, and there were no grasslands like the third either. Instead, it was desolate. Whether it be the ground or the skies, it was completely white. It was so white that it was unsettling. Even if it was harder to get into the fifth level, there were a lot of them who passed and entered the fifth level.

Strangely, they had not seen another person other than one another after they entered.

It scared Rudy a little. He felt like he had entered a completely unknown world, and the mystery filled him with fear.

He could not stop himself from retreating behind Jackie as he then whispered, “Why is it so creepy here? It’s all white around us, but there are only two of us here. Where are the others who passed? Could the fifth level be a solo level? Would I drag you down by being here?”

Just as he asked that question, a flat voice was suddenly heard from the space around them. The voice was clear and cold, like an impartial judge.

“Ninety-seven. Once a hundred are gathered, the array will restart.”

The atmosphere fell into silence once more, which scared Rudy even more.

He raised his head to look at Jackie. “What? Ninety-seven? Why do they need a hundred to restart the array?”

Jackie looked at the entry token before saying after some thought, “If I’m not mistaken, the array will activate each time a hundred are gathered here. The array must‘ve been reactivated a few times already. I’m the ninety-seventh person upon entrance.”

Jackie’s explanation was not that detailed, but Rudy understood. It meant that the array needed a hundred people to activate.


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