No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2856

Jackie shook his head, “I’m not sure about that, but what makes me even more curious was the fact that he really was looking at you in confusion earlier. It’s like he doesn’t know who you are at all. After you said all that, he looked at you as an enemy. It’s as if you touched upon his secret… Could he really not know us?”

“How could he not know who we are?! The three of us went through so much. Unless he lost his memories, how could he not know who we are? He even hates you so much…”

Rudy was very hesitant when he said the last words, but it was the truth.

Jackie turned around, full of suspicion in his eyes. At that moment, he really did not know what to think about the situation. He felt like there were traps everywhere, and problems that could not be solved.

After a long time, Jackie shook his head, “Let’s not think about this anymore. We need to hurry up and leave the second floor. We can make our plans after we reach the third.”

“Why are we in such a hurry to leave?” Rudy asked curiously.

Jackie sighed, “I want to distance myself from Grayson. We’ll only be able to get enough time to properly look into things if we’re away from him.”

The second level’s arenas had a lot fewer spectators compared to the first level’s. However, that was just in comparison. Looking around, the stands were still incredibly packed.

Jackie picked out the second arena to find a place to sit at. After that, he pulled at Rudy to sit with him. The two of them looked at the evenly matched fight on the stage, neither of them saying anything.

After a long time, Rudy said, “Why aren’t you queuing up? Didn’t you say you want to leave this place as soon as possible?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, looking around before he said, “I’m waiting for someone. The second level’s rules are a bit different from the first. They don’t arrange the matches for us, but we have to choose our opponents for ourselves.”

The moment he said that he saw a white-robed man walking toward them. The person had a clear look in his eyes and looked very polite. He sat down next to Jackie.

Rudy frowned at the sight. The two of them had chosen a place that was more secluded to save themselves any trouble. However, the person had sat down next to Jackie right after he arrived. However, they were in no position to say anything if he did not.

Rudy was just about to say something when Jackie interrupted him, “Enough with the nonsense. Look at the match first, that person is about to lose.”

Rudy raised an eyebrow, feeling like Jackie was speaking a bit strangely. However, he could not tell where the strange feeling came from. The match continued for a little longer, and a victor was decided. The black-clothed man fell to the ground, spitting out blood. The green-clothed man had won, and he shouted in excitement as he stood at the arena.

Once the black- clothed man was brought away, the person next to Jackie suddenly spoke, “I’m Walter Conch, could I know where you come from?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow and smiled before replying politely, “My name is Jackie, I don’t come from any clan.”


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