No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2874

The squinty-eyed man’s expression stiffened, and everyone else reeled back in shock at Jackie’s attitude. After all, they did not know how skilled Jackie actually was or where Jackie was from.

Anyone who entered the fourth level was not to be underestimated. They were worried that they had stumbled upon an actual threat and that they would be dealt with after leaving the tower. However, the squinty-eyed man was unwilling to admit defeat.

“Why are you so arrogant?” he snorted. “If you’re that skilled, suit yourself. Just don’t end up slapping yourself in the face after you’ve bragged that much! That’d be really funny.”

Even though the man had whispered this, Rudy heard it all. He suddenly straightened his body and snapped, “What do you mean by that?”

Rudy was about to argue when Jackie frowned and pulled Rudy back. Rudy was forced to restrain himself.

Jackie let out a sigh, not wanting to waste time on those people. Just like what he had said, even if he got past the stage, he would have done it for himself and not to prove anything to those people. He thus took a deep breath as he transferred his soul energy to the crystal ball.

The next second, he felt like the whole world spun before he found himself in a foreign space, filled with purple true energy. At that moment, he heard powerful roars up ahead.

Jackie looked up to see a beast that was the size of two people baring its teeth at him fiercely. It looked like it would lunge at Jackie at any moment.

This was the wind beast.

The wind beast had a huge lion‘s head and a tiger’s body. It was covered with green scales and had four powerful-looking claws. A majestic aura enveloped the beast that even though it was just at the late stage of the innate level, it was obvious from its aura that it was no ordinary beast at that level.

The wind beast narrowed its eyes as it measured Jackie. It seemed to be trying to determine if this prey was dangerous.

Jackie pulled out his gray sword from Mustard Seed with familiarity. His hands suddenly flew through many seals, and 80 soul swords materialized in the air. With a casual wave, it fused into a massive soul sword that fused into the sword in his hand.

Jackie was already incredibly familiar with Destroying the Void. He looked up at the wind beast in front of him. At that moment, instead of feeling daunted, Jackie felt carefree.

As he looked at the wind beast’s movements, he calculated his potential moves. He had already mastered Destroying the Void at that point and would be choosing a different technique next. Naturally, he needed to pick an even stronger technique; he just did not know What skill he wanted to employ.

Destroying the Void was just an ordinary technique in the Divine Void World. It was not even a third-class skill. After all, it was just an upper ultimate god rank technique. It was nothing against someone that was truly strong. Since he needed to choose a new technique, he needed something even better.

As Jackie mulled over everything, the wind beast lost its patience. Its hind legs kicked out as it rushed toward Jackie like a cannonball. Its green eyes stared daggers at Jackie as it let loose a loud roar, causing even the air around them to tremble.

A green wind blade shot right at Jackie‘s neck.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he slashed with the gray sword with both hands. The slashes clashed incredibly quickly.


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