No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2875

Jackie heard a loud explosion.

At that moment, he was not actually within the crystal ball. Instead, the crystal ball used Jackie’s soul to recreate a replica of him to battle against the wind beast. The real Jackie was still on the fourth level with his eyes closed, still seated, his soul within the crystal ball.

Ever since Jackie closed his eyes and entered the crystal ball, Rudy had been staring at Jackie, expectation written all over his face.

The squinty-eyed man no longer wanted to say anything before the results were out, thanks to what Jackie said. However, when he saw Rudy’s look of anticipation, he could not stop himself from mocking him.

“The more hope you have, the more disappointed you’ll be. Surely you know that? Don’t think that he’ll be able to get good results here just because he’s the strongest in your world. Even a chosen disciple of one of the strongest seventh-grade clans used up an hour before they got past the first stage. It’d be good enough if Jackie manages to do it in twelve hours. Of course, that’s if he’s smart enough to not let the wind beast get him!”

The white-robed man behind verbally agreed, saying, “That‘s right! But with how the guy was earlier, he’s probably not that smart. If he’s not intelligent enough, he’ll only think of facing the wind beast head-on. The wind beast’s skill is an absolute killing technique. To be honest, it’s even stronger than ordinary middle earth rank techniques. You should know what a technique of that level represents.”

“This kid is obviously inexperienced. He’s probably never seen the power of a middle earth rank technique before. If this kid insists on facing the wind beast head-on, he might be ripped apart by the wind beast’s claws. If that happens, his soul will be damaged, and he’ll wake up in a pathetic state.”

Rudy shot these people a cold stare. He had just said a few words, yet it actually wounded their dignity!

This was why they held no reservations in mocking Jackie. It was the first time Rudy experienced how annoying people who overvalued their dignity could be.

“You ignorant fools only know how to insult others,” sneered Rudy. “You haven’t seen the results yet, so how do you know that the wind beast’ s claws will rip Jackie? If you don’t have the skills, don’t use your perspective on others. Don’t you know that…”

“What did you say, you brat?!” The squinty-eyed man almost jumped up.

Rudy’s words hurt even more than what Jackie had said. If it were not for the restriction of the laws, the squinty-eyed man would have attacked Rudy.

Rudy smirked when he saw how furious the man was. The white-clothed man and the other spectators started to speak among themselves. Everyone felt like Rudy was far too obnoxious and that he needed a beating.

The white-robed man raised his voice and snarled, “You should be glad that there are laws protecting you on the fourth level. Otherwise, you won‘t be able to leave this place alive. You’d die a horrible death!”

Rudy had heard so many similar speeches that he felt impervious to them. It was like everyone who was against him would say something like that.

Jackie had heard more than he did, too.


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