No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2857

Walter’s smile deepened after he heard that, “So you’re a wandering warrior, but you must be very skilled if you’re here.”

Words of praise started to be spoken. Walter had just started talking to Jackie, but he suddenly looked like a long-lost friend as he opened up his arms and spoke happily.

He asked Jackie what he had gone through, and which ninth-level city he came from. He asked Jackie where Jackie was going after as well. Jackie calmly answered all his questions. However, Jackie merely brushed over any sensitive topics, giving vague answers.

Rudy started to frown as he listened on, feeling like Walter’s friendliness was too sudden. Even if Rudy was not the most intelligent, he could still tell that there was something off about Walter.

Since Walter was on the second level, Walter had to be skilled. Normally, strong people would never waste time on anyone they did not know. It was not like they had nothing to do, so why were they wasting time on chit-chat. Walter even expressed his admiration for Jackie despite not knowing anything about Jackie. Those empty pleasantries sounded so fake. Anyone remotely intelligent could tell.

Rudy understood Jackie somewhat well.

Jackie hated dealing with things like this. He would typically already be incredibly polite if he even bothered answering a couple of questions. Yet, for some reason, he seemed to be patiently talking to Walter. He answered any questions Walter had as if he was a very friendly neighbor.

Rudy looked at the two of them chatting away happily, and he was more and more confused.

After they talked for a while, Walter suddenly said, “Both of us want to reach the third level anyway. Jackie, since you indulged me, why don’t I give you a chance. The two of us can go on stage together, and I’ll surrender to you and send you up. What do you think?”

Jackie did not even think about it and agreed, even saying, “Thank you so much, Walter. “

Walter waved it off, “No need to thank me. You get along with me so well. I’ve always been like this. I’ll treat anyone who gets along with me well.”

He talked as if he was a saint. Jackie nodded with a smile after hearing him, agreeing with his words.

Rudy was stunned. That person was definitely a big scammer, so why was Jackie accepting things so easily?

It seemed like Jackie was even looking at Walter like a brother.

Jackie took out his token from Mustard Seed, “Since the two of us are going to go into the arena, then let’s not wait anymore. Let’s start queuing now.”

When Walter saw that Jackie was so easygoing, he could not hold back his smile. His smile even threatened to split his face apart as he hastily took out his own token. After placing the two tokens together, a faint purple glow was seen where the tokens touched. Information was transferred to their minds.

The second arena, fight number seventy-three!

It was already the sixty-eighth fight, so there was not too long until their battle. After everything was done, Walter‘s expression suddenly changed. He started to look at Jackie with a harsher expression as well. However, Jackie acted like he did not know anything, even if he had seen the change in Walter, he acted as if nothing had happened.

Rudy’s heart stopped when he saw Walter’s expression. He felt like something was wrong, and took advantage of Walter being distracted to pull at Jackie’s sleeve. Jackie turned around and shot Rudy a look, motioning for Rudy to calm down.


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