No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2859

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not reacting to those unwanted guests. They were in the spectator stands, where fighting was restricted. If they dared to do anything there, the ones who would end up being punished were them. Since they could not fight, he did not care. It was obvious why all of them were there.

Manse let out a snort as he said mockingly, “You’re really something else. Since you know everything, why are you still acting like you don‘t care? Do you really not know what a chosen disciple of an eighth-grade clan represents?

“Don’t think that you can’t act so arrogantly in front of the disciple of the Compass Pavilion just because you beat Vincent. Vincent might be a little skilled, but he’s not that great among the inner disciples! Now, you’re challenging one of the strongest disciples of the Compass Pavilion!”

As they said that, they started to surround Jackie. Even though they did not attack, they were still acting very aggressively. Jackie frowned. There was still some time until the seventy-third match. He had planned on quietly watching the fights. He never expected so many flies to appear.

Jackie sighed. It seemed like it was useless even if he shut his eyes and mouth. They would always trouble him if he did not shut them up completely. He looked towards the seventh-grade alchemist, Manse. The guy was in front of everyone and looked like the leader.

Jackie coldly smiled, “It’s the first time I’ve seen an alchemist talk about warriors so confidently!”

Alchemists were often incredibly weak. That was something every warrior in the Hestia Continent knew. Yet, Manse seemed to be criticizing warriors like nothing. It was as if he was actually stronger than even chosen disciples.

Manse’s expression darkened as anger flashed in his eyes. Before he came, he had heard from the other disciples that Jackie was not only somewhat skilled, but good with his words as well. They advised Manse against engaging Jackie in a battle of words.

Manse had not believed it then, but it seemed like Manse had to now. Manse coldly snorted, “Brat! Don’t be so pleased with yourself. Once you get on the stage, you’ll realize you offended someone you shouldn’t have. You’re not someone who can stand the consequences!”

Jackie’s lips twitched speechlessly. It was the same speech again. Every time he met someone who could not deal with him, they would always say the same thing. He coldly smiled, “Vincent said that too, but how did he end up?”

Their expressions soured at that.

Rudy could not stop himself from giggling, which caused their expressions to darken even more.

Walter said, “Don’t be so pleased with yourself! I’ve always been someone who paid back all my debts. I don’t believe in letting people off. I won’t kill you easily. I’ll spare your life and slowly torture you. I‘ll seal off all your movements, making you unable to fight. Then, I’ll use flames to harm your skin. Once you’re completely burnt, I’ll give you pills to treat yourself. After you recover a bit, I’ll grill you alive. I’ll make sure to torture you until you’re begging for death. I‘ll show everyone what the consequences of offending the Compass Pavilion are!”

The venomous words caused Rudy to frown. He shuddered, feeling a chill around his body.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, feeling like it was the first time he had heard of such cruel torture.


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