No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2860

He turned to look at Walter and saw that Walter was looking at him incredibly earnestly at that moment. Walter seemed like he wanted Jackie to believe that what he said would definitely happen.

Jackie took a deep breath. He had to admit that Walter was stronger than everyone else. However, Jackie was not referring to martial strength, but that Walter‘s ability to piss people off was far greater than anyone else. Jackie was not easily angered, but he was furious after those words.

Jackie let out a cold laugh, “You better remember what you said.”

Walter raised an eyebrow, “Of course, I’ll remember everything I said.”

Jackie nodded before he looked back at the evenly matched pair on the stage. Everyone was silent again. Walter had an unhappy glint in his eyes when he saw that Jackie was looking away again. He had obviously said everything he did earlier with his own goals in mind.

He wanted Jackie to be filled with fear and worry. He wanted to look at Jackie’s panicked look. He wanted Jackie to beg him, but he did not get any reaction other than a cold laugh. It caused Walter to wonder if what he said earlier had not been cruel enough.

Manse‘s expression darkened as well. He wanted to see Jackie’s terrified expression, just as Walter did. He wanted Jackie to be begging for mercy but never expected Jackie’s reaction to being so small. Manse took a deep breath as he sat down next to Walter.

Walter was the only thing between Jackie and Manse.

Jackie could not be bothered dealing with those people. After looking at the battle in the arena, he did not want to say anything else at all. However, the ones around him were not willing to waste their time like that.

Manse took a deep breath, “You’re the most arrogant alchemist I’ve ever seen.”

Jackie frowned. He knew that Manse would not just let things rest. As he mockingly said that, Jackie snorted, not really caring as he said, “Since you’re so confident in Walter, why don’t we make a bet?”

Rudy was immediately excited when he heard there would be a bet. In a short few days, it was already the second time Jackie was betting against someone. The person before had lost ten thousand spirit crystals, so he wondered how much Jackie would set the bet at this time.

Manse furrowed his eyebrows, not expecting that Jackie would suddenly bring up a bet. However, he never believed that Jackie had any chance at all, so he was naturally happy to bet against Jackie.

Manse nodded without any hesitation, “Let’s bet if you want to. How much do you want to bet?”

Jackie raised nine fingers, “What about ninety thousand spirit crystals? If I manage to beat Walter in the seventy-third match, then You will give me ninety thousand spirit crystals. If I lose, then I‘ll give you the same amount!”

Manse waved it off as he let out a cold laugh, “I’m okay with betting a hundred and ninety spirit crystals, let alone just ninety!”

Jackie suddenly laughed as he hurriedly took out a contract scroll and patiently spoke…


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