No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2872

“There truly are all sorts of people in the world. They don’t even know their place to have said such things!”

“Do you see the person in the white clothes over there? That person is from the Deer Pavilion and is even a chosen disciple. It took him an hour before the crystal turned blue!”

“Since you’ve been so arrogant, entertain me, how long do you think the brat next to you will take to turn his crystal ball blue?”

“That’s right! Enlighten us. You praised that man so much, so how long will it take for him to turn the purple crystal ball blue?!”

Everyone sneered at Rudy and persistently challenged him to tell them how long he thought Jackie would take to pass the first stage.

These people were not from notable backgrounds. Most of them were from sixth-grade clans or wandering warriors, and it would take them at least eight hours to even pass the first stage. They could not compare to talented prodigies at all.

Initially, Rudy did not want to bother with the crowd and remained silent. However, the people were like flies that buzzed at him mockingly.

Rudy looked at Jackie with a pleading expression.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he said in a low voice, “You were the one who caused this. Handle it yourself.”

It was not the first time Rudy’s mouth had gotten him into trouble, and Jackie could not save Rudy every time.

Rudy sighed helplessly as he raised his voice to answer, “Since they took an hour, Jackie will only need half of that!”

At this point, Rudy was irked by these people. Instead of taking him seriously, however, they burst into cackles. They stared at Jackie and Rudy demeaningly as though they were both clowns.

“Do you know how long an hour is?” one of them sneered. “Do you know how long half of that is? Don‘t think that you’ll be able to kill the wind beast just because you’re a little skilled. The wind beasts might be restricted to the late stage of the innate level just like all of us, but their skills aren’t just there for show! Have you ever heard of the wind beast’s killing technique?”

Rudy took a deep breath as he honestly shook his head. Of course he had never heard of it; he did not even know what a wind beast looked like.

Everyone was even more amused when they saw Rudy shaking his head and wanted nothing more than to bash his head in.

“The wind beast’s killing technique is a middle earth rank technique. It’s just like human techniques and is split into three stages. The first wind beast the warriors will meet has a skill equivalent to a second stage mastery of an earth rank technique, and it’s already quite close to perfecting it! Surely you understand now!”

Middle stage earth rank techniques were more or less impossible for most wandering warriors or disciples of low-grade clans. Many of them could learn them but could not get to the second stage.

Some of them were merely just starting out in the first stage. Hence, many of them could not stand up to the wind beasts at all! Most of them would spend a lot of time dealing with the wind beast.


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