No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2871

After killing two wind beasts, the crystal ball would turn from blue to green. Then, warriors would face a wind beast that was a few times stronger. Only after killing that wind beast would they get to enter the fifth level.

Rudy frowned and repeated the information Jackie gave, “So, you’re saying that the fourth level has three stages, and as long as you pass, the crystal ball will change colors. There are three colors in total. Getting to the fifth level requires you to get through three stages!”

Jackie nodded at Rudy’s solid summary. He needed to do precisely that to get into the fifth level. Only after four wind beasts died would he be able to get to the fifth level.

Rudy nodded and smiled. “The fourth floor is probably not that hard for you. No matter how strong the wind beasts are, they’re just at the late stage of the innate level!”

At this moment, the people around Rudy and Jackie finally snapped. Even though they had picked out a more secluded spot, there were still too many people around. It was only comparatively secluded, too, and since they did not entirely lower their voices, a few people around them had heard the conversation.

A squinty-eyed man let out a laugh after he heard Rudy. “You’re just a dependent, no doubt. Where did you get the guts to say something like that? It’s as if the guy next to you can just pass on a whim!”

A white-robed man next to the squinty-eyed man nodded. “That person is so absurd. He doesn’t know how hard a wind beast is to deal with at all. Just look at what they’re wearing; they’re not from a major clan. If they’re not from an inner or chosen disciple from a major clan, they shouldn’t be so arrogant to assume that they can easily defeat a wind beast. Just look at those people who have their eyes shut. All of them have done everything they could, but those who can kill the wind beasts aren’t many at all! Where did you get the courage to say all of that?!”

More cries of anger arose from around them. After all, Rudy’s words did seem arrogant.

Rudy, in truth, was not an arrogant person, but Jackie had just given him too much confidence. He did not feel like he had said anything wrong, however, and the ignorant crowd was just bitter.

Rudy let out a light snort, raised his eyebrows, and said, “What do you know?”

However, he shut his mouth before saying anything. After all, his mouth had caused Jackie so much trouble before. It had left a deep impression on him, even if he was full of discontent.

He did not dare to say anything else, but his words had already evoked reactions from the people. They looked at Rudy with disdain and thought of him as just a fool who had never experienced the world before. Untrained people would always say ignorant things, after all.


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