No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2858

After handling anything, Jackie seemed to have lost his friendliness. He turned away, no longer talking to Walter.

Walter could still hear it initially, but when he saw that Jackie was so calm, he could not keep his calm. He frowned and asked, “Are you really stupid, or is there something wrong with your eyes?”

The moment he said that the atmosphere that had been so warm earlier suddenly cooled down. Jackie raised an eyebrow, not saying anything. Since both of them had accomplished their goal, Jackie did not feel like saying anything else. Walter felt like he had been challenged when he saw that Jackie did not answer, and did not even bother sparing him a glance.

He snorted coldly, “Do you feel like you really made a friend?”

Jackie was speechless as his lips twitched. He turned to look at Walter, “Did you want to see me being incredibly terrified after you revealed your goals? Did you want me to regret everything I did?”

Jackie’s words completely stunned Walter.

So Jackie had seen through everything? Then why did Jackie agree to meet him in the arena?

Walter sneered as he said, “I’m a chosen disciple from the Compass Pavilion!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, having already guessed that. Since their inner disciples were no match for him, then the Compass Pavilion would definitely have sent a chosen disciple at him.

After Jackie heard that, he remained calm as he stared at the battle in the arena, in no mood to care about Walter at all. Walter narrowed his eyes as a harsh look flashed in them. His actions had already thoroughly trampled on Walter’s fragile pride. Sometimes, ignoring them was a better way of angering people.

Walter snorted, “Don’t think that you can’t hide your fear just by doing this. Could you not know how strong a chosen disciple from an eighth-grade clan is?”

Jackie sighed helplessly, not really wanting to bother with Walter. He did not care if he was from an eighth or ninth-grade clan. They were all the same to him.

Rudy could suddenly not stand it after hearing Walter‘s words.

Earlier, he had been guessing who Walter really was. After all, Walter’s actions were vastly different from what he saw in normal warriors. After Walter revealed where he was from, Rudy was even more nervous.

Rudy gulped as he looked at Jackie.

Jackie was still sitting there incredibly calmly, not reacting to anything Walter said. His actions actually got Rudy even more anxious. He had a lot to say, but he did not dare to be too direct in front of Walter. He was forced to whisper to Jackie, “You’ll be going to the stage in a bit…”

Before he could finish, Jackie stopped him with a hand. He knew better than anyone that he needed to go onto the stage. There was no need for any reminders. At that moment, footsteps could be heard from a distance. Jackie looked over and saw a few familiar figures that were getting closer to them. Those figures looked like they obviously had ill intentions. There was hatred and anger in their eyes.

The one in front of Manse, who had been causing him trouble earlier. He even saw Vale in the crowd. Vale was still incredibly pale, obviously not having recovered from his heavy injuries. However, even injured, he still managed to get to the second level. It was obvious that he had taken a lot of high-grade pills.


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