No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2873

The wind beast’s greatest weakness was its lack of intelligence, incapable of planning or scheming. As long as the warriors were smart enough, they would be able to kill the wind beasts eventually.

The squinty-eyed man snorted. “Surely you know the Deer Pavilion. You looked like you couldn’t be bothered with the Deer Pavilion at all when I mentioned it. You know they are one of the strongest clans in Middle Province, no? Are you even from the Middle Province?”

With those accusations, the man seemed more and more certain that Rudy was an ignorant country bumpkin. Otherwise, Rudy would not have said such unintelligent words.

Rudy’s lips twitched as he finally understood why Jackie always kept to himself; it was a complete waste of time arguing with such people. He had never planned on talking to them, but they seemed insistent on forcing him to talk.

Rudy frowned and said, “Of course I know that the Deer Pavilion is a seventh-grade clan in Middle Province. They even stand at the top of seventh-grade clans.”

The squinty-eyed man quickly said, “Since you know that, why did you look so disdainful when I mentioned it?”

Rudy frowned, at this point, he wanted to bite back at the man, wanting to ask why he was so intent on looking at his expression. Already at his wits’ end, he wanted to argue with everyone when Jackie stopped him.

“Why are you arguing with them?” said Jackie, not bothering to lower his voice. “It’s a waste of your time. They don’t understand what you’re saying at all.”

Silence fell upon them at that instant.

Jackie had not spoken at all from the start, and everyone had thought that Jackie just did not like bragging, yet Jackie had shattered their expectations. Rudy was already arrogant enough, but Jackie seemed even more so.

“How rude! Do you know what you’re saying, you brat? I see ignorant folk like you all the time, but I’ve never seen someone ignorant be as arrogant as you are. You must have some skill, but since you’re skilled, you should understand that there are always people stronger than you! There are countless masters out there! Don’t you know how ignorant you are?”

Jackie’s lips curled into a slight smile as he stared at the squinty-eyed man. “There’s still no telling who the ignorant one is. You don’t know anything, so why are you in such a hurry to judge me? Don’t use your skills to judge others. If you’re trash, it only proves that you’re the trash. You can’t just assume that everyone else is trash, too.”

Those words thoroughly angered the man, causing him to shoot up from his seat as he squinted at Jackie.

Jackie snorted as he ignored the guy. So what if the guy stood up?

The fourth level prohibited personal fights. If the man attacked Jackie, he would be struck by lightning immediately. Sure enough, the man did not attack, though he struggled to stamp down his anger. It took a while before he finally sat back down.

The white-robed man behind the squinty-eyed man felt indignant when he saw how angry his friend was. The white-robed man looked at Jackie in disdain. “Didn’t you say that this Jackie will be able to finish the first stage in half an hour, changing the crystal ball from purple to blue? Since the two of you are so stubborn, prove it to us with your skills. Let’s see if you’re truly gifted or just all talk!”

“Why do you care if I’m skilled or not?” quipped Jackie. “Even if I proved my skills, you’re not worth me proving them at all!”

Jackie had experienced one too many scenarios like this, and it solidified him to not cave in to people such as these so easily.


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