No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2869

Rudy shook his head vehemently at Jackie’s offer, not wanting to follow through. “I don’t want to stay here. If you go to the fourth level, you‘ll go to the fifth as well. There are seven levels in this tower. Who knows if you’ll just be sent out or transferred to somewhere once you conquer the seventh level? What will I do if I’m left alone here?”

Jackie nodded silently at Rudy’s words. Rudy’s concerns were not unwarranted, no doubt. If he headed to the seventh level in one go, the tower might see him as a perfect challenger. It might reward him immediately and instantly transfer him somewhere else. If he left Rudy there, he might not meet him again.

Jackie’s expression seemed uncertain even after a few seconds, and Rudy, fearing his expression, reached out to grab Jackie’s arm.

“I entered Thousand Leaves Pavilion as your dependent. Since I’m your dependent, I won’t be facing any challenges at all. As long as you continue climbing, I won’t leave no matter what dangers we face,” said Rudy earnestly. “Even if I am unlucky enough to die there, it‘d be my own doing.”

Ever since he knew Jackie, Rudy felt like he had constantly been in danger, but it was not in his hands to change.

While he knew nothing else, he was certain of one thing, Jackie was incredibly reliable, and he would only be able to survive if he followed Jackie. He wanted to get through these two years and leave the Whirling World to the Golden Pills as soon as he could.

Jackie nodded at Rudy’s words. The two of them arrived at the entrance to the fourth level where a few people gathered, yet all of them looked wary. After all, they did not know what the future had in store for them.

Jackie was about to enter the fourth level when Rudy grabbed his arm. He looked at Rudy with a frown.

Rudy took a few deep breaths before saying, “I know you’re very confident in yourself, but you still have to be prepared. Even though we’re still in the Whirling World, those from the Compass Pavilion won’t just sit there idly. They probably won’t stand a chance against you alone, but if they come in groups, we’ll have a hard time for sure.”

Jackie nodded. He had already thought about that. If he was truly afraid of the Compass Pavilion, he would not have faced them so strongly from the start.

“I’m the same as always,” answered Jackie. “I won’t do anything to those who’ve done nothing to me. If someone wrongs me, I’ll pay it back several times. If Vincent didn’t cause me trouble, we wouldn’t have been caught in a conflict. They were the cause of everything. I know they’ll cause me more trouble, and I’ll fight back. Don’t worry, I won’t put myself in danger.”

Jackie’s words were incredibly calm as if he was just talking about his meal. Hearing these words, Rudy felt more at. ease.


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