No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2867

The spectators were a mix of all sorts of warriors. Some of them just loved to argue normally, and it finally served useful as they cursed the disciples of the Compass Pavilion to their hearts‘ content. Some of them even used their true energy on their throats, deliberately enhancing their voices. They were worried that the people next to them could not hear the vulgarities they were spitting out.

This, however, made Jackie’s ears hurt. He never expected the words he exchanged with the disciples of the Compass Pavilion to rouse the crowd so aggressively.

Jackie helplessly sighed, feeling like continuing would bear no fruit. They would not end up fighting anyway and could only fight with their words.

In the end, Jackie could no longer tolerate it. He went to the corner of the stage and stood there silently, not planning on killing Walter just yet. He wanted Walter to beg for death. That was the promise Walter had given him before, so he wanted Walter to get a taste of his medicine.

Time slowly ticked away, but the sound of the arguments did not stop. Walter’s twitching slowly grew weaker, and the barrier finally fell. The Compass Pavilion’s disciples hurried over and helped Walter up.

Vale frowned as he checked Walter’s pulse. Even though he could still feel something, it was incredibly weak.

Manse hurriedly retrieved many pills from his spatial ring and stuffed them into Walter’s mouth, but none of those pills could cure Walter’s current injuries. After all, Jackie had already used Destroying the Void to destroy Walter‘s soul.

Some pills that were meant to just cure internal injuries could do nothing for a destroyed soul. Manse had fed Walter so many pills, but Walter showed no signs of improving, which caused Manse to panic.

Fear crept into his heart. If Walter truly died, they would all be implicated.

Manse turned his gaze toward Jackie and shot him a deadly glare. He looked like he wanted to rip Jackie apart, but Jackie was already used to that expression.

“Are you not afraid of death, Jackie?!” shouted Manse. “The Compass Pavilion won’t just take things lying down. We’ll get our revenge for your actions. I’ll make you pay!”

Jackie laughed and nonchalantly replied, walking toward Manse, “Walter‘s current state is me exacting my revenge against you. If you insist, however, I’ll welcome it. Of course, that depends if you have the skills to do so. I never trouble those who haven’t troubled me, and I’ll return any offenses against me several times over. If you refuse to give up, I’ll make you all pay the price!”

Manse cowered in fear as Jackie got closer. Even though Manse loves to shout and curse, he was still already thoroughly afraid of Jackie. He had not been that scared of Jackie after Vincent lost, but even Walter had lost so badly. Manse was forced to look at Jackie in a different light.

Jackie was deathly terrifying. His talents were practically demonic.

“Y-You can’t do anything here,” stammered Manse. “If you attack, you’ll be punished by the laws. You’ll be struck by lightning, you know?!”


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