No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2863

There were discussions everywhere, but Jackie ignored everything they said. He merely looked at Walter calmly. After Walter pulled out his weapon, Jackie slowly pulled out his gray sword as well. The sword had been with Jackie for a very long time, with Jackie never Liked changing his weapon.

The Green Phoenix Whip let out a crack as Walter gave it a wave. A cold chill was released from the whip, causing even space itself to distort.

Walter only had one thought in mind, which was to cruelly torture Jackie after beating Jackie up. He wanted Jackie to know the consequences of Jackie’s actions. Walter roared as he started to form some seals. Hexagonal ice appeared on his palm. After a short moment, a few hundred arrows were floating in front of Walter. He roared angrily as he pushed forward.

The few hundred arrows rushed right as Jackie, enveloping the whole place with cold air. He rushed right at Jackie with those arrows.

Jackie steadied himself as he held his sword with both hands. He calmly faced the countless arrows that were in front of him. The arrows were all suddenly sliced in half, causing the crowd to cheer.

“This kid is not bad! If I’m not mistaken, Walter is using the upper earth rank technique, the Sealing Ice! This guy actually managed to slice it in half. He’s quite strong!”

The moment someone said that someone started to counter him, “What do you know? The Sealing Ice is an upper earth rank technique. How many people in the Whirling World are capable of using that? That attack was just a bit weaker. Walter was not serious at all. If Walter really wanted to kill this guy, he would have no chance!”

After shattering the arrows, Jackie moved and used the laws of space. In a flash, he distanced himself from Walter, causing Walter to sneer.

He mocked, “I wondered how strong you were, but you’re nothing special!”

He had just been testing Jackie earlier, and did not use his full strength. Even though Jackie broke through his attack, Jackie merely broke through a part of it.

Jackie smiled, completely ignoring Walter’s mockery.

Walter flicked the whip in his hand, “This time, I want to make sure you wish you were dead!”

After saying that, Walter shot right at Jackie. The whip in his hand danced wildly, showing after images in the air.

Those after images turned into an incredibly sealing power. Walter shouted at Jackie, “I will seal you into an ice sculpture!”

After shouting that, Walter once again cracked the whip, and all the after images solidified. At an incredible speed, they suddenly surrounded Jackie like a web.

Without any special skills, it was impossible to escape. Jackie only had two ways to get out. Either he broke through the seal with absolute skill, or he used an incredible technique to get out.


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