No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2861

“Since we’re betting, then we should do it properly. In order to stop you from going back on your words, let’s sign a contract. If you win I’ll give you a hundred and ninety thousand spirit crystals. If I win, you give me the same amount.”

Manse frowned, “You seem to really like signing contracts…”

Back at the market, he had robbed Jackie’s deal before Jackie could sign a contract with the black-clothed man. He did not expect that Jackie would want to sign a contract just because he wanted to bet with Jackie.

Jackie let out a slight laugh as he raised his head and looked at Manse seriously, “If you don’t want to sign a contract, then say it. There’s no need to try to get out of it. I just think that a contract is the best assurance.”

After saying that, Manse did not waste any more time talking to Jackie. Signing a contract was actually better for Jackie.

That idiot thought he could beat a chosen disciple of an eighth-grade clan. Since he was so willing to offer out a hundred and ninety thousand spirit crystals for free, Manse would be dumb not to accept it.

Manse nodded, “Then let’s hurry up and sign it.”

In order to prevent any surprises, Jackie wrote down the contents of the contract at the fastest speed he had ever used in his life. He dropped his blood on it before handing it over to Manse. After Manse took the scroll, Manse dropped his own blood on it without any hesitation.

The words on the contract suddenly twisted and distorted, floating out of the scroll in mid-air. The power of heaven and earth descended upon it, fusing with those words. After a while, the words fused back into the scroll, representing the fact that the contract was sealed.

After doing all of that, Jackie smiled as he kept the scroll. There was no longer any way to change the deal after it was set, and it could not be delayed either. Manse’s expression soured even more when he saw how happy Jackie was acting.

He snorted and said harshly, “You’re the most arrogant person I’ve seen…”

Jackie turned to look at Manse, “The feeling is mutual.”

After saying that, Jackie went quiet again. They were surrounded by disciples of the Compass Pavilion. Everyone had traces of confusion on their faces after seeing what Jackie was doing.

They felt like Jackie was incredibly surprising. Initially, everyone felt like he was being so calm simply because he was too scared, and was forcing himself to put up a front. He did not want to show any fear in front of anyone. Yet, with what Jackie was doing, everyone suddenly knew that he was not putting up an act at all.

Jackie looked so unfazed simply because he was incredibly confident in himself. Possibly too much so.

Other than Rudy, everyone there thought that Jackie had no chance of winning. Jackie did not mind either. As everyone was in disbelief, a familiar voice was heard from below. Jackie looked down, and saw the black-clothed man walking towards them, “So it’s you guys! No wonder you were so against each other. There were grudges between you.”

The black-clothed man was the person that Jackie had wanted to deal with from before.

The moment they saw the man, Rudy was filled with anger. The man had clearly agreed to deal with Jackie but had pulled back. Rudy coldly snorted, “You have nothing to do with this, why are you interfering?!”

The man never expected Rudy to be so rude, and his expression darkened. The man might not be the strongest of warriors, but he still had his pride. He could not bear being talked to like that by a sixth-grade alchemist.


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