No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2868

Jackie let out a cold laugh. “I‘m not planning on doing anything to you. I’m just here to remind you, didn’t you forget something important?”

Jackie’s words baffled Manse for a moment. Frowning, he recalled What it was that Jackie meant. He had struck a bet with Jackie, and bitterness crept into his being as he gritted his teeth.

Manse had betted against Jackie before because he was certain that Jackie could not win at all. He was so sure that Jackie would lose terribly and that he would easily get 190000 spirit crystals from Jackie. He never expected that he had actually dug his own hole.

Jackie won their bet!

Jackie extended his hand. “Hurry and pay up, l don’t have all day. I have things I need to do. I just wanted to bet ninety thousand spirit crystals, but you insisted on adding a hundred thousand to the bet. You set the bet to a hundred and ninety spirit crystals yourself, so give it here.”

Manse nearly spat blood upon hearing Jackie’s words. Despite his reluctance, however, it was what had happened. Jackie had only said 90000 spirit crystals were to be in the bet, but Manse was sure that Jackie would lose and added 100000 to it.

He shot himself in the foot!

Manse wanted to slap himself at that moment. 90000 spirit crystals might still be a sum, but it was not too bad. 190000, however, was a different story.

Alas, he and Jackie had signed a contract, and he could not back down even if he wanted to. If he did not pay up, the contract would immediately take effect, and he would not be able to bear the consequences.

What followed was a strangely smooth process. After Walter was brought out of the stage by the disciples of the Compass Pavilion, Jackie obtained the third token, and it was slightly more special. The entry token had turned into an exit token. That meant that he could get out of the city right after he arrived at the third level.

Jackie let out a sigh as he put the token into Mustard Seed before he brought Rudy to the third level. Compared to how noisy the first and second levels were, the third level was more vacant. Other than the exit and the entrance to the fourth level, there was nothing else on the third level. A few people were resting in the perimeter, though, seemingly wondering if they should head to the fourth level.

Jackie pulled out the entry token as he toyed with it in his hand.

If it were anyone else, they might have been worried about how difficult the fourth level could be, and they might be puzzled over whether or not they should ascend. However, he did not have that thought at all. If he did not go to the fourth level, no one there probably could.

Rudy did not even need to ask to know what Jackie was thinking. He looked at Jackie earnestly and was more than certain to follow him wherever he went.

Rudy looked at the other warriors that were on the third level and whispered with a laugh, “These people must be conflicted if they should head to the fourth level. After all, the second level probably wasn’t that difficult for them. Those who enter the fourth level are all quite strong. No one knows what will happen there and whether they’ll lose their lives.”

Jackie turned to look at Rudy and, after thinking, said, “Why don’t you stay here as well? I didn’t get any information from the exit token. I don’t know what sort of challenges are waiting there. You’re too frail, and I think you’ll be in danger if you tag along.”


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