No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2864

The second choice needed an incredible mobility skill that normal warriors just did not have. The second needed immense skill. Everyone could not help but be worried for Jackie. There was no way Jackie could escape being sealed.

Everyone felt like Jackie would definitely lose. After being sealed up, Walter looked like he would not let Jackie off easily!

Jackie held his sword in one hand and formed seals with his other. A hundred soul swords fused into one, and the massive sword fused into his gray sword.

It was the first time Jackie unleashed the full power of Destroying the Void. Even though it was an upper earth rank technique, it was not much in Jackie’s eyes. That was because Jackie had already reached the third level of mastery, and the power was not something to be underestimated.

Jackie roared angrily as he slashed. A massive slash shot out of the gray sword. The webs of ice that surrounded him were already right in front of Jackie.

Everyone merely heard a crack, and the solid-looking ice was actually shattered by Jackie‘s slash. Furthermore, the slash did not lose any power at all after breaking through the ice. It continued rushing forward, completely shattering everyone’s expectations. Even Walter that was following the ice could not react in time!

Jackie had already mastered Destroying the Void. Even an upper earth rank technique like Sealing Ice was as fragile as paper in front of Destroying the Void.

Everyone had been anticipating Jackie being sealed up and left to Walter’s mercy like a lamb. Still, that notion had been completely destroyed. After the slash destroyed Sealing Ice, it continued right at Walter.

Walter only reacted by the time the slash was three feet away from him, but it was already far too late to do anything. Normally, Walter would definitely have defended himself while he attacked, and would have been prepared for anything. However, he overestimated himself and underestimated Jackie. He had thought that there was no other possible result other than his victory.

After a slashing sound, the slash went through his chest. He felt an intense pain throughout his whole body. Walter suddenly widened his eyes as his whole body tossed around. The pain of a soul being ripped apart was something no one could stand.

It was as if a hundred thousand ants were eating at his soul. He even wanted to slice open his body and pull his soul out. However, there was nothing he could do at that moment. He could not even use his true energy due to the pain as he fell on the ground violently.

Walter cried out in agony. He constantly wailed as he said, “It hurts! Stop, please stop!”

Other than crying out in agony, he constantly begged Jackie to stop as well. He wanted Jackie to pull that power out of his body. He had never felt such intense pain before. In just a moment, he had already rolled around the floor ten times.

That majestic chosen disciple of an eighth-grade clan looked even more pathetic than a beggar at that moment.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not bothering with those cries for mercy. He let out a smile as he said, “Didn’t you say you’d have me begging for death? Since you’ve already said that, why would I save you?”

Everyone present had heard those words. Everyone who had thought that Jackie would definitely die hurriedly shut their mouths.


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