No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2865

“Isn’t Walter a chosen disciple of the Compass Pavilion? Why is he so weak?”

“Are you stupid?! Walter is not weak at all. His opponent is just too strong. Didn’t you hear that Sealing Ice was an upper earth rank technique? There are so many people here, and how many of them can learn a technique like that? This guy actually broke through it. It means that his technique is stronger than Walters!”

“Could he be using an ultimate god rank technique?!”

That was immediately shot down by everyone there.

“Are you crazy? How could you say that? Don’t you know what an ultimate god rank technique means? Unless you’re already at the divine solidifying realm or if you’re an incredibly talented late stage spring solidifying realm, you can’t possibly use such a technique.”

“Everyone’s here under the restrictions of the Whirling World. No one here is older than sixty. Do you really think someone who’s not even sixty can use an ultimate god rank technique?!”

“That‘s right! This guy probably has an upper earth rank technique as well. He was able to defeat Walter probably because he’s already mastered it!”

“If that’s really true, then this guy must be incredibly talented. No wonder a chosen disciple of an eighth-grade clan lost to him! “

“It wasn’t a wasted trip to the Whirling World. I saw so many masters.”

Those spectators who had nothing to do with Walter were incredibly interested in the discussions. Those who were insulting Jackie earlier all changed their tones and started to praise Jackie. They all said that Jackie was a generational master. Even the chosen disciple of an eighth-grade clan seemed normal in front of him. However, the disciples of the Compass Pavilion could not remain calm. They had been sitting in the audience incredibly confidently.

When Jackie broke through the ice, they gaped in disbelief.

Walter was in so much pain, that it was obvious that Jackie had dealt a fatal blow. All of them rushed over from the stands. Walter was a much more important person than Vincent was. If something really did happen to Walter, the disciples there would have to take responsibility as well.

Vale had not recovered yet, and he was the most shocked out of all of them. Among those people, he was the one who had met Jackie the earliest. Every time Jackie appeared, he would be shocked.

The few of them rushed over to the stage but were stopped by the barrier. The laws still felt that Walter still had the ability to fight. So, the shields were still up, but Walter was already in so much pain that he could not even think straight.

Jackie’s mastery of Destroying the Void was already on a whole different level. Even though Destroying the Void had already formed into a slash and went through Walter’s body, Jackie could still control it.

He did not let Destroying the Void destroy Walter’s body quickly. Instead, he had it slowly eat away at Walter’s soul. He wanted Walter to still be able to fight while Walter felt the intense pain.

The Compass Pavilion’s disciples started to panic when they saw that the barrier was still there despite Walter being in so much pain.

They shouted, “Hurry up and let him go! Jackie, don’t get too full of yourself. Don’t think you can do whatever you want after you win this. You’ve thoroughly angered the Compass Pavilion. We won’t let you off!”


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