No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2866

“That’s right! Hurry up and let Walter go. If something happens to him, you’ll suffer greatly! Walter isn’t Vincent, and there may still be room for negotiation after you killed Vincent, but if you kill Walter, even God can’t help you. Once you get out of the Whirling World, the Compass Pavilion will hunt you down forever!”

The curses and warnings flew into Jackie’s ears. Of course, he had expected as much. The fact that he dared to make his move meant that he was not concerned.

To the wandering warriors, Compass Pavilion was a threat, but to Jackie, they were not that important. What could they do to him?

As long as he was strong enough and managed to join a stronger clan, the Compass Pavilion would not be able to do anything.

This thing was Compass Pavilion’s fault from the start, anyway, and Jackie never went against the rules at all. Had they not egged him on, Jackie would never have bothered with them.

Jackie let out a cold smile as he turned to look at the disciples from the Compass Pavilion. He deliberately raised his voice as he declared, “Listen up, Compass Pavilion! Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you’re from an eighth-grade clan. You were the ones looking for trouble from the start, targeting me after you lost your match. If you hadn’t bothered me to no end, I wouldn’t have bothered with you at all. You do whatever you want to just because you have a strong clan behind you, and it makes me sick!”

Jackie’s words managed to gain the support of the spectators as they clapped and cheered. He had voiced out their grievances, the disciples of higher grade clans truly enjoyed showing off!

It was also incredibly two-faced, too, that only they were allowed to look for weaker opponents. The weak were never allowed to fight back. Even talented warriors would not be shown mercy as long as those warriors did not have the right background!

Everyone was pleased to hear Jackie’s words, and they made it verbal.

“Get lost, Compass Pavilion. Do you think you’re the only ones who can show up like that? Are others not allowed to retaliate? We’ve all heard how Walter said he wanted Jackie to be begging to die before the battle started. Is Jackie not allowed to do the same to him? Does that warrant the Compass Pavilion hunting him down?”

“That’s right! You’re the only ones ever allowed to do anything! For so many years, you treated the weak just like this! Don‘t think that you can do whatever you want just because no one fought back!”

“Go to hell, Compass Pavilion!”

The curses were everywhere, and there were even those who started to throw dirty things their way.

The disciples of the Compass Pavilion glowered at this. They could not believe that Jackie’s words had riled up everyone else like this!

One of them could not resist shouting out in anger, “You trashy wandering warriors only know how to shout out during times like these. Once you’re out of the Whirling World, you’re nothing in front of us!”

Those words caused a greater reaction from the crowd. Quite a few of them were thoroughly angered, but thankfully, something held them back. They knew that they would be punished by the laws of the Whirling World if they fought, so they restrained themselves.

They cursed the disciples of the Compass Pavilion without stopping. Just like that, the second arena turned clamored like a night market. The constant arguments never stopped. There were too few disciples from the Compass Pavilion, and they were no match for all the spectators.


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