No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2877

‘Demon’ was the only way they could describe Jackie as his skills completely exceeded all of their expectations. After all, they had all gone through the first stage.

Jackie did not bother with any of their surprise at all as he closed his eyes again as his soul went through the crystal ball.

To Jackie, this was an insignificant place. His final goal was the sixth or the seventh level. Only by constantly moving up could he gain even more resources. Back when he was in Black Sun City, he had obtained the Purple Soul Fruit, Purple Soul Crystal, and other valuable treasures. An eighth-level city was a level higher than a ninth-level city where better treasures could be obtained.

Thankfully, he had picked a more secluded spot, so the commotion did not attract too much attention. Those people who saw Jackie’s skills did not dare spread the word around out of fear.

After five minutes, the blue crystal turned green, signifying that Jackie had passed the second stage and arrived at the third stage. Killing those two wind beasts was a breeze for him. After all, no matter how impressive those wind beasts looked, their techniques were only at the middle stage of the earth rank. There might have been one more beast compared to the first stage, but the level of the wind beast did not increase.

The third stage was different. The wind beast from the third stage had an upper earth rank technique. Regardless, Jackie broke no sweat for it, having mastered Destroying the Void.

At that moment, Jackie did not feel any pressure at all, just like during the first stage. He held his sword tightly, letting out another slash when the wind beast launched its upgraded technique at Jackie.

The gray slash clashed with the blade of wind. With a screech, the wind blade shattered, powerless against the slash. The slash suddenly appeared before the wind beast. With a cry of agony, the wind beast retreated backward while Jackie’s hands moved as he activated the laws of space.

The sword slash disappeared on the spot. When it appeared again, it was already at the wind beast’s forehead. With a squelch, the wind beast let out a cry of agony as it collapsed onto the ground. After turning around, it finally stopped breathing.

Jackie let out a smile as the world before him started to spin. When he opened his eyes again, he was already out of the crystal ball. At that moment, the ball in his hand was already vermillion.

The vermillion glow was reflected on Jackie’s clothes, looking very lively. Jackie raised an eyebrow, saying, “It was no challenge.”

Everyone’s expression twisted when they heard Jackie’s first words, not even daring to compare themselves to him. Jackie had gone through every stage in the same duration. Each time, it was so easy that everyone wondered if the orb in Jackie’s hands was different from theirs.

All Jackie’s words did was make them bitter. The stages they could not pass, despite trying their best, were no challenge at all to Jackie. Compared to him, they were not even worth trash!

The squinty-eyed man’s expression was sour. His lips twitched as he struggled to even find words to say. He wanted to disappear from the place.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as the ball in his hand glowed brighter and brighter, and it attracted a lot of attention. At that moment, some of them finally noticed Jackie.

“Someone else passed! How long has this person been here?”

“I don’t know. He’s sitting in such a secluded space. I didn‘t notice him, but regardless, he still passed. This stage is too hard, though. l feel like this level will eliminate half of us. I’m jealous every time I see someone pass.”


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