No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2876

Rudy sneered as he ignored the words aimed their way.

“You lot are just clowns to me!”

The squinty-eyed man’s face reddened in anger. “You delinquents truly are a piece of work! If you truly think this guy can kill a wind beast in half an hour…”

Before the squinty-eyed man could finish, he heard sharp inhales from those around him. He thus stopped as he looked around at everyone.

He frowned and said, “Why do all of you seem so surprised?”

The white-robed man paled as he pointed at Jackie. “Look at him!”

The squinty-eyed man hurriedly turned to look in the direction the white-robed man was pointing. He saw Jackie staring at him with a cold gaze. In Jackie’s hand, the purple crystal ball had already turned from purple to blue.

He passed, and it did not even take him that long!

Everyone had only exchanged a few words, it had not even been 10 minutes. It was five minutes at most, but the brat had already passed!

The squinty-eyed man was filled with disbelief as his gaze toward Jackie lost all ounce of disdain, replaced with horror instead. Only someone immensely talented would have been able to do that.

He had passed earlier, yet it had taken him a great deal of effort to turn the blue orb to purple, passing the first stage. He remembered that the wind beast would not attack instantly after going into the crystal ball. Only after the two of them stared at each other for a while did the wind beast start attacking.

Warriors would usually not attack immediately after entering the crystal world unless there were special circumstances. They were one to observe their opponents, thus they waited for the wind beast to attack before they did anything. After all, they needed some time to acclimate themselves. If Jackie did what the warriors did upon entering the crystal ball and did not attack immediately, it meant that his battle would have ended earlier.

The squinty-eyed man shuddered at the possibility. He even started to wonder if he was dreaming. Otherwise, something so absurd would not have happened.

The white-robed man trembled as he said, “Could you be the chosen disciple of a ninth-grade clan?!”

That was the only thing he could deduce from this. To him, only chosen disciples of a ninth-grade clan could pass in such a short duration.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not really caring about their surprise, while Rudy was pleased. After all, all of these people had tried so hard to put them down and deny Jackie’s skill, much to his chagrin.

Rudy turned to look at everyone. “Didn’t I already tell you to not judge Jackie with your standards? You’re the ignorant ones here!” he spoke, enunciating his last sentence as he did.

To this, no one dared to retort and refute. Rudy was not too harsh with his words either, they truly were ignorant.

They never expected Jackie to really be so skilled. Normally, regular warriors like them would never be able to interact with talented warriors. They never expected to encounter such a demon.


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