No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2862

The man furrowed his eyebrows in anger, “Why do you care what I’m saying?! Do you want to die?! I happen to be lacking an opponent. Hand over your entry token. Let’s fight!”

Rudy snorted as he said nonchalantly, “Why are you pretending to be someone so strong in front of me? Don’t you see the sixth-grade alchemist badge on my chest? You’re trying to fight an alchemist? Why don’t we compete in alchemy?”

After he said that, the black-clothed man’s face reddened. If it were not because of the rules in place, the man would have already been choking Rudy.

Rudy saw that the man had nothing to say, and he started to get more pleased with himself. He had wanted to mock the man more, but was stopped by Jackie, “Why are you so hard to control? Shut your mouth from now on. No matter what happens, you’d better make sure your mouth is shut tight, understood?”

Rudy shrank back after being lectured by Jackie like that, not daring to say anything else. After all, he had greatly inconvenienced Jackie before.

The man snorted coldly before turning to look at Jackie.

He had more or less heard what was said earlier, and he looked at Jackie and said, “Do you really think you’re stronger than a chosen disciple of an eighth-grade clan?”

Jackie frowned, not wanting to bother with it.

The man was not annoyed when he saw that Jackie did not answer him. Instead, he got even more interested in Jackie.

Time slowly ticked away. Either because of the bet or because of Jackie’s cold attitude, but it became strangely silent. There was no longer anything else being said. Right up to when the seventy-third match was about to start, Jackie did not hear anything else. Walter stood up and sighed as he shot a look at Jackie.

He said, “No matter who you see or what you hear, you’re not to leave this place.”

After saying that, Jackie headed down towards the stage.

Walter had wanted to say some more things to instigate Jackie, worried that Jackie would not follow him to the stage. Yet, he never expected that Jackie was more excited than he was. He had not even moved yet when Jackie was already walking toward the stage. Walter was naturally not willing to be left behind, and he walked even faster than Jackie.

After basically rushing to the stage, both of them each took one side. They looked at each other from the north and the south, and Walter impatiently pulled out his weapon, the Green Phoenix Whip.

The Green Phoenix Whip was incredibly cold. The whip constantly glowed in a faint blue hue. He glared right at Jackie and let out a cold laugh, “Do you still think you’ll win?!”

At that moment, intense discussions were heard around the crowd. There were those who knew who Walter was, but no one knew Jackie. After all, Jackie had not been in Middle Province for that long and had never been in the inner region. It was no surprise that no one knew him.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, “Can you not waste so much time talking like your fellow disciples? Just fight!”

After he said that, the crowd got excited. Someone shouted, “Who is this guy? He’s so daring. I don’t think he knows Walter! The guy is going to suffer now. Walter will definitely make him suffer for those words!”

“What do you know?! They came from the same place just now. They obviously know each other. The guy probably knows that Walter is a chosen disciple of the Compass Pavilion. He might be so arrogant because he’s confident!”


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