No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2870

Rudy exhaled before he spoke, “When you were facing Walter just now, I noticed that Grayson kept looking at your battle. I was paying attention to him, and he noticed me later on. I couldn’t see his expression because I was too far, though. His stare toward me felt so unnerving, as though I was about to be bitten by a snake. You were right, Grayson probably sees us as enemies.”

Jackie nodded. Ever since Grayson appeared, a lot more questions surfaced in his head. Jackie did not believe a single thing those elders said anymore. There had to be an even bigger secret behind everything!

Jackie was about to say something when Rudy interjected, saying, “I know what you want to say, and I understand everything Without you saying it. I know my recklessness caused you trouble. I’ll remember this in the future, and I won’t cause you any more trouble.”

Jackie felt a little more at ease to hear Rudy’s promise. After all, Rudy was a naive fool who would let his emotions get the better of hint in many situations. Rudy eventually realized the errors of his ways.

After saying all that, Rudy seemed to have been relieved of a heavy burden as the two of them entered the fourth level.

They were greeted with an incredibly bright grassland, where a few people lingered around. Most of them sat on the grass, holding a crystal ball in their hands. Most of them had their eyes closed, and a few were whispering amongst themselves.

The atmosphere was somber and heavy. Even if there were any discussions, everyone’s voices were muted. That was the fourth level of the tower, and it looked like they had entered a different world.

Rudy blinked as he looked at the purple crystal ball in Jackie’s hands. After that, he, confused, looked at everyone who was sitting.

Before he could ask anything, Jackie pulled Rudy to a secluded corner to sit. After they settled down, Rudy impatiently said to Jackie, “What’s all this? What’s that ball in your hands? Why does the ball in their hands have a color to it that’s different from yours? What’s the fourth level?”

Rudy was filled with questions at that moment, and Jackie explained everything in detail. The moment Jackie entered the fourth level, a wave of information was transferred to his head, including the fourth level’s rules, in detail.

The fourth level was not a battle between challengers. If they wanted to enter the fifth level from the fourth, they needed to kill a certain number of wind beasts.


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